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Milking The Herd

Milking The Herd

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Nov 16, 2005



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25:00 minute(s)


Mistress Amber is breaking Her new bull slave in. She wants to test how much pain he can take and, at the same time, stimulate his balls and prostate to produce the largest specimen possible. Two dildos, the electric TENDS unit, nipple clamps and intense bondage are utilized to tame the large bull slave. The semen extraction produces a huge sample which he is obliged to consume. Mistress Amber sizes up the large bull cock. She applies the electrodes to his balls to begin stimulating sperm production. Her gloved finger probes and loosens the bull slaves ass and She inserts the first of two dildos to stimulate his prostate. He begins to moan loudly and a ball gag is inserted into his mouth. Mistress Amber inserts the second dildo and squeezes his balls and slaps his huge cock shaft. The second, and larger, dildo seemed to cause slave bull more discomfort. This pleased Mistress Amber greatly. She kept the current flowing into his large nuts and stimulated his prostate continually with the dildo deep inside his ass. Fetching a long piece of rope, Mistress Amber removed the dildo and electrics and began tying his huge cock and balls. She applied exquisite rope bondage to his privates and then used the rope ends as a leash. Sitting back, She pulled the rope taut and stepped on his large swollen balls repeatedly with Her spiked heels. Mistress Amber tied both ends of the rope to the chains high above, causing slave bull's cock and balls to protrude upward. Using Her most intimate of areas to further stimulate slave bull's senses, Mistress Amber allowed him an up close and personal view of Her pussy. She reached forward and enjoyed Herself at his expense by squeezing his bound balls. She removed the nipple clamps and enjoyed him screaming in pain. Placing the slave upright, arms bound behind, Mistress Amber used a cigarette and the needle sharp pinwheel without mercy on his cock and balls. From behind She reach in and squeezed his nut sack hard. The slave was at his limit. Mistress Amber pulled slave bull's huge cock behind him like a tail, stretching it and twisting it. She then sat relaxed in a chair and, from behind, began to milk Her slave out. After the electrics and prostate massage from the two dildos, slave bull was more than ready to come. In uncomfortable and inescapable bondage, and with Mistress Amber's relentless hand stroking his massive shaft, the slave begged for release. Mistress Amber told him he could cum and moved the specimen cup into position as he shot jet after jet of white spew down into the clear cup. Mistress Amber milked every last drop and then released his hands so that he would be able to drink down every last drop She had drawn from his balls.

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