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Olivia Adams 5 - Wet & Wild

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Olivia Adams 5 - Wet & Wild



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Nov 16, 2012

Running time

59:30 minute(s)



Olivia Adams

The incredibly snapping, orgasmic, self-filmer, hot, brunette, Olivia Adams is back for a fifth time in this High Def, orgasm packed movie. Olivia does nine new scenes for us, having a total of ten incredible orgasms, including a tummy wank scene and lots of "in the camera" wet pussy playing. Lying on her bed in a pair of purple panties, with her knees up, and tweaking her nipples is how we first see Olivia Adams. There is already a huge, showing, wet spot on those purple panties, too. Olivia is getting herself nicely riled up as she finger massages her clit through the panties, raising and rocking her hips. Lfiting her legs high into the air, Olivia peels off her panties, stroking the backs of her thighs. She leaves her legs in the air as she dips her finger into her slit, pulling out the juices to lube her clit. Olivia pauses from the pussy play just long enough to fondle her breasts. Then, she reaches one had around her thigh as the other strokes and massages her clitoris. Her hands go back up to clutch her breasts, then back down to pull back on her pubic mound and clit. She pulls her juices out, then lifts her legs back into the air to touch her ass. Her hands come back around her thigh and flick her clit. Olivia lowers her legs again, letting one hand work her breasts, and with the other she taps and flicks her clit. Her feet are lifted off the bed again as Olivia starts to finger play and masturbate in earnest. We hear her gasp, but she slows the pace back down as she's not ready to cum just yet. Dipping a finger in her juices, and slowly working her finger over her clitoris, we can see that Olivia's labia are puffy and swelling. She slows things down once more, reaching around, clutching her thighs and spreading her pussy. With one leg up and one leg down, Olivia is really rubbing across her clit, pulling her lips apart with one hand and rubbing that clit with her fingers - and then Olivia has a big, long, strong, wet, dripping, contracting orgasm! It's a nice one and she lies back to let the contractions subside. For the next scene, Olivia is straddling a glass top table, completely naked, in the living room. Olivia not only rubs her clit, but she also gives that table top quite the bump-and-grind! And because the camera is positioned beneath the table, we get to watch as all those clear pussy juices smear and drip right onto the table. With a long, clear, juicy string pooled on the table, Olivia rubs her clit, then pulls her lips wide apart while rubbing her clit. Olivia likes this, letting out an, "Oh yeah." But, she doesn't want to cum too soon, so she slows down the action once more, sticking her butt in the juices and rolling them around while she gently smacks her clit with her hand. Then, Olivia rides the table again, writhing on the top and smearing the goodness all around once more. With another string sticking to the table top, Olivia pulls back on her clit, rubs, then smacks her clit. She grinds, then reaches for her trusty purple penis vibe. As soon as Olivia places the toy on her clit, she moans and pops out a nice, fast, strong and incredibly popping orgasm! For the next scene, we see a very closeup view of Olivia's pussy seated in an office chair. As always, Olivia's pussy is already wet. She parts her petal lips, dipping her finger into her pussy, pulling out her juicy goodness and smearing it on her clit. She gently finger massages her clit, leaving her lips parted and a very long juicy string of pussy juice falls to the floor. Olivia whimpers, then dips her finger back inside her vagina to pull out more juices. She gently finger rubs her clit, sometimes quickly working her fingertip back and forth from side-to-side on her clit. She pauses from the finger action and we hear her buzzy white egg vibe being turned on. Olivia puts her feet down, and as she puts the toy on her clit her pussy turns pinker. She strokes the toy on her clit and taps her clit with the buzzer. She then lifts her feet up, spreading her thighs nice and wide. She places the toy right on her clit, saying, "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah." Then she lets out a longer, "Ahhhhh." as the juices are flowing right out of her pussy and she has a hard, strong, pulsing, contracting orgasm! Her outer labia are popping and pulling and tugging in rhythm. She pulls the toy away, letting the contractions come to a natural end, as a long, thin, string of pussy juice flows out and to the toy. Olivia is back in her bedroom, lying on her back on the corner of her bed, with her legs spread nice and wide across white-on-white striped sheets. There's just the right amount of nice, natural sunlight streaming in through the windows as Olivia begins by gently smacking her pussy a few times, then she reaches both hands down to spread her pussy lips and expose her incredible, juicy wetness. She really does have an incredibly wet pussy - all the time. Olivia dips her middle finger between her folds, pulling the juices up and onto her clit. She finger massages, then gently slaps her clit, rocking her hips. Then she slides her hands up to her tummy, then back down to her pussy, which she gently slaps some more, saying, "Yeah.". She then gently finger massages her clit, in a rather quick circular motion with her middle finger. Olivia lets out a simpering, "Ahhh." Olivia continues the gentle finger playing and slapping, rocking her hips and pulling back firmly on her clit mound. Olivia gets more and more intense with her finger rubbing, getting a couple of fingers moving quite quickly back and forth over her clitoris and rocking her hips. She says, "Oh yeah. That feels good." Then she says, "Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Ah" and she is cumming hard once more! She stretches her arms up and back on the bed, basking through that one and letting her contractions and pussy calm down slowly. It appears to me that Olivia is sitting on the carpeted floor, with her back leaning against the bed in this next scene. She is wearing solid black panties and a black print top as she moves her hand gently across her pussy and panties. She strokes upward on her clitoris, then takes off her top to fondle and clutch her small, natural, breasts. She then strokes her clitoris through the black panties some more. It's not long before the panties come off and Olivia hooks a finger into her pussy to pull out those juices and work them all over her clitoris. In case you haven't already figured this out, I'm going to let you in on a little secret - Olivia's biggest turn-on is seeing herself cumming - that's why she loves to film herself masturbating and she likes to see herself in the little viewfinder of the camera. So, she really, really, likes the closeup perspectives of her pussy getting wetter and wetter. It very simply, turns her on. So, Olivia moves the camera angle in a little closer to her pussy as she plays with herself, moving her index finger back and forth over her clitoris. Then, wham-o! While working that finger over her clitoris she is cumming! Just like that! Lots of strong, clamping contractions - and no doubt about what is happening here. Olivia continues with the finger rub until she has cum and cum on that one. Then, she settles back and her pussy enjoys serious after shocks. Her nipple, the one that is visible in the camera frame, is quite erect, too. She reaches both hands around her thighs and butt to pull her lips apart for a moment, then relaxes to recover. Olivia is back in the bedroom on her white-on-white striped sheets once more. She wearing a printed pair of dark navy blue underwear - but not for long. The wetness is apparent through the panties as she peels them off. Then Olivia places her clit pump on just the way she likes it. She wiggles her hips and jiggles the pump gently over her clit. Her pussy is already wet, but she reaches a hand around her thigh to insert her middle finger into her vagina and pull out the juices. Then she rolls her hips upward, jiggling the toy some more. There's is faint tv or radio noise in the background. Then we fade to a different, still closeup, camera perspective, sort of from between her legs, but on the side of her thigh. With the clit pump still attached, we can hear Olivia very softly chanting, "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah." She curls her hips upward and we can see the movement of the clit pump on her parts. The toy takes a big pull on her clit as Olivia softly moans. She removes the clit pump, and finger rubs but only for a moment. She puts the toy back in place, moaning softly. Olivia pulls back on her mound with one hand and firmly jiggles the clit pump with the other, saying, "Yeah." Then we see one big pre-orgasm contraction as Olivia saying, "Oh". She goes back to jiggling the clit pump, then pops it off. She finger rubs across her clitoris with three fingers, then drops her foot, saying, "Yeah. Oh" and she cums and cums and cums and cums, panting and gasping a bit. There's a nice bead of juicy wetness around her bottom, too. For the next scene, Olivia is standing over the camera, gently finger rubbing and smacking her pussy and clit. There's already a lot of pussy juice dripping out of her as she finger rubs across her clit. She is panting already. She must be ready for this one! She slaps her clit some more, then goes back to a soft of flicking motion across it. And so she goes, alternating between slapping and rubbing with her leg up on the dresser and the camera positioned on the floor beneath her. She gyrates her hips around in a circle as she pulls and rubs. She reaches her hands around to separate her butt cheeks and then the juices are flowing and falling to the floor as she goes back to the fast finger rub. She pauses to slow down the action, separating her cheeks once more, then goes right back to a fast, one finger clit rub. Very quickly after that Olivia is saying, "Oh. I'm going to cum!" And cum she does! It's a nice one. Olivia continues standing with her leg propped until the contractions subside. The foot fetish fans are really going to appreciate the opener of this scene! We are treated to seeing Olivia's green painted toenails! She has her feet crossed and slightly lifted off the bed - semi hiding her girlie bits as she opens this scene. But, being a true exhibitionist at heart, Olivia then she reaches her hands around to spread her pussy, lifting her legs in the air and spreading her wet pussy wide for us to see. She puts her feet back on the bed, leaving her thighs spread as she tweaks and fondles her very perky, responsive, nipples. Olivia is going to play with her clit pump to start this scene. She attaches the toy, then lifts her butt up off the bed, pushing her pussy right into the camera. She settles back on the bed, and the pussy juices are literally just dripping right out of her and onto the bed cover. She pumps the toy, jiggling the end attached to her clit and then I think she cums very quickly with lots of nice, hard contractions. But it's a quick one - and she's not done yet. She then lifts her bottom off the bed again and we can see the pooling pussy juices on the bed cover as she jiggles the toy by the tube line - still firmly attached to her clit. She gets closer to the camera now, kneeling on one knee, then she removes the clit pump to touch her clit and pull out all the clear, flowing pussy juices. She readjusts her position, resting back on both heels as she finger massages her pussy, alternately playing with her juices. She reaches for the white egg buzzy vibe - and wow! Those stringy juices are visible everywhere! Olivia gently buzzes her clit with the toy, stroking up and down, too. With one hand spreading her lips and the other hand working the toy, Olivia quietly begins to hiss and moan, sometimes saying, "Oh, yeah ... Yeah ... Yeah. " She lets out one gasp as she cums, back on her heels, hard! Lots of strong, perfectly visible contractions. She pulls the toy away, gently closing her thighs and opening them again as the juices just flow. She holds the position until her orgasm is completely finished and all the juices have fallen onto the bedcover. Olivia is back on her tummy on those very pretty and clean looking white-on-white sheets. She has a pillow beneath her tummy and cooch as she gently humps it. Then she reaches a finger down to her clit to rub it as she swivels her hips. She slaps her pussy a bit in between the slow clit finger massage. She rises up onto her knees a little bit, reaching for the white egg buzzy vibe to put on her clit. Olivia really gyrates and rides that buzzy vibe on her clit, enjoying every sensation. She reaches a hand aorund to spread her butt cheeks wide, too. She likes to be sure to check back and see herself in the camera, too. Pushing her pelvis into the toy and with her butt and hips really gyrating, Olivia lets out a long, "Ohhhh." And we know it's feeling really good. The moan is quickly followed by, "Oh, yeah, I'm gonna cum!" as she falls flat on her chest, lifting her butt into the air and her pussy and bottom contract in this strong orgasm. She pulls the toy away and collapses on the bed, then she leans up and back to the turn off the camera.

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