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Only Asians Part 2

Only Asians Part 2



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Mar 16, 2012


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52:59 minute(s)



Nong, Por (Female), Pui, Satang

Almond eyed lovelies receive pleasure and pleasure themselves. We have finally collected enough video of striking Asian women in order to compile this, Part 2, of our "Only Asian" series. This DVD has literally been years in the making and features four hot Asian women: Nong, Por Satang and Pui. While this DVD does include at least two verifiable and visible orgasms, the focus of this series is the Asian perspective and not, necessarily, visible orgasm centric. Our first featured solo Asian babe is Nong. She is kneeling on the bed taking off her shirt. Nong slowly and teasingly removes her bra to reveal her small, natural breasts accented with dark, small and erect nipples. Next, Nong peels off her jeans and then a pair of tiny bright pink panties. She is now lying on the bed with her head resting on a pillow as she wiggles to get comfortable, we get a nice glimpse of her hairy, but trimmed, pussy. Nong wastes little time getting going with a jelly covered silver bullet vibe and very quickly her hips are rising and falling as she rubs the toy around and back and forth over her clit. Nong keeps a gentle pressure on the toy and clutches a breast from time-to-time. The scene starts out in a full body perspective, but alternates to a closeup cooch cam view also of Nong working the toy on her clit and pussy. We continue with the closeup view and can't help but notice that Nong is getting rather gooey wet down there as she gently manipulates her pussy lips and clitoral hood to get it just the way she likes it. We alternate back to a full body view of her lying spread eagle on the bed and Nong lets out just little pleasure sounds as she cums - and her nipples are so erect! Por is getting the hands on treatment on the red massage table in the next scene. He is working the buzzy pink vibe on her pussy as she seated upright. He moistens her clit with some saliva, then inserts the other end of the pink buzzy toy into her vagina while frantically working the pink vibe on her clit. The toy doesn't stay inside Por's pussy for long, but the frantic frigging with the vibe goes on while her spreads her pussy lips and fingers her with his free hand. Satang is kneeling doggy style on the bed, working a printed vibe on her wet, lubricated, pussy. She bears down quite a bit on the toy, really spreading her butt cheeks while riding and grinding on the short vibe. Satang begins to moan and gasp a bit, reaching a hand around to rub her butt cheeks and spread them - some air escapes from one of her orifices, also ... I'm not sure if it was a queef or not! With her wet, pink slit glistening, Satang rubs the toy round and round, and really whimpers and moans. Satang goes up a bit higher on her knees and we can really see just how wet Satang's pussy is. With the toy semi-inserted into her wetness, she continues to play with the vibe. After a bit, she removes the toy and reaches her hand down to her wet pussy. Por is getting undressed on the bed, removing her pants and panties, reaching for a toy, then taking off a gauzy, white, tank top. Then the black bra comes off, too. It looks as though Por has recently had a child as a linea nigra runs from her belly button down to the top of her pubic mound and she has a few stretch marks across her tummy, but she's a thin, attractive woman, nonetheless. With her head propped up on black pillows, Por uses the pink vibe very slowly and gently on her clitoris. She smiles for the camera every once a while, which is also very nice. Por double dips with her fingers and the toy just a little bit and continues working the toy slowly and deliberately round and round on her clit. Pui is sitting on the bed, pullling off a tiny pair of denim shorts. Once the shorts come off, so do a pair of black panties. Pui has a bit of hair down there, but it is trimmed. She lies back on the bed, spreading her legs wide apart to enjoy the little pink vibe. Pui raises her hips into the toy, grasping for the pillow behind her head. It's not long before Pui is gasping and moaning making pleasurable sounds. Never losing her hip rocking rhythm, she takes the toy off of her clitoris and finger rubs herself for a few moments, then puts the toy back on her clitoris while wanking with the other hand. Does that make her ambidextrous? :-) Pui begins to make more of those nice pleasure sounds again as she wiggle, wiggle, wiggles the toy on her clitoris. She alternates hands a couple more times, then she raises her hips and straightens her legs, taking the toy off her. She sits up and touches her pussy, gyrating on the bed. Nong is seated on the wooden chair, as we get a "from below" perspective of her wanking with the purple flat-headed vibe. She turns the toy to the side, working it on her clitoris. She looks as though she is getting a little wet down there and reaches a hand down to touch herself while the toy still buzzes. She removes her hand, then turns the toy to the flat side on her clitoris - she really begins to moan and pant. We can see the goose bumps spread across her bottom and inner thighs, as she gets ready to cum. Then with a little rocking motion, she holds her breath for a second or two, quivers again and then cums with a big series of long, strong contractions. She hisses a bit, saying, "Yeah. MMMM. Yeah." Nong is back again in the next scene for some hands on attention. She is lying on the bed, taking off a pair of red and black polka dotted panties. He is working the same purple flat-headed vibe on her clitoris. He spreads her lips wide apart, while stimulating her clitoris. Nong keeps a bit of dark hair visible on her pussy. As he toys her clitoris, her hips are moving up and down and she is pulling back on her mound to get the sensation just right. She is moaning and rocking her hips. With her legs still wide apart and one foot visible, he is firmly pressing the toy into her clitoris. She says, "Oh, yeah." as she cums. He reaches his fingers down to finger her pussy.

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