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Rocco: Puppet Master 9

Rocco: Puppet Master 9

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Jun 22, 2010

2011 AVN Award Winner for Best Foreign All-Sex Series.Rocco Siffredi is back with the latest installation of "Rocco: Puppet Master", after receiving an AVN AAAAA editor's choice award for part 8 in this wild and raunchy series! Director Rocco Siffredi likes putting his nastiest, most twisted scenarios in his "Puppet Master" series, with special emphasis on dominance and discipline. Rocco: Puppet Master 9 contains four such scenes, each a kinky tableau of depravity. Blonde Darryl Hanah presents the Master with Asian beauty Asa Akira. Her delectable body looks incredible in the throes of fucking, and Asa has more talent with Rocco's sword than with her own Samurai weapon, but dirty Darryl an ass reaming to the hilt. Russian blonde Yohane Yohansson has trained to be Rocco's geisha, so it's her duty to entertain him and a visiting couple with her refined, skillful anal talents. Cute Lara hates striking blonde Sofia Valentine, so she trusses the girl up on a bondage cross with a menacing metal contraption holding her mouth open like a lewd sex clown. Rocco knows how to handle both girls: The scene includes anal nastiness and ample ass-to-mouth flavor. When beautiful Viki isn't sufficiently warm to Rocco's touch, he discards her for a fan, the very game Marsha. That stokes Viki's competitiveness, so Rocco lets both girls test their mettle with nasty-minded, thick-cocked Cristian Devil. Anal corruption ensues, and both girls prove themselves cum-slurping sluts. All around this video, asses are banged, pretty bungholes gape for tonguing and cocks are sucked ass-to-mouth style. Scene 1: Blonde Darryl Hanah, a stylish, longhaired blonde who resembles a nameless Hollywood actress, has long been a fan of Rocco Siffredi, so she has a present for him: Asian beauty Asa Akira, who exhibits Tai Chi moves and a Samurai sword under bright sunlight. "It seems you have the Chi of sex," she tells Rocco. Indeed. Rocco cranks Darryl's legs behind her head and eats her pussy, fingers and licks her asshole, and gets his cock and balls sucked. Enter Asa, whose sword comes a little too close to Rocco's cock before she joins in the cocksucking. Soon he's carrying her pretty form in 69 position. She sits on his face, then his meat, grinding her cunt and bouncing her buns. The girls kiss and share dick. Rocco grips Asa by the ankles to crank her legs up behind her head, fucking her, choking her, and at her urgent request, pulling her hair. This woman's body looks like it was designed to look pretty while fucking ... she makes Rocco sweat profusely. He cock-whips her lovely face and sits on it for a rim job. Rocco nails dirty Darryl's ass and she sucks his meat ass-to-mouth. She takes a toy-and-cock double-penetration, and finally Rocco ejaculates his "Chi" onto both faces. Scene 2: Yohane Yohansson is a blue-eyed, fair-skinned girl whose pussy, Rocco Siffredi tells her, looks like a rose. The Russian girl has taken lessons and dressed in silky blue to be Rocco's geisha. Holding her over a window with a scenic European view, he dominantly chokes and slaps her. Rocco's friend George arrives with Mia, a natural bodied Slovak girl who could be Yohane's blonde sister. Surprised to have guests, Yohane loyally pledges to stay as Rocco's geisha, and she entertains the guests with posing, pussy eating and her talent for hiding a chrome dildo in her ass. The girls blow George and the good geisha rims his asshole. George fucks Yohane's ass, with her legs elegantly pulled back behind her head, and Mia sucks her ass flavor from his cock. When Mia gets fucked her titties bounce, and sucking George's dick, Yohane gets to taste Mia pussy-to-mouth. George gets to pork geisha Yohane's butt, and when he jacks off into her mouth, she sucks his cock clean, then shares a cum kiss with Mia. Scene 3: Short, blonde hair, natural tits and thick, blow job lips make Lara cute; tarted up in fishnets and high-heel boots, she turns Rocco Siffredi on. They make out on his pond-side patio, but a blow job can't make him stop wondering about Sofia Valentine, who was also expected. Lara won't say where the missing girl is, only that she hates that bitch Sofia. Rocco rips open Lara's fishnets and eats her pussy, but keeps asking about Sofia till Lara leads him to where she's chained Sofia to a bondage cross with a menacing metal contraption holding her mouth open. Rocco is thrilled! He removes the metal but applies clothespins to Sofia's thick, heavily painted red lips and her tongue. With that he stuffs his cock in the mouth of the restrained, kneeling girl. The resulting blow job makes Sofia's face contort like a sex clown. Rocco stacks the girls ass-on-ass and gives rim jobs, and together the girls suck his cock and lap his balls. Lara fucks Sofia with a large, black, handled dildo. As she eats Lara, Sofia takes a tough doggie-style fuck, then a tough ass reaming, and Lara sucks Rocco's cock fresh from hated Sofia's ass. Rocco teabags Lara, both girls rim Rocco's asshole, and Sofia's butthole gapes for Lara's tongue. The scene continues with nasty ass-to-mouth BJs, vigorous ass pounding, graphic ass gapes of both girls, plus choking, slapping and cum sprayed onto both girls' tongues. Scene 4: On his pond-side patio, Rocco Siffredi encounters Viki, a dark haired, dark eyed beauty with a shy smile and natural tits. They make out and he eats her pussy, but she gets squeamish when he squeezes her nipples, so he declares her unsexy and their tryst a mistake. He promises he can find a more willing partner, and sure enough, a fan is hiding in the closet. She's Marsha, a petite, dirty blonde with natural tits, hot lips and a pink crop-top that reads, "Rocco (heart) Me." So Rocco dismisses Viki, and Marsha goes about sucking his cock. He fingers her asshole and fucks her doggie-style ... bringing out Viki's competitiveness. Together the girls suck his cock and lick his scrotum. To see if Viki can truly prove herself sexy, Rocco sets her up with his "very nasty" friend Cristian Devil. Ornery Viki decides she prefers Cristian to Rocco, but Cristian wants both girls. Viki sucks his big boner and both girls lap his cock and balls. He rims their asses side-by-side. Over a pinball table in Rocco's game room, Cristian plows Viki doggie-style and chokes her out; she arches her back, really into the tough fucking. Marsha gets the advanced, anal pinball treatment, and sucks Cristian's cock fresh from each of her holes. Marsha's little ass can barely cover Cristian's monster dong, and as her pussy rides his prick, her distended anus glows purple! After a quick smoking break, Viki returns for more fucking and to share Cristian's cum with Marsha.

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