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Jul 6, 2020

Gail and Jim are dopamine junkies who get their biggest fix from pushing each other further, especially in public. Out together in a bar one night, Jim is playing pool with a beautiful blonde who has certainly got both their attention. Even with other people around, they can't keep their hands off each other, and once everybody leaves they have the place to themselves. Gail is already super turned on from watching Jim and their new friend - she is soon sitting on his face while kissing and caressing the blonde stranger who is sitting on his cock. They enjoy a sensual threesome, Gail climaxing with Jim inside her as their new friend uses her fingers to caress Gail's pussy. As they explore each other, their smiles and moans of pleasure show exactly how well the app is working! Jo loves porn, so much so in fact, that she can only come from watching porn and only when lying on her front, grinding on her fingers. Her girlfriend Andrea wants to show her that it's possible for her to come with another person, so they consult the app for help. They have to embrace Jo's favorite position, Andrea making Jo feel calm and free, Jo still having the familiarity in her body of how she is able to come. Jo is blindfolded while Andrea uses her hands to find out exactly what works for Jo, and she soon climaxes to her pleasure and surprise! They enjoy an orgasm filled session together, loving to watch themselves in a large mirror as they use a dildo to pleasure each other. They are super hot together after all! We love the way this scene focuses on Jo finding new levels of pleasure and learning how to climax more easily. When Lia was alone she loved to get herself off, thinking about her man Marco, especially the thought of him going down on her. Arriving home one day to find her in bed caressing herself, Marco soon joins in, but when it comes to pleasuring her pussy with his mouth, he just doesn't feel like he knows how to give oral. Together they consult the app, and even just watching him care enough to do that makes Lia so turned on. It's not long before her fantasy becomes a reality and he is between her legs, learning what she likes the best. She soon returns the favor, sensually taking his cock in her mouth before he penetrates her. Lia gets more and more aroused until finally Marco uses his tongue to make her climax. Her fantasy fulfilled by the Pleasure Fix! Lori and Evan love to fuck hard. Which is maybe why the Pleasure Fix has a special request for them – they have to delay their gratification for as long as they can. So this time they take it slow and bring in some new moves - admiring each other's gorgeous bodies, slowly stripping off, and then sensually massaging each other with oil. They really appreciate each other in a way that they don't normally do. Gradually they get more and more aroused until finally Evan goes down on Lori and brings her to climax, before they even start to fuck! Soon Evan is penetrating Lori hard, just how they both like it, but this time it's so much better for both of them after the sexy build up the app suggested. Jim and Gail are in an open relationship and want something intense to bring them closer together and really feel their connection. One of the great features of the Pleasure Fix is 'Common Kinks' – type your desires into the app and it decides on something you both want! Gail knew that surrendering control was the biggest turn on for Jim and Jim knew that Gail had pegged every guy she had been with... Jim is excited to experiment as she brings out a strap on and takes it really slow and makes the build-up to penetrating him truly sensual. We love this scene for its focus on Gail being in control, her pleasure at that and also the trust shown between this couple with such an intense act for Jim. Afterwards she has a special treat for them both – their blonde friend from the bar, all three of them loving another chance to share their pleasure together.

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