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Olivia Adams 33 - Orgasm Addiction

Olivia Adams 33 - Orgasm Addiction



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Sep 6, 2017


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1:02 hour(s)



Olivia Adams

Olivia really is an orgasm addict - she just loves to make herself cum, and she does so 13 times in this movie! She still has one of the wettest pussies ever, dripping long strings of glorious girl juice to the floor as she masturbates to fantastic orgasms with strong rhythmic contractions and lots of post orgasm twitches. Wow. Just wow. Olivia is sitting on her black blanket naked from the waist down, grinding her hips and crotch. She reaches around the back of her legs and spreads her pussy open - it's already glistening with her juices! She picks up her purple penis vibrator and touches it lightly to her clit, then starts to rock her hips up against the toy. But Olivia wants to feel more, so she gently pushes the vibrator into her vagina and fucks herself with it before slipping it out and up to her clit. She is already really aroused and her juices are glistening at the base of her vulva. Moving the vibrations up to her clit is all it takes - with a moan, Olivia cums hard with lots of orgasm contractions that go on and on! Olivia is now sitting on her white faux sheepskin blanket - it's a closer view of her pussy, which is already very wet in anticipation! She reaches down and firmly rubs just above her clit in a circular motion - that action makes her entire vulva move in unison ... she really is soaking wet. Olivia reaches for her egg tipped g-spot vibe which she inserts into her pussy and fucks herself, making all kinds of wonderful squishy sounds as she does. She pulls it out, turns it on, and after touching her clit with it puts it back. Olivia really fucks herself hard with the toy until her juices turn creamy. But she's not ready to cum yet - she puts the toy away and gently rubs her clit for a minute, then picks up her silver bullet vibe and touches her clit with that toy. Not for long though - she puts the toy away and rubs her clit with her finger, then draws up strings of her stringy juices for us to see! Olivia goes back to the silver bullet vibe - it really is her favourite toy at the moment. And its only seconds before her pussy starts to pulsate and contract as Olivia releases an "ahhh". It's a nice and strong orgasm, and she keeps the vibe planted and rides it out completely. Olivia leans back on her black blanket and spreads her legs - she is wearing a pair of sheer black panties and her pussy lips are clearly visible through the fabric. She reaches down and gently rubs her clitoral area with three fingers, first through the fabric, then inside her panties (using that opportunity to insert a finger into her vagina!), then through the fabric again. Olivia peels her panty crotch aside and spreads her pussy lips with one hand while she masturbates with the other. She really picks up speed and virtually "strums" her clit ... then slaps it ... then jiggles it. All that action makes her hiss and moan and get even wetter ... then suddenly her pussy starts to convulse and contract and Olivia cums! Wow. It looks like Olivia has just shaved her pussy - what's left of her pubic hair is just a shadow, and the rest is very, very smooth! She is sitting on her faux sheepskin blanket wearing a silky top and no panties. She reaches down with one hand and starts to rub her pussy ... then her other hand heads south and she spreads herself wide open. She really has a nice pussy! Olivia turns on her silver bullet vibe and gently stimulates her clit with the soft-ish vibrations ... She dips the toy into her vagina, then draws it up her slipper slit. But that's not all she is in the mood for! Olivia reaches next to her and picks up her g-spot vibe, turns it onto a low setting, then plunges the egg deep into her vagina. She slips the toy back out and up to her clitoris for a moment, then plunges it back into her vagina as she spreads her lips with her other hand. Olivia fucks herself with it again which makes her pant and moan, then she draws it back out and up to her clitoris again. "Ahhh ... ahhh ... yeah ... yeah ... ahhh" and Olivia goes over the edge, her wet pussy contracting rhythmically and her vagina snapping open and shut. It's another nice orgasm that she rides out completely. She puts the toy away and lays there for a minute to recover, her pussy wet and red from her orgasm! We haven't seen Olivia's pearl panties in quite some time! She is sitting in a desk chair wearing a black top as she rubs the pearls against her slit - pulling them away and letting them snap back against her vulva. Olivia is already very juicy and she slips first one, then two fingers into her vagina. When she pulls them out, her fingers are totally drenched! Olivia continues to play with her slippery slit, getting wetter and wetter. She stands up and pulls her panties down to her knees - her panties are accompanied by a long string of juice which hangs there for a few seconds before breaking and falling. Olivia sits back in the chair and starts to masturbate with her silver bullet vibe, just lightly strumming her clit with it. A big bead of juice rolls out of her vagina just as Olivia leans forward to adjust the position of the camera. She strums her clit with her little buzzer and then goes "oh fuck" as her orgasm is imminent ... she switches to tapping her clit with the vibrator just as her contractions take hold! Olivia is back on her black blanket, completely naked this time. Her legs are akimbo, and once again it looks like she has shaved her pussy very recently. She reaches down and slips her middle finger up and down her slit, drawing a string of her juices up to her clitoris. She gets her g-spot vibe and place it on her clit as she turns it on ... "ahhh" ... "ohhh". This time she turns it up a little higher than usual and keeps it on her clit until she makes her pant and then with a "yeah ... ahh ... ahhh", she cums! That was very fast!! She pulls her legs up and we can see her shimmering slit continue to contract and pulse long after her orgasm! Olivia is already creamy wet and pink. It looks like she was already masturbating before the switched the camera on! But that's ok - we still get to see her sopping wet goodies up close ;-). Olivia plays with her pussy with her fingers, getting her hand soaking wet with her juices. She inserts two fingers into her vagina, one from each hand ... the she starts to quickly strum her clit and that does it. Olivia cums in seconds! Her pussy contracts and pulses nicely with lots of post orgasm contractions too! Olivia's shins fill the camera ... she slowly parts her legs and reveals her extremely sheer panties which really leave nothing to the imagination :-). Olivia gently rubs her pussy through the fabric and very quickly, her juices create a sheen along her slit. Very sexy! Olivia gets up into a squatting position, pulls her panties into the crack of her ass, then continues to gently rub her clit. She slips her hand into her panties, dips a finger into her vagina for some moisture, then rubs her clit some more. Her pussy lips look incredible as they are a little squished underneath the sheer material! Olivia turns on her silver bullet vibe and begins to masturbate through material ... her pussy is very clearly sopping wet underneath. And when she peels the crotch of her panties to one side, it comes away with some major strings of grool! Olivia keeps masturbating, now only with direct clitoral contact. Her juices are free to flow now and they do - right down over her ass onto the fabric beneath her. She jiggles the buzzer on her clit, she strums it, she moves it around and around until with a series of "ahh's", Olivia reaches her orgasm with nice strong contractions! She sits back and recovers while her pussy twitches with post orgasm contractions. Oh my! Olivia is standing up facing away from the camera and there is a huge string of grool connecting her sopping wet pussy with her inner thigh - how sexy can she get! She reaches between her legs and firmly rubs her pubic mound above her clit. That makes her juices flow even more, which detaches the string from her legs as a big drip heads to the floor. Olivia shifts position and continues to masturbate with her fingers, creating a swinging drip that eventually obeys gravity and heads to the floor, too. She pauses, reaches both hands around, and spreads her ass and pussy wide apart. Another drip builds and strings off her pussy ... she starts rubbing again and lets out a "yeah ... mmmm ... ahh ... ahh ...", then reaches around and spreads her ass checks just as her contractions begin and her orgasm takes hold! What a view! Her pussy juices continue to flow after her orgasm - another bead builds and strings out towards the floor as she stands there and recovers. Olivia is totally naked again, propped up on a blanket. This time, one of her nice small natural breasts and perky nipple is in view as she reaches down to touch her pussy. And once again, Olivia is already soaked! As she shifts and starts masturbating with her finger, her other lovely breast comes into view. And quite unexpected, she lets out an "ahh" and cums hard! That was a surprise - a nice and strong contractions with lots of post orgasm pussy twitches, too! Olivia is back in her chair sitting on a black blanket. She is obviously watching porn judging by some of the faint background noises. She spreads her legs, then her pussy lips, and gently pulls back on her clitoral hood as her left nipple comes into view. Olivia gently massages the very base of her clitoris for a bit, then turns on her new pink vibrator - she had been waiting for this toy! She puts the vibe on her clit and the sensations have her moaning in no time at all. She experiments a little with the settings of the little vibe, then draws out some slippery juice to lubricate her clit. "Oh yeah" she says as she moves the toy around her clit ... "ooooh" ... "oh fuck" ... I think she likes it! Olivia focuses the stimulation on her clit with small movements as her vulva gets more and more "pouty" - she must be getting close. Then with a moan and an "ahh", her pussy starts contracting hard and Olivia cums! I guess the toy worked! Olivia is squatting on her heels as she rubs her naked pussy. But that doesn't last long ... she starts masturbating with her new mini Wanachi vibrator - just touching it to her clit. She really likes this vibrator, but she finds it a bit on the powerful side. She keeps the toy planted on her clit and her pussy is already twitching with pre-orgasm delight. A few more seconds and a few hisses and moans and Olivia is there - "oh shit" ... she pulls the toy off just as her pussy contracts. And then she lets herself go - her orgasm is powerful and goes on and on! "Oh ... that's so strong ... it's too much ...", she lets out. But it really was a nice orgasm to see!

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