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Roberta Incognito

Roberta Incognito



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Jul 28, 2010


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Roberta is an attractive buxom babe who did two shoots with us - in one she was about 8 months pregnant. Roberta is a finger wanker by nature with enormous enhanced breasts, nice large labia and a prominent clitoris. She later had reservations about showing her face, so we agreed to her remaining "anonymous" and showing her body and cooch only. This is definitely one for the frantic masturbation lover, especially if either large clits and/or large pussy lips are your thing! Her orgasmic contractions are very faint, but her cooch more than compensates! And, no, she and Anna are not sisters because they have the same last name: "Incognito" :-). In the first scene we get an extreme close-up view of Roberta's cooch and anus. She is pulling back hard on her clit and working it with the blue dolphin toy. Her slit is getting pretty wet as she toys herself, panting as she goes. This close up camera angle really shows off her butt, lippy cooch and large clit, and you can see her getting wetter and wetter by the minute. Firmly pressing the toy into her clit and pulling up and back, Roberta is beginning to quiver and her folds are beginning to bulge - we know she's getting close now. Roberta decides the blue dolphin just doesn't have enough power for her, so she puts the toy down and goes to frantically finger rubbing her clit - her favourite method of masturbating. Roberta lets out a series of rhythmic moans and expletives as she cums - lifting her bottom up and off the ground. After that orgasm, her clit is now absolutely huge. Now in the bedroom, Roberta is lying on a green duvet and she is once more frantically rubbing her clitoris with her fingers. Her pussy lips seems to go on forever and her clit is quite large - quite something, really - too. Roberta keeps up the fast and intense rub on her shaved pussy (she only has a little tiny Brazilian air strip) until her breathing become heavier as she pants and moans in ecstasy. She frantically, and I mean really frantically!, rubs her clit until she cums - although her contractions are really an eye test in this scene, sadly. Right at the big moment, Roberta lets out a deep, "Ahhhh" moan. It's obvious she is not faking it though, because we can almost see her pussy swells from all the attention and she is sweaty, shaky and gasping for air. She giggles as we see her large, prominent clit once more. Without missing a beat, Roberta reaches for the thingy massager, pulling up and back on her clit as she firmly presses the toy into the side of her clit. She keeps pressing and releasing the vibrator from her clit as she gets more and more aroused. Her cooch is getting nicely wet, too. Roberta tries to get off using the toy, but it just doesn't seem to be powerful enough for her. She goes back to the frantic finger masturbation once more ... a layer of glistening sweaty sheen is building on her luscious body as she rubs, and rubs and rubs. Roberta lets out another deep moan, as she cums again - gyrating her hips as she does so. Her contractions are not very strong, but you can make out more of them this time than the first orgasms. Again her clit is swollen and very prominent as she catches her breath! Roberta is back in the bedroom lying on her back - this time she is playing with a little silver bullet, or egg style, vibe - and her pussy looks quite wet, even as she is just getting started. Roberta works herself into quite the sweat once more - which I find rather erotic - but the silver bullet vibe just isn't quite powerful enough for her. Roberta abandons the little vibe and goes for the rabbit - quickly inserting it into her vagina and getting the ears on her clit. With toy inserted and spinning, she also finger massages her clit very frantically. This combination does the trick as Roberta lets out a deep moan and cums again! Roberta is working so hard to get herself off - she is glistening in natural sweat. And her clit is absolutely huge once more! But Roberta isn't finished yet ... she reaches for the black thingy massager to try for yet another (not clearly visible, though) orgasm. In classic Roberta fashion, she pulls up and back on her clit while buzzing away with the little massager. Her labia are puffy and engorged as she alternates between holding her breath and panting. Roberta lets out a two deep moans as she reaches orgasm, then she pulls her knees up so we get a nice peek at her high heels! She is sweaty and exhausted! Roberta is wearing a black bodice and seated in "The Chair" playing with the little blue dolphin toy. She has one long and slender leg stretched over the arm of the chair as she plays with her large clit. Roberta is letting all of her lovely bits just hang out! Once again, the dolphin isn't quite strong enough for her, so she switches to the egg vibrator. The egg vibe has Roberta panting and moaning and hissing - she is just so ready to cum now! Roberta suddenly says, "Oh! I'm cumming!" and cum she does! While again, her contractions are not themost visible ones we've had the pleasure of seeing, they are definitely present from this camera angle and she is quivering all over! And, then there's that nice, swollen clit again! And at 8 Months Pregnant ... Roberta's breasts were really large (and enhanced) pre-pregnancy - now they are absolutely enormous! Not to mention that her belly is nice and round and prominent, too. Roberta is lying on her back on the bed. She pulls the top of her dress down to expose her large breasts, but keeps her swollen belly covered while she hikes her dress up. She is wearing pinkish / purplish coloured high heels as she toys her clit with a little pocket rocket. Roberta tends to hold her breath as she gets herself more and more aroused - and she's doing that again this time. Her pussy is becoming engorged and swollen, too. She twitches and flicks the pocket rocket back and forth and side-to-side on her clitoris as it gets harder and more and more and more prominent. She moans rhythmically as she enjoys a nice orgasm - with visible contractions! She's quite pleased and giggly afterwards, too. But, we really just love looking at her huge clitoris and completely shaved pussy after that orgasm! Looking like a really hot and sexy pregnant mama in the next scene, we see Roberta flaunting her beautiful pregnant body in a black lace crotchless body suit while enjoying the magic wand in the orgasm chair. Once again she is pulling her clit way up and back while applying the stimulation to the right side of her pussy lips and clit. When she takes her finger off her clit, even momentarily, it peeks out looking absolutely huge. The cameraman just can not resist zooming in briefly to see the hardening clitoris moving to the vibrations of the magic wand. Her outer lips get more and more swollen, too. This is another nicely visible orgasm, even though she slightly pulls her legs together. She gives the magic wand a little kiss and spreads her legs wide while sitting in the chair to show off her engorged pussy and huge clit. In the next scene, Roberta is lying in bed - completely naked and exposing that big belly while playing with the magic wand! It's not long before the wand has he writhing and twitching from it's stimulation on her clitoris. Roberta is intent on cumming, but really struggles to find this one, it seems. Again, her contractions are not popping, but still visible. And she smiles and giggles after each of her orgasms, too. She is really wet with this last orgasm too - you can see the clear white juicy bubbles pooling. Back in the bedroom and on her back, the very pregnant Roberta pulls her little sundress off - but leaves on her high heels (I think she likes sexy shoes). She is now completely naked except for her bra which she has left pulled down below her breasts. Roberta is enjoying the pocket rocket this time. She really seems to favor stimulating her clitoris slightly to the right side and not directly on the top of her clit. It's kind of interesting. She enjoys a nice orgasm again and this one is much more visible - showing her perineum almost protruding as she cums. The cameraman also gives us another really up-close pussy view where we can see the after-shocks and twitches! She sits up and rubs her belly and enormous breasts.

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