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Renee Richards

Renee Richards



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May 29, 2009

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Renee Richards

Another great orgasm compilation disk as seen through the fixed camera! This fixed cam collection features eight women, four of whom go multi-orgasmic! We are pleased to welcome yet another really cute and really sexy new-cummer, Renee Richards. Renee's DVD also includes lovely imagery and pictures from her photo shoot as well as short, preview, orgasm trailers. Renee is a sexy twenty-something-year-old babe. She has a nice, firm body that looks really good in pretty panties and bras! Renee is seated on the bed removing her high heels and short jean skirt. Renee is wearing white panties with black appliqu├ęs as her hand reaches down to play with her pussy. Her hips immediately start rocking and rotating. Renee sits up to remove her pink top, then leans back on her heels to touch herself. Renee removes her bra, takes a sip of wine, then lies back down on the bed to toucher herself some more. Her hands are now in her panties as she is getting more and more aroused. Renee removes the panties - her lips are completely shaved and there is just a small, trimmed triangle patch of pubic hair on her mound. Renee gets a bit of lub and does some finger masturbating before reaching for her favorite spoon style vibe. Renee doesn't have very large cooch lips and her clit is pierced. Renee applies some saliva to her cooch as she goes along, but she really enjoys playing with her toy - including inserting it deep into her pussy. When Renee takes the toy of her cooch and puts it back on her clit, it's not long at all before she is cumming - and while she doesn't exhibit snapping contractions in this scene, the seismic waves are definitely visible. But, Renne keeps the toy on her clit for even longer until she is enjoying yet another nice tugging orgasm. Love her perky little nipples, too! Renee is getting a little hands-on attention while lounging on the sofa in a gold lingerie set. The cameraman asks her to take off her panties, which she does, and then he inserts a finger into her pussy. He asks her if she is a "g-spot girl" and she says, "Mmmmm, yeah." He continues to finger her, eventually being able to fit two fingers in her pussy - then we can hear the juices building. He reaches for Renee's favourite vibe and starts to work the toy on her pierced clit. Renee softly moans. They lubricate the toy with Renee's saliva, then it is inserted into her pussy as she fingers her clit. After a bit, Renee takes over operating the toy, bucking up and down, then she pulls it out of her pussy to stimulate her clit as the cameraman continues to finger her. He works her g-spot as Renee moans, staring directly at him. She pulls her knees up a bit and cums - smiling as she does so. With all the movement and action, though, contractions aren't possible to see. After a bit we fade to a solo Renee lounging on the sofa and using her toy. This time, when she cums, she gives a little gushing, squirting orgasm! Nice. She turns off the toy, licks all of her juices, then inserts it slowly into her pussy before putting it back into her mouth again. Renee is back in the bedroom wearing black thigh-high stockings, striped panties and a black bodice. Renee slowly unsnaps the bodice, kneeling on the bed as she does so. She fondles her perky breasts for a moment. Renee removes her panties, too and lies back on the bed to rub her clit and pussy. Renee gets up on all fours and applies a bit of lube. She reaches for the magic wand and bullet style vibrator. She opts for the bullet style vibe, doggy style. Renee spreads her legs wide, riding up and down on the little tip of the toy. After a few minutes, Renee switches to the magic wand - still doggy style. In just a second, the wand has Renee moaning and panting as she curls up and down on the toy. When Renee gets close to this orgasm, she turns her bottom completely outward and upward, as she moans and cums hard with the wand. We can fully witness all the bottom tugging, hard anal contractions as she thoroughly enjoys this orgasm, too! Renee moistens her fingers and reaches around to touch herself. Renee rolls over and the camera zooms in for several close-ups. Renee is now lying on a lily covered bed wearing a blue satin nightie with balck and yellow underwear peeking out. Renee sits up to pull the nightie down around her waist, then removes her bra, then pulls the nightie back up on her shoulders. Renee lies back and removes her pretty yellow panties, then plays with her cooch some more using just her fingers. After a bit, Renee goes for the silver bullet style vibe, slinking down onto the bed and spreading her legs wide. Renee likes to keep her pussy nice and moist and she looks really hot as she raises her hips up and down and moans. After playing with the bullet vibe for quite some time, Renee applies a bit more lube, takes a sip of wine, then settles down with the magic wand. Renee works the toy on her clit and it's not long before she cums! This is yet another nice little squirting orgasm! But, Renee is not finished after just one orgasm! She grabsthe toy, switches it to high power and has another orgasm! Renee is still not completely satisified, though, as she lifts her bottom up and off the bed as she rides the wand even more until she has her third nice orgasm! Renee inserts the silver bullet vibe into her pussy and then turns the magic wand back on, using it on her clit. With both toys going, Renee is settling back down - enjoying all the action. Sometimes she pulls her knees up and sometimes she reaches her hand around as her hips rotate. It takes a little bit of time for Renee to find this orgasm, but she does ... letting out a deep long moan. Renee finished with the wand and goes back to using her favourite spoon style vibe - alternating between inserting in her and using it solely on her clit. Renee lets out a little moans as she cums yet again - then twitches a lot. She is quite pleased and happy after this last one, smiling, laughing and throwing her arms up in excitement! She turns the vibe to low and gives herself a few minutes to calm down, then she giggles.

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