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ManPlay 8

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ManPlay 8



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Dec 3, 2004



Running time

1:53 hour(s)


Hello, and welcome to ManPlay-008. The men in this latest installment of TITAN's Reality Sex Series just may make you green with envy--but more about the color scheme in a moment. Just to be sure you're up to speed, ManPlay is where a raunchy bunch of hot, unshaven, rough and ready to play TITAN type men make their first appearance before the cameras for some non-stop orgy action. Our promise: No sets, no plots, no props (except for a couple of cockrings). The action is spontaneous and unrehearsed, and it's delivered to you with a minimum of camera interruptions or editing. Real sex, raw sex, straight from our dungeon to your lap. Okay, we admit that this outing has a little bit of design element. It must have been the shamrock tattoo above Ben's groin that inspired the crew to make this a St. Patrick's Day orgy. They've thrown a green spread across the usual black leather topped play tables, and a bright splash of green light across the bare concrete walls of the play space. If that sounds odd, wait'll you see it--the men's bodies stand out before it in bold contrast; a nifty effect. Another thing you'll notice is that where previous ManPlay parties were remarkable for their ensembles, this one has a star. Two stars, actually. Both of 'em nasty and fascinating. Owen and Jake stayed so hard and horny throughout the entire day that they dominate the action. Lean and rangy Owen has a lizard tattoo on his hip, a spiky Mohawk on his head, and a wicked hunger for sex. Huskier Jake has big black stretches in his ears, a shaved head, and huge sun and moon tattoos on his shoulders. These guys just can't keep off each other; every time the camera is on them their pricks are in each other's holes. When they do separate, they don't miss a single hole on any of their buddies. You'll recognize Ben Damon, returning to film after taking off a couple years. He's got the same husky cock, and has added silver nipple rings. Parker has dark hair and eyes, a hairy chest, and the hungriest hole (well, second to Owen, perhaps). Will is a clean shaven man with a mandala tattoo on his arm, plus a snake of dick that just won't quit. They're joined by fat dicked and furry young Chris, blond Trip, and darkly handsome Devon. These eight men salute St. Patrick during two sex pig hours of blasting orgasms. That's the envy part we mentioned. But go ahead--join 'em. We enter as Trip and Devon are gagging on the monster cocks of Will and Chris, and Jake's choking down the full flavor of Owen. Ben and Parker join the cock chowing, until Owen's drawn like a magnet to Parker's hairy crack. A five-man chain is soon linked to the pair. Owen's plugging pushes the jizz outta Parker, and with Parker's face buried in his ass, Will unloads a pool of thick juice on his own belly as the other guys shoot their loads. This is just the beginning. Owen fucks Jake's face fiercely, then turns around to offer his ass to Jake. Soon Ben's fucking the white cupcakes of Owen's savory ass, as Jake settles his massive rump onto Owen's face. Parker's got Chris' yard of pipe smashing up his ass when he looks up to see a forest of cocks being jacked over his face. It's too much, and as his cum spurts high in the air, Owen, Ben and Jake cover his face with their loads. You'd think things would finally settle down, but Jake and Owen need to have one last go-round. Jake's tongue probes Owen's juicy asshole, until the dude folds his knees back to his shoulders so Jake can grind deep into his beautiful ass one more time. Then, balls to balls, legs intertwined, they beat off 'til the last drop of precious juice is drained from their aching cocks. Jake and Owen's touch of freak sure got the guys turned on. In ManPlay-008, the punks pump the preppies and the preppies plow 'em in return. It's tit for tat--are you getting our drift?

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