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Paige Fox 2

Paige Fox 2



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Sep 7, 2010



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51:21 minute(s)



Paige Fox

Paige Fox is a snapper! She has great, strong, pulsating, pussy-popping orgasms! She's a twenty-six year-old brunette now - her eyes are strikingly blue - with a nice, firm, body and lovely, small, natural breasts. Paige is lounging on the bed in a short little plaid mini-skirt and white top. She rolls over to fondle her bum and that's when we get a sneak peek of her checkered panties. When Paige sits up to unbutton her blouse, we see the cute little matching bra. Paige tweaks her nipples then, reaches for the black baton vibe. She lies back on the bed, with her head propped up on the pillow, using the toy on her pussy through her checkered panties. After a bit of stimulating play, Paige moistens her fingers and pulls the little panties aside to expose her nice lippy cooch. Yes, in our opinion, she really does have a nice cooch - and we've seen a lot of them. Paige pulls back and up on her pubic mound as she gets just the tip of the little vibe on her clit. We can hear her just panting slightly. She decides to strip out of the little panties completely and gets right back to business with the vibe. Her legs are long and lean, bent at the knee and stretched wide open across the bed. The toy is getting a quiet reaction out of Miss Fox and she keeps her pussy lubricated with a bit of saliva from time-to-time. Paige's pussy begins to twitch ever-so-slightly with a few pre-orgasmic contractions along the side of her labia. She's concentrating now, really building up for this one - we can see that her labia are now nicely swollen. And with just a slightly more audible pant and hiss, Paige and her pussy are cumming hard! It's a really nice, really strong orgasm! She smiles and notes, "Wow. It's still going as well!" She fans herself, much deservedly, and takes a moment to recover as the camera pans in for a cooch close-up! Paige is in the bedroom for the second scene as well. This time is wearing a tight white sundress with a red and white polka-dotted bra and panty set. She really is slim and trim and she looks pretty cute in this little set-up. Paige is using the egg-style vibrator, and in typical fashion she begins with the toy stimulating her clit and pussy through her little knickers. The toy must be pretty powerful, because it has Paige panting rather quickly. She rolls over onto her hands and knees doggy-style and continues to enjoy the sensations of the vibe before pulling those panties off completely. She playfully wiggles her backside for the camera %uF04A Then, Paige gets a bit more serious, rubbing the toy directly on her clit and through her slit. After a bit, Paige decides to turn around and face the camera as she removes her bra. She makes herself comfortable lying on her back on the bed and says she is going to, "turn the speed up" on the little egg vibe. Her breasts are small and perky - and she has a tan line on her chest. Paige spreads her legs wide apart and clutches one of her breasts and she works the toy on her pussy. Paige moves her hand down to her pussy to spread her lips and pull back on her clithood. She is hissing and panting it feels so good. Even though it is obvious how much Paige is enjoying herself - toes scrunching and curling, hips rising and falling, panting and hissing - she is not the fastest woman we've see to reach orgasm (I think Jess West or Taylor Ray hold THAT record). While working the toy in tight and concentric motions over her clitoris, the pre-orgasmic twitching starts around her anus. Paige licks her fingers and spreads the juices down to her pussy. Her nipples are totally erect now. Then, lifting her ass up off the bed, with a long his, Paige is about to cum. And another fantastic and perfectly visible orgasm she has! She sits up and giggles saying, "That's good that toy! Thank you for watching!" He is rubbing Paige's clit while she is lying on the bed fully ready for a hands on orgasm from the cameraman! He says, "Oh! No knickers!" as he lifts her skirt. He asks her to put her leg over his thigh as he turns on the baton vibe to massage her clit. He knows she likes to keep her clit wet, so he moistens his fingers with saliva and lubricates her pussy as he continues with the vibe stimulation. He pulls back on her clit a bit and works the vibe back and forth and up and down on her magic button. Paige seems to enjoy this and begins to hiss and pant slightly. He maintains a firm sort of pressure on her clit, only occasionally pausing to provide her with a bit of lubrication. It's not long before Paige's hips begin to rise and fall a little bit. When necessary, she wets her pussy with natural lubrication, also. He lowers the toy and presses it firmly into her clit and slit, working it all around as he tries to find the best spot for her. We can really hear the juices. Paige is aroused, but he's not quite found the spot, so she takes over with the toy for herself as he very gently moves his finger to massage her perineum. Almost instantly Paige's pussy reacts with a series of small, per-orgasmic, contractions. He keeps his finger there and Paige keeps the toy going and within a minute or two, she is curling her hips and having yet another perfectly visible and very strong snapping orgasm! He says, "God, that was hot!" She asks him, "Did you enjoy that?" He replies, "I did!" She asks, "Did you get turned on by that?" and he again replies, "I did!" And she says, "Come join in then!?" leaving us to wonder what happens next ... Back for another solo scene, Paige is undressing on the bed! She kneels to remove her dress and black bra then strips out of the tiny checkered panties. She wets her pussy and clit, saying, "Hmmm ... let's find a toy." She reaches for a powerful little pocket rocket toy to buzz her clit. This scene is more of a roaming cam view and features quite a lot of close-up pussy views for the close-up fans - and yes! We know you are out there!! He also gets a nice mixture of her face, breasts and torso, but at the big moment, it is all close-up pussy-popping contractions! Paige keeps her legs spread wide at the hips for most of this scene, but also straightens her legs out in front of her, too. And that's when we know she's getting closer to cumming this time. Not to mention, her soft little pants and hisses. With one hand pulling up and back on her clit and the toy firmly planted there, Paige cums very strongly again! We can count every contraction and see every after shock! He notes, "That was a perrrfecttt orgasm!" She says, "I remember that toy from last time. It was good!" The final scene on this DVD is one we wanted to share because it was part of the regular shoot, but we the lighting for this was very low, so we are calling it an "outtake". In black and white only, Paige is seated outside in the garden on a towel. She applies some synthetic lubricate to her cooch this time and reaches for the pocket rocket. Paige keeps her head down and "focused" on her pussy most of the time. She uses her "other" hand to pull back on her clit as she quickly works the vibe over her clitoris. It doesn't really take her very long to "find" this orgasm, but with the camera angle and hand placement, sadly, it's pretty impossible to spot her usually prominent contractions :-(

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