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Pantyhose Punishment

Pantyhose Punishment

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Mar 16, 2006

Running time

1:31 hour(s)


Mistress Samantha

Mistress Samantha stars in an awe-inspiring 91-minute pantyhose centered film. After she discovers, through tormenting the helpless submissive standing stretched out in bondage, that his secret fetish is pantyhose. She gives him the treatment. She wears pantyhose, he wears pantyhose. She ties him with pantyhose and uses a cock pump and Her sexy nylon clad body to engorge his balls. When he finally releases, She has a surprise for him. Mistress Samantha circles helpless cum slut tosha. She is wearing a little dress, pantyhose and spike-heeled sandals. She interrogates the submissive and applies the crop and a small whip to his cock and ass. She demands to know his secret fetish. She kicks him in the balls and uses a violet wand on his cock and balls in an attempt to get him to confess. The spread eagled submissive had his cock teased and kicked and finally gave in and admitted, because his dick was getting so hard, that he was a pantyhose fanatic and wanted to worship Her and Her pantyhose. She teased him a bit and explained he would be wearing pantyhose for Her amusement and be Her pantyhose slut for the afternoon. Mistress Samantha, clad in a pink bra and pantyhose, finishes tormenting a standing and helpless submissive. She has learned his secret fetish. She now has him on the floor, hands and feet bound with pantyhose and helpless to Her attention. Sitting on his face, She applies the riding crop to his hard and straining cock that is trapped in the pantyhose. She teases Her worshipper with Her sexy body and pantyhose covered feet. With Her subject on his back, Mistress Samantha slides all along his body with Her nylon covered legs. Her foot caresses his stiff cock under the pantyhose he wears. She stands and kicks him repeatedly in his balls, causing his cock to stiffen further. She facesits Her pantyhose slut and slaps his cock and balls. Turning, She sits next to him and plays with his nipples while Her beautiful pantyhose covered feet tease and torment his throbbing cock. She brings out a cock pump and starts to tie his balls tight in preparation. Mistress Samantha had slut tosha in pantyhose with his hands bound by pantyhose underneath him. His head was encased in pantyhose and She tied off his balls tight with pantyhose. She puts Her fragrant pantyhose covered pussy over his face and began to tease and torment his cock in his pantyhose. She brought out the penis pump and put his throbbing cock into it. She pumped and played and made him lick and suck Her pantyhose covered feet. Mistress Samantha pumped and pumped until the cock filled the tube. She stroked the tube and sat on the pantyhose clad slut's face. His hands bound under him, he was helpless as She smacked his balls over and over. He cried out through the pantyhose covering his face and screamed into Her pantyhose covered ass as his cock felt like exploding in the tube. The blonde Mistress laughed, stood up and kicked him a few times in the balls. A helpless pantyhose clad submissive had his cock caught in the tube and Mistress Samantha was taking full advantage. She pumped, slapped and stroked the clear tube while teasing his bound balls. The cock looked ready to explode. She freed his cock and covered it with his pantyhose. She then focused Her attention on running Her nylon covered feet on him and having him suck and kiss Her feet and toes. She teased Her helpless submissive without mercy. Mistress Samantha sat on the slave's chest and began to play with Herself. She moved full weight onto his face and fingered Herself until She climaxed right on the slave's face through Her pantyhose. Having satisfied Herself, She moved down and spit several times to lubricate his cock and then slipped the penis pump on it again. The sore cock responded to full length as She pumped and teased. The beautiful Nordic blonde Mistress cock pumped and ball kicked Her submissive. The pleasure in tormenting a man's cock and balls was never so obvious as Her face lit up as He cried out. Her soft-gloved hands and pantyhose covered feet alternated giving out pleasure and punishment. His cock was ready to burst as She pulled down his pantyhose. Having beaten, rubbed, pumped, kicked, spit on and shocked his cock and balls for almost an hour and a half, Mistress Samantha ordered him to release his load as She moved to sit on his face. He struggled to cum as She commanded. She played with his nipples as She watched him milking his teased cock. Picking up the yellow syringe, She began to beat him with it. She hit him over and over with the syringe, Her hand and the ball of the pump until he reached a climax and shot a large load of white spew. She took the syringe and sucked up a large load into the chamber. She placed the tip through the pantyhose covering his mouth and fired the entire mass down his throat. She repeated this action several more times until he had eaten it all.

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