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Return Of The MaleDoms

Four of Wasteland's strictest MaleDom put seven beautiful sexual submissives through the paces of rope bondage, whipping, flogging, caning and, of course, mind-blowing orgasms! Doms in this film have something unique and tantalizing and their subs are the perfect ones for their plan. A plan that will of course end in exquisite pleasure for both sides. When the Jade goes for her Salsa lesson, she swears she knows her instructor. She questions him repeatedly, to no avail. Unconvinced, Jade confronts him with his authentic identity, I understand your Simon Blackthorne. The announcement is followed immediately with her trying to seduce the dance instructor. The truth of the matter is, she's correct. Master Blackthorne, with being vulnerable miserable, decides that Jade should understand a lesson in respect and politeness, and so the punishment starts. Leileyn continues her lessons. We all saw the transition from pouty and only under the guidance of Master has Leileyn. Nowadays however, she's another surprise for her dear Master, one which is bound to get in to trouble. She cant stop laughing and smiling. She is pushing to see exactly how much she can accept it. She is testing the seas. She is not going to like the result. Gia is in a very precarious situation. Master has tied her very securely to his favorite chair, her legs are pulled apart to expose her most venerable area. He quickly gags her in anticipation of her protests. Gia takes a deep breath, her eyes open wide as she sees Master walk towards her. She cringes as she thinks of the punishment for complaining to much and knows she will never be able to remain silent, regardless of the consequences. How Jade loved to be disciplined. How she wanted to be dominated by him. You see Jade loved older men. She loved how vulnerable she felt around them, especially Master Blackthorne. To be tied up, unable to move, legs spread wide, even the thought made her pussy wet with anticipation. Master loves Leileyn's pussy. He loves the way her body responds to manipulations. The way she quivers and how very wet and swollen her pussy gets when he delivers pleasure. Master has decided that for today, Leileyn will be his favorite slave and he's going to see just how far he can push her. He secures her tightly to the bench, her bottom lip starts to quiver, her eyes open wide in anticipation and she waits, waits for the games to begin Figging: The ginger, skinned and often carved to the shape of a butt plugin, causes an intense burning sensation and discomfort to the topic. That is why it is supposed to have been completed to wives in the Victorian era to keep them from clenching through a spanking.Master always believed a pupil learnt by protest, so upon the conclusion of his brief history lesson, Ten knew what was expected Ten finds herself in a horrible predicament, suspended upside down, getting her ass canned and spanked. How much can she take, she thought as she starts to count the number of times the bamboo stick impacts her body. However, Master is not a cruel man, he has noticed how wet her pussy is and is now ready to give Ten some equally intense pleasure. Instead of playing with his sub-par, Eric X makes the decision to invite a friend with a cruel chain over to help him liven up the day. Enter Mistress Jada. Following a leading flogging, Mistress Jada gives Ava a fantastic hard fucking, however, Eric has yet another surprise in your mind. After being left in Master Jonny's dungeon over night in a rather awkward position, Cheri finally shows her first sign of learning her lesson in respect. "Thank you, Master", she said, much to Master Jonny's surprise. Finally progress, now Master must make sure she actually retains what she has learnt. Of course there is also her second lesson, posture. Poor Cheri, this girl just can't seem to get ahead.

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