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Olivia Adams 6 - Encore

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Olivia Adams 6 - Encore



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Dec 21, 2012

Running time

1:05 hour(s)



Olivia Adams

The incredibly wet, snapping, orgasmic, self-filmer, hot, brunette, Olivia Adams is back for a sixth time in this High Def "Encore" movie. Olivia gives us 9 new, erotic and hot scenes, having a total of 9 hard, strong and incredibly wet orgasms. We see Olivia, naked and spread in front us, from the waist down sitting on a white bench with a white towel beneath her bare bottom. Olivia begins the slowing finger massage, both externally and internally. And those yummy pussy juices are already flowing and dripping out of her cooch. There is a radio or television playing in the background also - by Olivia's choice. Olivia gets the juices dripping and flowing - like seriously - and then zooms the camera in a little bit closer to the pussy fingering action. Olivia has her little thin patch of brazilian airstrip on her mound and we get a good glimpse of it as she reaches for her clit pump. Olivia places the pump and is instantly moaning in ecstasy. She pulls the two ends of the toy down so we can watch as Olivia enjoys the toy. She lets go of the clit end of the toy and it falls off, as her juices drip out even more. Olivia goes back to the alternately slow and fast finger rubbing assault and we can sit back and enjoy her outer labia puffing and swelling. The camel toes hanging over the edge of the chair are quite interesting, too. Flicking her clit with juicy strings falling down from her pussy, Olivia pants and moans - then stops herself from cumming. Flicking her clit again, Olivia says, "I want to cum" - but pauses again. Edging. Edging. Edging. Getting that pussy so lubed and so full. Back to flicking her clit, and spreading the moisture, Olivia says, "Yeah" and let's herself really go this time! Wow! What a huge orgasm! She stops the finger flicking as she goes over the edge, and pulls back on her mound and the contractions are amazing. Hard. Snapping. There simply are not enough adjectives! Sitting in a chair in her bedroom, Olivia is clad in a plaid skirt and tiny white sweater, playing the naughty, sexy, co-ed. But, of course, she's really a hot MILF! First, Olivia tweaks her nipples by lifting up the sweater and pulling down her bra. Then she hikes her skirt and plays with her leopard print panties in her slit while she gyrates her bottom all around on the chair. Next the sweater comes off; quickly followed by her bra. Olivia moves the camera in slightly closer as she goes back to the panty play. She pulls the panties aside, dipping a finger into her pussy and pulling all of her juice strings around. She even gives her pussy a couple of quick slaps. Olivia dips a finger in again, and smears the juices all over her left nipple. Then goes back to the fast clit flicking and finger tapping. Rubbing firmly and quickly, Olivia pants a few times, then says, "Oh yeah" as she pops another strong, hard orgasm! She pulls back on her mound as she calms down and catches her breath. Her printed panties still pulled to the side, she flops her skirt back into place. Olivia is seated in a lounge chair wearing only a pair of already very, very, very wet pink panties. She tweaks her perky petite nipples as she plays with her pussy through the drenched panties. After her warm up, Olivia peels off the pink panties, lifting her feet into the air and spreading wide for us. She starts with a slow, index finger rub and dip, which quickly has Olivia moaning - and not to mention dripping pussy juices everywhere! After her finger exercises, Olivia reaches for a red rabbit style toy and inserts the dildo into her pussy while the ears work her clit. Olivia squishes and writhes all over the toy, jiggling it and getting the intensity and position just the way she likes it. She is hissing and moaning. Olivia pulls the dildo out and stimulates her clit with the "big end", then inserts the toy again. With the toy deep in her pussy, Olivia moans then says, "Oh yeah, I'm cumming!" and she pulls the toy out to continue with the clit stimulation as Olivia's contractions just go on and on. Olivia is lying completely naked on her fluffy, creamy, white, bed with her white egg vibe. She pulls her legs wide apart, fondles her breasts and really gyrates her hips and ass around on the bed. With one foot dangling off the bed, Olivia begins her finger rub and juicy play. She then spreads her legs further apart as she sucks her own juices off of her finger. Olivia uses both hands to spread her pussy lips apart, then pulls back on her mound and slaps her clit with the other hand. Her hips are rocking as she rubs from side-to-side and in and out - with the occasional slap. Olivia plants her heels into the mattress and lifts her bum off the bed, wriggling and jiggling. She starts slapping herself a little more firmly and insistently until wham-o! Olivia is cumming hard again! Pretty cool that she can cum just by slapping her pussy like that! And she continues the feel good slapping all the way until the end! Olivia zooms the camera in for a closeup of her after shocks and wetness. Wearing only black butterfly crotchless panties, Olivia is seated in the chair on a white towel. Her clit is being pulled and tugged between the side of the crotch of the panties, then she pulls them out of the inner fold, moving the black panties "sides" to her outer folds. Olivia pulls her juicy wetness out of her slit, smearing it up and onto her clit and letting it drip down onto the towel. Then, Olivia pulls the panties off, with the camera zooming in a little closer. Olivia reaches for her trusty purple dildo - just touching the tip of the dildo to the tip of her clit. Olivia slowly and gently moves the toy up her slit, then rubs it into her clitoris and her juices are flowing out of her vagina and running down to her ass as she moans. Olivia rocks her hips, announcing, "Oh. I'm cumming!" as her pussy pulsates and pops in orgasmic ecstasy - for a nice, long time! Olivia is seated in a brown wooden armed chair, with her feet - and clit pump - dangling in view! After rubbing her clit, Olivia attaches the clit pump - and it's not long before her pussy juices are all over the chair covering! Olivia removes the clit pump, pulling up and back on her mound. She repositions in the chair - now up and on her heels - to show off the wet patch she's made. Olivia has the clit pump firmly re-attached as she jiggles it all around to stimulate herself just the way she likes it. With juices flowing out of her and onto the chair covering again, Olivia finger rubs her clit and gives herself a few little slaps. Olivia repositions herself in the chair once more - I think she's just trying to see how many wet patches she can leave behind :) - as she finger rubs across her clitoris, curling her hips outward so her cooch is in camera view. Olivia quietly whimpers, "fuck yeah." and moans as she plays with herself. Flicking frantically across her clit, Olivia says, "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Ahhh." as she cums, popping out another hard, incredible orgasm. Lying on white sheets wearing white panties, Olivia is rubbing her pussy through the thin panties. And, of course, her panties are drenched and see through with all of Olivia's pussy juice. Olivia turns on the rabbit toy, pressing it onto her clitoris. The little pretty white panties are still on. Olivia only pauses from the toy action to rub more of her juices, making her panties more and more see through. Olivia turns off the toy, goes back to a finger rub through her panties, before peeling them off. Olivia dips her index finger into her slit, spreading the moisture up to her clit and starting her finger flicking rub and dip before turning on the rabbit toy. She inserts the toy into her vagina, rotating her hips around so that the ears stimulate her clit. She pulls the toy out, then inserts it again as she gyrates more. She pulls the toy out and stimulates the tip of her clitoris. Olivia says, "Oh fuck, yeah." Then she inserts the toy back into her pussy, gyrating, saying, "Oh! Yeah!" as she cums. Olivia slips the toy out of her pussy, placing it on her clit as the end of the orgasm contractions continue. Olivia is wearing black fish net stockings, with a black scarf around her chest - and nothing else! She fondles her breasts, and drags the scarf between her legs, up, down and all around her pussy. Olivia rolls to her side, so we can glimpse between her legs to see her wetness as she runs the scarf between her legs. She pulls her legs wide apart and that pussy is soaked. Olivia slips her hand down to her pussy, rubbing her clit. She slips a finger into the hole of the fishnet stockings to touch her clit with her index finger. Olivia pulls the stockings up and into her clit as she rubs. Her tights are pulled on very snugly so Olivia's parts are getting squished into the holes - and she likes that! Her pussy juices are flowing! Gyrating, writhing, and rubbing through the stockings, Olivia's pussy is popping hard as she cums - it's flushed red - and she cums long and hard. Olivia is wearing a purple tank top, that she quickly takes off to show off her small perky breasts as her long, brunette hair cascades down her chest. Olivia moves the camera down her chest, tummy and body so that we can see her black leather crotchless panties. She lies back, pussy protruding through the open crotch, as she starts a slow finger rub. Yes, her pussy is wet. Olivia smears the juices all around on her clit. Olivia taps her clit, her lips spread wide apart, as she does her usual alternation between finger rubbing and dipping her finger into her vagina. After Olivia gets herself really turned on, she pulls and scrunches the crotchless panties until Olivia pants and then literally has a touchless orgasm! With lots and lots of visible contractions, too! (Length: 64 minutes)

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