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Mean Bitch

Mean Bitch

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Apr 2, 2013

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1:23 hour(s)


Mistress Missy is a super "Mean Bitch" during her intense session with her obedient slave Michael. She is young, sadistic, and beautiful and delights in tormenting her caged male. His cock is attached to the cage with the humbler and she ties it up in her panties and teases and torments it with a Flesh Light and a crop. Next, she puts him under her beautiful size 5.5 feet for foot domination and trampling before the real fun begins. She uses the cane, leather strap, wooden paddle and a nasty quirt to redden his big ass. She moves him beneath her pussy and orders him to jerk himself off for her amusement to end this sexually charged and demanding session. Mistress Missy sits on the couch playing with her pussy through her silk panties as she stares at the big slave in the cage. His hands are bound behind him and his cock is fastened to the side of the cage with a humbler so his balls are full and vulnerable for her. She crops the head of his cock as she begins what will be an extended session of cock torment and teasing. To make matters more difficult she ties up his cock with a silk stocking and clamps his nipples then fastens them together. She knows he does not like nipple torment and delights in pulling on the clamps and hearing him cry out. She begins to spit into a glass cup, telling him that she will have a use for it later. Removing one of her high heels she has him lick the bottom clean with his tongue. He gives the bottom of her high heel a last lick and then she uses it to torment his balls, slapping and poking then pushing the tip of the heel into his cock hole. She slips the other shoe off and does the same thing to his cock and balls after he has licked the dirt from the bottom. She crops his hard cock some more until it softens a bit and then slips a clear Flesh Light over it and softly strokes it back and forth. He is close to ejaculating and begs to cum but she removes the device and resumes hitting the back of his cock head with her crop. This slows him down and his hard on begins to go down but then she puts the soft membrane back over his cock to stimulate him and he grows hard and wants to orgasm. She pulls it off and punishes his cock again. This cycle goes on until minutes feel like hours to him. She truly enjoys being so totally in control of his cock. She gets him hard with the device and then beats his cock head down a few more times, taking time to drool her spit into the glass. She removes the humbler, freeing his cock and takes the clamps from his nipples, laughing and enjoying the pain it causes him. Now he is on his back with hands fastened to his thighs as she sits on the couch above and has him worship her high heels. He licks the bottoms and then She spikes his body hard causing him a great deal of pain. As reward She stands over him letting him look up at her perfect pussy and ass before dropping down to sit on his face. She continues to spit into the glass as he inhales her glorious scent as she squirms on his face. She stands and now it is time to pay the price for enjoying her ass on his face. Her high heels kick his balls over and over as she stands between his legs that are held wide apart by the spreader bar. He is helpless to stop the ball busting as he looks up at Her, now topless, as she destroys his balls. She tells him his job is to lay and suffer for her enjoyment as she continues to kick and kick his balls with her open toed high heels. They are her balls she tells him, to kick as she wants. Finally she sits on the couch over his head and removes her shoes so he can kiss and thank the shoes that destroyed his balls. Now her tiny bare feet work over his mouth as she sits topless, clad only in panties and dominates him underfoot. She stands and dips her toes into his mouth and then moves between his legs to kick him in the balls barefoot. Kick after kick to the balls as She enjoys the pain and tells him how wet her pussy is becoming from his suffering. She moves over top of him and allows him to kiss and thank her feet for punishing his balls. Now she has a corset, garter, stockings and heels on and begins to spank him as he stands bent over. The thick leather strap starts to beat a tattoo on his ass. He stands holding the mantle braced as the beautiful young blonde sadist warms up his ass with the leather strap. Time to work on that can. She positions him over the black horse and begins to can his ass. He takes stroke after stroke, each harder then the next. She pauses only to spit into the rapidly filling glass and then resumes his punishment. She beats him harder and faster and with a giant swing the cane breaks in two over his welted ass. The blonde sadist makes him kiss the broken cane and thank her for the beating and then picks up the nasty black quirt and begins to lash his ass. His pain is her pleasure. Mistress Missy enjoys bringing up welts on his red ass with the quirt and makes him beg for more. She gives him a vicious beating and takes him right to his limit. She switches back to the thick double leather strap and beats his sore ass some more. Back to the quirt for more pain and then She switches to the hard wooden paddle to put the finishing touches on his ass. She is curious to see how his ass can handle some electricity and zaps him with the violet wand to gauge his reaction. She hangs some weights on the parachute harness attaches to his balls to take his mind off the pain and continues to electrify his ass. The electric wand sizzles against the red welts on his big ass as She smiles and spanks him in between bursts of violet energy. She continues to spit into the glass as she slips on black rubber gloves. She lubes his ass up as the weights hanging from his balls swing. Her tiny hand slips easily into his hole as it is finally loosened and she puts on her strap-on. Holding the glass full of her spit She walks up to his face and dips the strap-on into the milky spit and makes him suck her spit off the strap-on. He obediently sucks the juicy rubber cock before she strolls behind him and enters him. She begins to slowly and sensuously fuck him from behind. She is in total control now with her cock buried in his backside. She holds his hips, feeling the heat from the red ass covered with welts from her cruel intentions. He takes her deep and she delights in a steady fucking as if two lovers on a date. She knows his prostate is being massaged and she intends to have him drain his balls but first he has to accept her control and feel her cock. She then moves him to the ground beneath her as she sits in a chair and allows him to gaze up at her pussy. She has clothespins fastened to his sides to pull off and ruin his orgasm as she tells him to stroke his already stiff prick. She slips off her high heels and runs her nylon covered feet over his body. He grows harder and harder until he begs to release into the condom covering his cock. She tells him to stop and pull off the condom so she can gauge the size of his load. He resumes and quickly is on the verge. She tells him to cum as she strokes herself and he empties his balls at the same time she yanks the pins from his body. They are both wet as She leaves him lying on the floor exhausted and drained.

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