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Masie Dee

Masie Dee



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Jul 6, 2009

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53:20 minute(s)



Masie Dee

Masie Dee is a young, bubbly, brunette woman from Northern England who does a solo scene and lots of "hands on" in this shoot! See just how sensitive her clit gets after she cums ... and the torturous camera man loves playing with it then ... Masie Dee is kneeling on the bed introducing herself. She removes her sweater, bra and jeans leaving on her panties and 'sexy' socks. Masie lies back on the bed to play with her pussy through her panties. She likes it when those of us who are watching are touching ourselves and wanking with her, too. Masie says she loves to play with her nipples when she is about to climax. She pulls her panties to the side to rub her clit. She also inserts a finger into her vagina to taste and play with her own juices. Masie takes off the panties completely to rub her clitoris with the fabric - she says she loves the sensation of the fabric because it makes it more intense. Then, Masie inserts the panties nearly completely into her vagina. She wraps the outside edge of the panties around her finger and begin to frig her clit. Masie also reaches for a silver vibe to use on her clit, while the panties are still stuffed inside her vagina. It doesn't take very long for Masie to cum and as she does, she lets out a little moan and slowly pulls the panties out of her pussy at the same time she is cumming. Once the panties are completely out, she keeps the toy on her clitoris just long enough for us to see her after-shocks and contractions. She blows a little kiss good bye, then the camera moves in for a close-up. The next scene is a hands-on, close-up, cooch cam scene. Masie's skirt is pulled up and we get to see her pink and white polka-dotted panties. The cameraman is using a bullet-style vibe on her clit through her panties. After a few moments, he asks her to take her panties off as he starts to finger massage her clit. They moisten her clit then go back to the bullet style vibe. Within just a few moments, Masie begins to moan and pant. She shows the cameraman exactly where she likes the vibe, instructing him to hit her favourite spots along the way. He works the toy on her pussy as she tells him to "Push down". And then, "Hard". Masie bucks her hips up and down. There is a lot of movement and not the most visible orgasm, ever, but her after contractions are quite something and when the cameraman goes back to rubbing her clit, she is soooo sensitive. He fingers her pussy and rubs her g-spot. They decide to come back to that a little later ... Masie is back on the bed - this time in a full-body view. They are using the purple bullet-style vibe in Masie's quest to find the best orgasm toy in the building. Masie is wearing a little grey skirt and red panties. Masie wants a toy of her own for stimulating her breasts and nipples while the cameraman works the purple toy on her panties. The chit chat and exchange banter about the settings and speeds of the toy. He pulls her panties aside and works the toy on her clit. They pull her panties off and put a pillow under her bum. He toys her clitoris for a bit, then Masie reaches between her own legs, showing him where she likes the toy most. As the toy buzzes away, she says she enjoys the little wiggle, asking him to move it a "bit more side-to-side" and "a bit more aggressive". She arches her back, saying, "Oh yeah, I'm close!" then she cums hard. The cameraman asks Masie to "Ride it through". She is completely twitching and out of breath afterwards. Another full body, hands-on orgasm scene is up next. Masie is lying on her back on red pillows. The cameraman is using the magic wand on her pussy through her panties. He asks her take off her white top to show-off her green bra, which matches her panties. He asks if he can tease her a bit - Masie doesn't mind, she is absolutely in heaven. She begins to pant and moan quietly, letting him know that he has found her spot. He takes the toy away just as she's really enjoying it. He comments on how engorged her pussy is becoming - even though her panties. She is getting close, then suddenly saying, "Phew! Ah fuck. Oh shit, I'm so close. Oh god, no, no, I'm cumming!" with her knickers on! She does cum, but we can't really see anything. They quickly take her knickers off - and she's really sensitive now. They keep the wand on low power, getting her closer and closer. Each time he takes the toy away just before she cums. Masie no longer thinks the cameraman is so nice to work with. He turns the wand to high power and reaches his free hand around to gently touch her pussy. Masie lets out a long half-hiss, half-moan, then pulls her hips up, moaning a bit louder, as she cums. Her hand and his are quivering and shaking the toy on her clit. Her bottom puckers a few times and then she clamps her legs shut around the toy. He pulls her thighs apart and pulls back on her hood to show off her after twitches. This time Masie is enjoying another hands-on scene - this time Masie is tied up and strapped in the chair. She is wearing snazzy argyle boots and animal print panties. They untie her panties - early on in the scene this time - and remove them altogether. He moves the toy all around her cooch with Masie telling him when he hits her favourite spots and asking him to "do the little wiggle thing" with the wand. He works the toy down a bit lower on her cooch as Masie moans, suddenly saying, "Oh shit!" Then she cums, thrashing around quite a bit as she does so - despite being bound. Masie moves and reacts so strongly when she cums that it really is impossible to see any pussy contractions. But, she is so sensitive - she can barely stand to have her clit touched anymore. The cameraman continues to finger rub Masie's clit, really firmly pressing on it until she cums again. He inserts a finger into her pussy saying, "Oh! I can feel your contractions!" then, he continues to finger her while she reaches for the magic wand again. After a few minutes, Masie says, "Oh shit. This is going to be a good one ..." Then she says, "Here it cums!" And squirms and wiggles straight back in the chair. There really are no visible contractions and Masie announces, "I'm spent!" She blows a little kiss good bye as he tries for "one more little touch". Masie removes her restraints and blows another big kiss to the camera.

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