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Megan Archer - The Trainee

Megan Archer - The Trainee



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Mar 7, 2016

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46:00 minute(s)



Megan Archer

Multiple orgasmic Megan has learned a unique masturbation method as she gently rubs her clitoris with three fingers while tucking her large lips into her vagina. For the orgasm collector that has don't until you get this one! She even squishes her lips onto her perineum as she masturbates with the wand. And she just keeps on cumming. Megan is kneeling on the bed, already totally naked! She lays back, spreads her legs and starts to rub her fleshy pussy and clit with her left hand and fingers. She has an interesting masturbation style - three fingers firmly rubbing her clit while pushing her luscious labia around and around, occasionally dipping all three fingers into her vagina for moisture. Megan clutches her natural breast with her right hand. The camera zooms in for a close up of Megan's pussy as she rubs it - this is when we notice that she is not just inserting her fingers into her vagina, she is actually pushing her pussy lips inside as well! After rubbing for a bit, Megan flips over onto her hands and knees and continues to masturbate doggy style, firmly rubbing her clit and pushing her labia in and backwards. She looks like she is getting close already as her body twitches and her breath catches...and her rubbing gets more and more intense. Megan lets out a moan, then another, and then her but starts puckering as she cums! She immediately flops back down onto the bed, giving us an amazing view of her now-engorged pussy lips and clit as she recovers. Very, very nice! Megan is on the couch wearing a black lace nightie, but she doesn't leave it on for long. She quickly peels it off, settles on the couch with her legs parted, and starts to rub her clit again with her fingers. The same 3 finger firm circular motion and labia dips - her style is indeed unique! She clutches her breast and concentrates, letting out little moans as she plays with her pussy. She really does have nice and large labia! The camera moves in for a close up as Megan's masturbation gets more and more frantic and her moans get louder. There is also a sexy flapping sound, likely as her palm hits her pubic mound. She really wants to get there - and it looks like she does, although with all the action her contractions are not apparent. But she doesn't stop there...the camera pans out to give us a full body view as Megan continues to play with her pussy, pushing her lips into her vagina, the doing her 3 finger rub...rubbing her entire vulva as she does. Once again, her rubbing gets more focused and intense…her breasts jiggling with her rubbing, and her moans increasing as she stuffs her lips into her pussy. Megan puts one hand under her back and butt as she gets closer and closer - I'm not quite sure why, but clearly this is what she does. Her rubbing gets almost frantic and Megan cums again! The camera zooms in for a close up of her still twitching, post orgasm, engorged, luscious pussy. This really is as natural as it gets ;-). Megan is done. After recovering from her last orgasms, Megan is now back on the bed - this time wearing a fishnet top with her nipples clearly visible and half poking through the netting :-). Megan takes off her top, peels down her black panties (yes - she is wearing them this time!), parts her legs with her knees up, and starts masturbating with a little silver bullet vibrator. The buzzy toy has her moaning in seconds - just soft gentle moans as she focuses on the stimulation she is giving herself. It's neat to see how she uses the toy - buzzing her clit for a bit, then trying to use it to push her labia into her vagina, then firmly rubbing circles with it on her clit. It's almost as if she is masturbating as she does without the toy, but this time with it under her fingers. Megan seems to really be in her own little world - exactly as we like it as this mimics what she does when she is alone at home. The camera gives us a good balance of close up and full body views as she masturbates. Then Megan with a real mix of vibrator and fingers and her other hand under her back and ass again, Megan goes over the edge and cums! Her pussy lips are very swollen and red as the camera zooms in to show just how wet and swollen she is. She really has a nice pussy! Megan lays back on the bed, legs parted as she recovers. Now naked on the couch, Megan is ready to get off again! She genuinely likes filming for us, and we like that too :-). But this time Megan wants to try out the Hitachi Magic Wand! She switches on the big buzzer and puts it to her large clit, and again, she has a slightly different masturbation style. Not only does she press the Hitachi firmly against her clit but she also firmly pushes it backwards towards her ass, trapping her large pussy lips in the process. Megan is clearly enjoying the toy, practically bending it in half, but her legs keep clamping down on the toy. And all of a sudden, Megan moans and cums! She's only been buzzing her clit for a short while...she apologizes immediately (I don't know why!), then tries to continue masturbating but her clit is too sensitive, so she tells the camera man to "hold on for one second". After a short break, she starts masturbating again with the Hitachi, same style, but this time the camera is positioned between her legs, and again it does the trick pretty quickly as it brings Megan to yet another uncontrollable orgasm! The camera moves in for a close up to show just how wet she got - gobs of clear and stringy pussy juices :-). But Megan is not done yet! I think she likes the Hitachi ;-). She flips over onto her hands and knees and starts all over again. This time we can really see what she's doing with those phenomenal pussy lips of hers as she firmly pushes them backwards with the wand into a bunch on her perineum. She really is in that "place" as it doesn't take her anytime to cum yet again! But she keeps going, buzzing away at her juicy pussy until she cums again! "Oh man, I became sensitive" she says. And I'm not surprised at all! But Megan is STILL not done! After a brief pause, she picks up the Hitachi again and starts buzzing away at her clit at high power. After a few moments, she switches the toy back to low speed, employs her special masturbation technique, and with the Hitachi practically bent in half, buzzes herself to her final orgasm!

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