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Nacho Vs. Rocco

Rocco Siffredi and Nacho Vidal: could they be the best buddy team since Lethal Weapon? With Nacho vs. Rocco, Rocco dips into his vaults for seven mind-blowing, over-the-top scenes. Revisit the early days of the Dynamic Duo as they plunder their way through no less than seventeen of the sweetest smut sirens from around the world to ever open up and say "glug" on camera! From Ibiza to Budapest, the action is non-stop, featuring familiar favorites including Angel Dark, Roxy Jezel, Sandra Romain and Katja Love, as well as a bevy of equally luscious lovelies ready to be enjoyed for the first time all over again! The disc is stuffed with a photo gallery and cumshot recap. Scene one: Mari, Vanessa, and Malorie are three kinky Euro-brunettes replete with strap-ons and blonde wigs that get in a nasty Sapphic menage a trois before Nacho and Rocco arrive to remind them what's good in life: Real, male super-cock down their throats and up their culos. The two legendary studs sodomize the sluts side by side, Rocco pumping away while Nacho gets his ass eaten, Nacho face-fucking the slut squirming on Rocco's face. Malorie gets double-penetrated while sucking Rocco's toes, and then eats the cum off Vanessa's ass before it can drip into her ultra-massive gape. Rocco sits on both girls' faces at once and howls to the heavens before spurting all over their face. Scene two: Buzz-cut Katya Love and Patty ambush Nacho in an empty apartment, seducing him with intense glares and finger-sucking until his famous cock is at full mast and ready to be shared. Enter Rocco, who takes Patty over to the window for some instant ass-fucking while Katya continues her slow-motion seduction of Nacho. She sits on his cock, fitting it up her ass, as Nacho stares, rapt at her bald-headed beauty. Then Rocco strides over to get a piece, first sticking his cock in her mouth, then helping Nacho double-penetrate her. Nacho goes and gets a piece of Patty's ass. Both guys come on Katya's bald head, and Patty licks it off. Scene three: Nacho watches as Katherine and Aneta play kinky games; the blonde, nude except for stockings and a black hood, is led on her knees into the bathroom, where Rocco waits in a kingly manner on the crapper to face-fuck the submissive slut. After making her lick his ass, he face-fucks her from a standing position before letting her join the fuckfest Nacho is having in the main room with the other girls. A frantic orgy ensues, with the hapless hooded whore crawling between everybody's legs to serve as an ATM machine while the other girls have their asses plundered. Rocco gets his ass fingered and licked by Katherine before sodomizing Amanda, and then unloads into the two girls' mouths. Scene four: Nacho comes across half-naked blondes Caroline Cage and Vivien playing around with a double-headed pink dildo out in the gazebo, and to their delight immediately starts groping them, shoving his face up Vivien's asshole. Rocco reaches out from behind the camera to pump Caroline's asshole with his fingers. The two aroused gals dive for Nacho's dick, stroking and sucking while Rocco continues to examine Caroline's ass and pussy. Caroline jumps up on Nacho's lap for some cowgirl screwing while Vivien watches, playing with herself. Caroline and Vivien get into some lesbo action that's interrupted when Nacho clambers onto the table they're on and starts power-fucking Caroline and then Vivien. Caroline gets some pussy-lapping from Viv while she's being pumped in doggie. Nacho loosens up Caroline's ass with a couple fingers before squeezing his cock into it, Viv clit-sucking to ease the shock of entry. The girls switch places and go through several positions with Nacho, before Viv grabs the cock from her friend's ass, sucks the cum out, and then delivers it to her mouth for a white, wet soul kiss. Even as they savor Nacho's cum, Caroline reaches over and unzips cameraman Rocco's pants, and the two girls give him a quick, frantic blowjob that has him spurting in no time. Scene five: Brunette Shannon is not sure how she feels about coming home to find Nacho making out in her apartment with her roommate Janine. She lights a cigarette and watches, shaking her head, as Nacho peels the white slacks and then the panties from the blonde's hard haunches. Rocco reaches out from behind the camera to stroke Shannon's cheek in consolation as Nacho continues to strip down Janine, chewing on her boobs as she unbuckles his belt and starts stroking his dick. Rocco convinces Shannon to suck his own dick, but before she knows it, there's Nacho's penis next to her, and Janine, too! Both girls suck double-dick before switching partners, and before you know it, Rocco's got Shannon's ass balanced on the desk and is sliding into her hairy pussy from the POV angle. Meanwhile, Nacho has Janine on her hands and knees on the window sill and is already gaping her asshole open with his horse-cock. Shannon comes over to lick Nacho's balls as he pumps, for which she's rewarded by his cock up her own ass. Rocco comes over for some head while Nacho pumps away. Then Shannon sits down for an anal reverse cowgirl on Nacho while leaning forward to suck Rocco, as Janine kneels next to her and sucks whatever comes her way. At last, both studs come on the glass coffee table, and the two girls happily, dutifully lick up the two-flavored sperm spill. Scene six: Nacho carries Natasha out to the back yard and frantically fucks her al fresco, before being joined by Martina and Natalie. Martina immediately starts stroking the stud's cock and playing around, as Natalie distracts Natasha with some Sapphic attention. Nacho ends up doing all three girls on the picnic table, taking turns loosening their assholes with his huge tool as the bystanders suck and nibble at his private parts between thrusts. After awhile Rocco joins the fray and a wild, four-person orgy roars its way to a sticky conclusion as the girls compete to be baptized by the semen of these two famous studs. Scene seven: In Ibiza, Nacho happily munches away at Angel Dark's shaved pussy in a sunlit-strewn hotel room, squeezing and sucking at it as if it were a fresh piece of tropical fruit. He takes off her heels and sucks her toes for a moment before giving in to her lust and letting her attach herself to the end of his cock via her mouth. British Eurasian Roxy Jezel enters the room in a flowered bikini, and Nacho immediately snatches the spinner up and carries her to the couch, where she squeezes Angel's tits before swallowing his cock. Roxy then climbs on Nacho's lap for a cowgirl ride that has her cursing and snapping at the camera, until Rocco fills her mouth with his cock. Angel surges forward for her share of the Stallion meat, and the two suck away while Nacho continues banging Roxy. Rocco comes out from behind the camera to fuck Angel up both the ass and pussy, while Nacho slams it to Roxy in missionary. Roxy climbs up to cowgirl position on Nacho so he slide his cock up her ass, while Rocco fucks away on Angel, reaching over to tweak Roxy's shaven pussy as he fucks. Nacho lays Roxy over Angel's body so she can suck the cock fresh from Angel's ass as he continues to sodomize her own sphincter. Rocco dick-slaps and chokes Roxy as she begs for more. He stands her up and spanks her hard, turning her cheeks bright red, before shoving his cock up her ass and strangling her with both hands as he pounds. Angel is brought to her knees and assigned ATM duty as Nacho fucks her some more from behind. Finally, she draws the seed from Nacho's balls as a drenched and messy Roxy finally gets a face full of cum from Rocco.

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