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Feb 17, 2010

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54:39 minute(s)



Holly Kiss

The very attractive strawberry blonde / red-head Holly Kiss is back in another solo DVD. This MILF / mature-ish woman, with a great body and completely shaved pussy, really knows how to enjoy her orgasms to the fullest! Holly is wearing a tight pair of white jeans and a white and pink argyle sweater as she kneels on the bed, facing the headboard. Miss Kiss grabs the magic wand and starts using the toy on her cooch right through her jeans, noting just how good that toy feels. Holly removes her jeans and t-shirt, revealing a very sexy white thong panty and bra - not to mention an Asian symbol tattoo going right down her spine. Holly removes the panties, keeping her backside towards the camera. Holly then reaches for the magic wand once more, noting that she wants to keep it on the highest setting for a bit. Kneeling and with the toy between her legs, Holly quickly starts softly moaning. Holly moves the toy side-to-side and round in circles on her pussy with her feet firmly planted on the bed. Holly lets out a higher pitched moan and starts to really wiggle on the magic wand, and then the pulsating contractions take over! Holly rides out this orgasm to the fullest and doesn't stop there. Holly continues to ride the wand until she is cumming again. After she finishes with her second orgasm, she reaches her hand around to her pussy and plays with her juices. Holly rolls over onto her back, showing off her juicy wet pussy. Back in the bedroom lying on the bed completely naked, Holly is ready to enjoy a hands-on orgasm. To begin, the toy of choice is just a little feather. The cameraman strokes Holly's bald pussy with the feather and pulls back on her clit hood for a better rub. Holly notes that it does feel "very nice". He continues moving the little feather frantically up and down and all around on Holly's clit area. Holly is getting more and more aroused as her hips begin to rock and her moans intensify. Herr pussy is getting wet, too - a nice bead of wetness is forming and beginning to run down to her anus. Clearly Holly is enjoying all this 'feather' attention. He is pulling back on her clit hood once more and her clit is becoming more prominent as the moisture continues to grow. Eventually, the little feather tease is abandoned in favour of a good old fashioned finger rub. And Holly is so worked up from the action with the feather, that it doesn't take look at all before she is cumming hard - with lots of nice visible contractions! Holly throws her head back on the pillows and enjoys this orgasm completely. Her pussy is so wet, too. He continues to stimulate her with just his finger, then spreads her lips wide to show off the wetness. He picks up the feather once more and rubs her pussy and breasts with it. Holly says how much she enjoyed that orgasm. Holly is back in the bedroom wearing a sexy black and pink-trimmed bra and panty set. She is once again kneeling on the bed and enjoying the magic wand through her panties. Holly takes off her panties and pulls her bra down to 'release' her breasts a bit. Holly works the toy all over her pussy, moaning and really enjoying the powerful toy. Holly really does have a nice body (albeit with enhanced breasts) and she looks very sexy in this scene with her breasts exposed, her hand on her tummy and her head tossed back in ecstasy - especially as she grinds right down on the toy. As Holly gets closer and closer to orgasm, her nipples become quite perky, her movements become slower and more deliberate. Holly presses firmly on her tummy and moans as she cums very hard, pulling her hips up and outward. It's tough to actually see the contractions because of her positioning and the camera positioning, but there is no denying this orgasm watching her body reactions. In typical Holly Kiss fashion though, she doesn't stop after the first orgasm! Holly keeps going with the toy, enjoying it for yet another orgasm. Holly reaches her hand down to her pussy and pulls away a wet juicy, yummy, string. Holly lets us know how much she likes the wand as the camera pans in for a close-up of her swollen, redden pussy. Holly is lounging on the bed for yet another hands-on orgasm. This one begins with him finger rubbing her clit. After a bit of finger play, the little bullet vibe with the nubby end is turned on and worked all over Holly's pussy. It's not too long before the little toy has Holly moaning. He begins to really press the little buzzy toy quite firmly into Holly's clit and after just a few minutes, it makes Holly cum. Her anus puckers with a few per-orgasmic contractions just before the powerful, quick and rhythmic ones take a hold. It's a nice orgasm that Holly enjoys all the way to the end. He keeps the toy in place on her clit, firmly pressing and working the toy around. He uses the toy to run trhough some of her juices then turns the tip directly onto her clit which leaves Holly shuddering. But, clearly Holly is ready for more handson attention. Holly's vocalizations begin to crescendo and culminate a breathy, panting orgasm. He flicks the toy very quickly up and down, directly on her clit, her pussy is red and engorged and her slit opens as she cums once more. He turns off the toy and rubs her clit with just his fingers - I can't help but notice the gooey wetness as the base of her vagina, too. Holly dips her fingers into her juicyness. Holly is playing solo in the next scene, wearing only a red and pink polka-dotted bra. She is using the nubby little egg vibe on her clit, quickly enjoying the toy and moaning. Holly's feet are perched in front of her cooch, but her legs are spread wide apart. Holly firmly presses the toy into her clit, working it from side-to-side, moaning and clearly enjoying it all. It's not long at all before Holly has a nice, visible orgasm. It gently pulls her hips off the bed and there are lots of nice contractions. Holly plays with her wetness - her clit looks absolutely huge. She pulls back on her hood and looks at the camera man smiling.

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