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Jun 21, 2005


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We have always wondered why, when it's relatively easy to come across an unshaven black woman, at least in a major city like New York, it's hard to find one--or even a black woman who shaves her legs and armpits but has an outstandingly hairy pussy--in the pages of adult magazines and in videos featuring black women. Obviously, they exist. In Pam Winter's latest hairy-woman video, Mazzy, this frustrating situation is at last redressed. Mazzy is a cute, slim, cafe au lait-colored black woman who looks about 20 years old. While she hardly qualifies for membership in the hirsute elite, she's gratifyingly hairy in her armpits, where her lovely thick tufts earn high marks; the nipples of her large, round, shapely breasts, around which several wiry strands corkscrew out; and most of all, on her sweet pussy, which both men and women who like black women will find delectable. Mazzy's pubic hair doesn't extend much beyond the natural creases of her crotch, and her treasure trail is more nascent than in full flower, but in the triangle where it counts, her luscious thatch is long enough to clutch and thick enough to feel clearly should you be lucky enough to find yourself naked and grinding up against her with your cock or cunt. The video begins with an interview in which Mazzy talks to us about her naturally hairy state with a naturalness, poise, and intelligence that only adds to her sex appeal. We learn that she likes both men and women, that she has a female lover with whom she's in a committed relationship at the moment, but that she also has a male lover on the side. The camera work is excellent. The scenes are well lit, the camera stays consistently focused, the videographer avoids the fancy tricks that ruin so many hairy-woman videos, and he knows how to capture Mazzy's hairiness strand by loving strand. That Mazzy's skin color is a medium shade of brown is a benefit in this regard: It contrasts well with the blackness of her hair and makes it easy to view. Mazzy's forearms appear hairless. She's allowed the hair to grow out on her legs; even so, her legs are only mildly hairy, which the camera nevertheless meticulously documents. The hair on her stomach is little more than peach fuzz. Neither is her asshole outstandingly hirsute, although she accommodatingly spreads her cheeks wide for us, and the camera lingers to allow us to fully admire the view, a lesson that other videographers often fail to grasp. Many of the scenes mirror those in Pam's first effort, Heavenly Hirsute Laurel. Mazzy, like Laurel, stretches out on a white-sheeted massage table while the camera inspects her hairiness in minute detail. There's a shower scene and a swimming pool scene, and several scenes of Mazzy fondling her pubic hair and spreading her cunt lips, although she never masturbates. If you're seeking an innovative video with a stunningly hairy star, Heavenly Hirsute Laurel is a better choice. If a cute, young, moderately hairy black woman with a winning personality and a taste for both women and men is what turns you on, Mazzy is for you.

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