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Ruby Reds

Ruby Reds



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Mar 3, 2010

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55:20 minute(s)



Ruby reds

So, I think I know why Ruby Reds is called Ruby Reds. Could it be because she has naturally red hair? Ruby walks into the bedroom and takes off her skirt and blouse. She is wearing a coral colored bra and panty set. She takes off her bra to show her nice, natural breasts. She pulls the panties to the side, moistens her fingers and starts to rub her clit. Ruby removes the panties then sits up to grab a small, pink, tooth brush vibe. Ruby has a very large treble clef tattoo on her tummy. She works the toy up and down on her cooch - which appears to be clean shaven - experimenting a bit with the toy speeds and variations. Ruby settles on the smooth and steady pace, eventually, as she props up on the pillows. Ruby's legs really quiver from time-to-time and she often makes direct eye contact with the camera. Ruby was thoroughly enjoying the toy, when it just stopped working. She looks up saying, "batteries died?" She manages to get it back to pulsing mode, then she wets her fingers and spreads her lips aprt with her fingers. When the little pink toothbrush vibe just doesn't have enough power anymore, Ruby switches to the black microphone vibe. With her knees bent and her feet flat on the bed, Ruby rocks her hips a bit as she works the toy on her pussy. She firmly grips the toy in one hand, pulls back on her mound, lets out one little nasal gasp and cums with her legs quivering. I couldn't spot any perineal contractions at all - but I think she did cum just judging by her quivering legs and body jerking. Ruby gets up and walks out the room and I notice the large tattoo she has across the small of her back, too. Ruby is seated on the sofa in a little dress, which is pulled up high enough to show off her pink panties. She is playing with herself. She stands up to remove the dress - giving us a nice view of her pink bra and panty set. Ruby wets her fingers with saliva and shoves her hand into her panties. After a bit of light playing, Ruby removes the undergarments and settles back on the sofa completely naked. She reaches for and turns on the white buzzy vibe. At first Ruby inserts the vibe into her vagina, stroking it in and out. Then she puts the toy on her clit at full power. Ruby gets down to seriously enjoying the toy - stretching her legs out and arching her back as she slightly moans and cums again. Her chest is flushed a bit red, but once again, she doesn't show visible contractions. She asks the camera man, "Did you get that one?" then notes the toy is "nice". She lies back, cupping her breast as the camera moves in for a closeup of her cooch. Now I can see there is closely cropped hair on her pussy - and it has a reddish tint. Natural. Ruby is seating in the chair wearing a purple/plum colored velour sweat top and matching pants. She unzips the top and fondles her breasts, sort of smiling at the camera. She stands up to remove the pants. Ruby sits back down in the chair, moistens her cooch and fingers her pussy. She flicks her clit, too. Ruby reaches for the vibe she used in the last scene, first using it on her nipples and breasts. It's on high power as she brings it down her tummy to her clit. Once more, Ruby seems to really enjoy inserting the vibe into her vagina and stroking her pussy with the toy. She spreads her legs wide and closes her eyes. She pauses from time-to-time to touch herself and play with her nipple piercing. She bites her lower lip as she works the vibe all over her clit. Ruby goes back to serious stroking with the vibe in her vagina, then she puts the toy back on her clit. She lets out an audible moan then says, "Oh, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." And she quivers, jerks and shakes. Sadly, I really couldn't spot any visible contractions. I just have to say that I just think she is one of those women who doesn't really have the contractions - even though she is really having an orgasm. The next scene is a hands-on scene. Ruby is wearing a pair of purple satin panties. He is working a silver bullet vibe on her clit and pussy - through the panties at first. Of course it is not lon before the panties are removed. He finger massages her clit for a moment before turning the vibe on a low setting and placing it on her clitoris. He spreads one of her lips with his fingers as she verbally lets him know what feels best for her. It's not long before her hips are rising and falling, but she has a bit of "an attack of the giggles" - for which she is totally apologetic. He places the vibe in her vagina to get a bit a juice, then goes back to working her clit. With the toy on low power, he really works it all over her clit, firmly pressing and rubbing on her clitoris. Her pussy is getting pretty wet, too. She quivers and moans in such a way that is reminiscent of Holly Kiss. I'm not sure if she cums then or not, but her body reactions suggest that she does. He continues to massage her clit with her fingers, then eases the toy back on her clit. She lets out a little moan and she is absolutely quivering - her thighs are shaky and her pussy is "gooey" wet. He reaches finger in and plays with her wetness - making a snail trail on the bed. He hands her the panties to put back on. Ruby Reds is wearing a little white and black skirt and top as she kneels on the black bed. She is wearing her eyeglasses this time - going for the sexy librarian look. Ruby takes off the top and skirt - showing off a matching white and black bra and panty set. She pulls the panties down, showing a pair of lips tattoo on her ass. Ruby plays with her pussy for minute, then sits up to take the bra off, also. She reaches for the black thingy massager this time and kneels doggy style with the toy on her clit. She moistens a finger and reaches around to inset a finger or two into her pussy. It's not long before Ruby moans a bit saying, "Oh, I'm getting close. It gonna cum soon." She adjusts her position on the bed and farts - twice - which seems to embarrass and distract her. She rolls over onto her back with the toy still going on her clit. Ruby pulls her head up off of the pillow as she cums, but sadly, once more, there weren't any visible contractions to see, despite her slight jerking and body reactions. She wets her fingers and plays with her sensitive clit noting how "good" the toy is. She fires up the oty once more, inserting her fingers in her pussy and working her clit with the thingy. Ruby apparently cums once more, closing her eyes and lolling her head and quivering in her thighs, but her contractions are just not possible to see. I say again, though, I really do not think she is faking anything, I just think she falls into the small percentage of women who do not have visible contractions.

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