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Only Asians Part 1

Only Asians Part 1



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Mar 7, 2012


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56:59 minute(s)



Nong, Por (Female), Pui, Satang

Only Asians Part 1 features four Asian women: Nong, Por, Satang and Pui. We have finally collected enough video of striking Asian women in order to compile this, Part 1, of our "Only Asian" series. While this DVD does include at least two verifiable and visible orgasms, the focus of this series is the Asian perspective and is not, necessarily, visible orgasm-centric. Our first featured solo Asian babe is Nong. She is seated on a leather couch wearing pink panties and a black top. She is already using a small purple vibe on her pussy through the little panties. But those panties do not stay on for long as she peels them off and leaves them dangling around one leg in order to get the toy directly on her clit. Nong's pussy is trimmed and nicely covered in natural hair. It's not long until she begins to pant and gasp and there's a bit of creamy goo building up around her vaginal opening. She twists and rocks with the toy, pulling up on her clit and pubic mound. Nong is really panting, moaning and gasping. As the camera pans out from her pussy just a little bit, we see her thighs are quaking and quivering - just before she cums! She reaches her hands down to touch her pussy as the camera pans up to her post orgasm face. She pulls her black top up to reveal a pretty pink bra. When she stands, we can really appreciate her tuft of pubic hair. The next scene was rather special and offers a different perspective - as the thin, seductive, Asian Pui is seated on a wooden chair that has a smoothly carved out bottom and the camera is placed beneath her undercarriage in order to show her good bits spread in all their glory. She is using a pink, egg-like vibe on her clitoris as her hips rock back and forth to the sensations. Quickly, Pui begins to moan and whimper. Consistent and deliberate with the toy stimulation, Pui works that pink toy round and round on her clit, rhythmically rocking her hips back and forth as she goes until she moans and pants and she cums. Lying completely naked and relaxing on a massage table is Por. Por has long, shiny black hair and small, firm, natural tits with perfectly circular, very dark nipples. This is filmed from a somewhat side angle perspective as she reclines her upper back and head on two black pillows while using the pink vibe on her pussy. Por's full body, from a profile view, is visible in this angle - feet and toes curled into the chaise lounge - we can just catch glimpses from time-to-time of her pussy as she works the toy. Por's breathing rate begins to increase as we notice her chest rising and falling and we can hear her pants. Next up is Satang. She has died reddish colored hair. She undresses to remove a pair of shorts and a pink and white stripped bikini top. She lies back on the bed as she unties the top, reaching a hand down to touch and feel her pussy. After a few minutes of manually playing with herself, Satang reaches for a bulb-shaped pink vibe. Satang's pussy is shaved on the sides, with a tuft of hair on top. Clutching one of her breasts while she works the toy on her pussy, Satang suddenly lets out a little moan. She continues to work the toy on her clit and writhe upward as the toy goes round and round. As she works the toy, we can also hear her pussy juices being spread all around. Satang's "free" hand is now spreading her pussy lips apart as the toy stimulates her. One can't help but notice how erect her dark nipples are, also. Still clad in those pink panties, Nong is encouraged to masturbate in a cage. The door is closed and she is handed the purple vibe. She peels off her panties and scoots her bottom closer toward the bars while one dirty-bottomed foot is poking through the opening of the bars. She throws her head back and really goes for it with the purple toy. She clearly enjoys this because we can see the pussy cream. She twitches and flicks the toy quickly across her clit until she cums - with lots of nice juices making an appearance. Unfortunately, one of the bars from the cage obscures the view of her pussy as she shifts around a little; otherwise this was a really erotic scene. She scoots forward, getting even closer to the bars, and continues to work the toy on her pussy. He comes in and takes her toy away, until next month. Por is now seated on the "special" wooden chair, offering us a very clear and very closeup perspective of all of her bits while she uses the pink vibe. The true closeup pussy fans are really going to love this perspective as the detail is so great that we can actually see the vibration from the toy causing her pussy lips to minutely vibrate right down to the hair follicles on her labia. We can experience every little bottom puckering sensation as Por gets closer and closer to cumming. Pui is back for another view and masturbation session ... this time she is doing it doggystyle with the pink vibe. And it's not long at all before this petite little one is rocking back and forth, moaning and panting. Not to mention the fact that her pussy is nicely wet. Pui presses that toy back and forth over her clit - clearly enjoying it - until her abdominal muscles have her curling up and arching as she cums. But that's just not enough for Pui this time. She continues working the toy on her pussy until she cums again, this time straightening her back as she does so. Pui rolls over onto her back and continues stimulating her pussy. Pui works it for quite awhile, really rocking her hips ... after a bit, she decides that she will allow the cameraman to assist her. She lies back and relaxes allowing him to work the toy all over her clit and pussy, even guiding him to how she likes it. Eventually, one end of the toy ends up in her vagina as he works the buzzy end on her clit. However, Pui has to take the toy into her own hands to cum. He carefully pulls the toy out of her vagina after she's finished. Nong is naked from the bra down and kneeling on a pool or billiards table. She is wearing a pink bra with black polka dots and nothing else. Nongis using the black baton vibe on her clit. This is a roving camera view of Nong as she continues to kneel, pulling back on her clit and mound and working the toy on her pussy. She leans back a bit occasionally throwing her back and whimpering. Because of her kneeling, this is a "Faces of Orgasm" scene, too. Eventually, Nong sits down on the billiards table, rubbing the toy up and down on her pussy - with the billiards balls right in front of her.

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