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Mar 10, 2020

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Paranormal investigator Kristen Scott gets a frantic video call from Naomi, another student at the university, saying that her roommate has been possessed by the devil and needs her help right away. Kristen isn't really into religion and doesn't usually handle cases like this, but she'll go over to show Naomi that her roommate isn't possessed because she doesn't believe that's the case. Kristen arrives at the house and is greeted by Naomi who's said that things have gotten worse since she made the call. They go over any reasonable causes for Adriana acting weird, maybe she's on medication, possibly she has mental heath issues but Naomi isn't convinced she knows it's the dark lord possessing her roommate and won't accept any other answers. They head upstairs to Adriana's bedroom and when Naomi won't enter the room, Kristen heads inside on her own. Adriana's arms are tied over her head as she lays on the bed grunting and growling as Kristen tries to ask her questions as to what can be causing this. Kristen scans her body temperature and her electromagnetic field but everything comes back normal. Just then, Adriana's voice becomes lower before breaking out of her restraints and sitting straight up in the bed which scares Kristen out of the room. Kristen heads back to her place to do more research about how to handle this situation as she promises Naomi that she'll be back. She gets online and finds a guide to help her, then finds another website that ordains her as a minister. She packs her bag with everything she's going to need for the exorcism then heads back over. She walks into Adriana's room to find her levitating above her bed, her eyes have turned body liquit red and she's growling like an animal. Kristen starts reciting prayers and throws holy water on Adriana but hit only seems to get worse. The devil taunts her, saying she knows all her secrets and knows Kristen is a lesbian and tries to make a deal, she can have sex with the devil if she lets her go. Kristen reads that she can rid Adriana's body of the demon through letting, the process of releasing bodily fluids will release the demon. Kristen knows just what to do. Fresh out of her exorcism, Kristen retreats out of Adriana's room to tell Naomi that she was able to expel the demon from her roommates body. Overjoyed, Naomi gives Kristen a big hug to thank her for a job well done. Kristen explains that she was able to talk to Adriana and asked her if there was anything she remembered from before she was possessed. She says that Adriana mentioned that a girl from her class, Riley, was in front of her repeating Latin over and over. Naomi knows Riley and tells Kristen that they're going to need to talk. Naomi goes on to say that she, Riley and Adriana all have class together and that Adriana and Riley don't get along at all, mostly because of boy issues. Kristen explains that since Riley was speaking in Latin, the language of the dead, she could be the one summoning the demons. Unbeknownst to them, Riley has been listening in to their conversation through her crystal ball and asks her sister to get her doll. Emily comes back with a small voodoo doll as Riley stabs it with a pin. Naomi cringes in agony as Riley continues to stab the doll with pins until Emily tells her to stop. Emily doesn't like when Riley uses her powers for agony so Riley decides to take a different approach as she begins to massage the dolls crotch. Naomi feels a sensation she's never felt before between her legs, being a virgin. Kristen tries to calm her down, but then Riley recites more Latin phrases and something comes over Naomi. Naomi's ready to lose her virginity now and wants Kristen to take it but she resists. Kristen keeps pushing Naomi back but she's overcome by the sensation herself and finally gives in. Paranormal investigator Kristen Scott is on her way home after being overtaken by sensation that made her hook up with Naomi. When she gets to the door she finds her roommate Alina outside and scared. Alina explains that she was doing her homework and out of nowhere she saw a ghost in the house. She wants to leave the house and never come back, but Kristen explains that she's the perfect person to take care of this issue since she's a paranormal investigator. They make their way through the house by flashlight as Alina points out where she saw the ghost. Kristen pulls out her electromagnetic field reader to help with the search and as they continue through the house they're startled by the flickering lights. Kristen explains that the ghost is probably getting its energy from the electricity as they continue on. It starts to get cold as Kristen's EMF detector starts to go off signaling that something is near them. A glowing red light starts to come out from beneath the door they're in front of, and they look at their thermal camera and notice a figure there that they can't see. The ghost appears and goes after the girls but then quickly disappears when they start to run away. Kristen knows just what to do, she grabs some salt and makes a circle around herself & Alina for protection. The ghost reappears right in front of them and tries to come after them but can't penetrated the circle. Kristen screams a bible verse at the ghost and right when she finishes it disappears and the girls lay down within the circle and fall resting. Witches Emily & Riley continue to cast spells over the girls but Emily starts to hesitate. She doesn't think they should be using Wicca to raise demons, that's not what it is about, but Riley isn't having any of it, she casts a spell that makes Emily unable to talk and continues to summon demons. As she does this, the wind blows and breaks the circle of salt that's around Kristen & Alina, allowing Alina to become possessed. How's Kristen going to handle this situation? After banishing the demons from her house Kristen decides to address the situation head on as she goes to meet up with Riley. She makes her way up to the door and before she can knock Emily answers it. She invites Kristen in but after leading her to the living room, she disappears. Kristen hears a voice all around her but can't seem to find the source until Riley & Emily appear again in matching outfits. She walks over to talk to Riley but they disappear once again and then reappear totally naked on the other side of the room. Riley motions with her hand for Kristen to come closer and talk to her but once Kristen steps within a circle of candles that's on the floor, Riley says "Welcome to MY world" as they're transported to another dimension. Now totally naked and confused Kristen hears Riley's voice again and then sees she & Emily, also naked and waiting for her by the bushes. She tries to resist going over to them but she's intrigued, she wants to get to the bottom of this once and for all. When she gets over to Riley & Emily, Riley leans in and kisses Kristen before sharing her with her stepsister. Kristen goes with it since she's stuck in another dimension, hopefully pleasing the witches will help her get out of there.

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