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Samara Sands

Samara Sands



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Mar 2, 2010

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Samara Sands

Meet new-cummer Samara Sands. She's twenty-five years old and she has a couple of stellar orgasms! This DVD begins with something a little different - an "educational" video as a starter. Our videographer is rather well-educated biologist, so he takes just a couple of minutes to review the anatomical features of the female anatomy. I learned a few things :-) Samara is just waking up. She takes off her animal-print pajama bottoms and unbuttons her top as she begins to touch herself. Samara has quite a few tattoos, her hair is braided into two long pigtails and her pussy is shaved. Samara plays with her clit and pussy for quite a while, using only her fingers. But after a bit, she reaches into the nightstand for the magic wand. Samara doesn't waste any time cranking the toy up to "hi" power. She works the wand on her pussy with one hand while leaving the other hand firmly wrapped around the headboard railing. It's not too long before Samara is audibly moaning and panting - clearly enjoying her morning wank with the wand. This first orgasm is a bit of an eyetest, but if you look very closely around the 9:40 mark, you can spot Samara's pussy contractions. Samara touches her pussy with her hand and licks her juices. She waves good bye to the camera, then covers up for a nap. Samara is wearing a fishnet stocking bodysuit - sans crotch - and a red bra. Her hair is no longer in braids, but rather long and flowing. Samara reaches down to her crotch to rub her pussy with one hand while the other hand fondles her breast. She stops rubbing her pussy just long enough to arouse both nipples equally, then goes around and around on her clit. Samara fingers her vagina - and we can hear the juicy-ness. Samara gets totally comfy on the bed and gets into some pretty serious finger masturbation. I can't help but notice her totally erect nipples, too. She pulls one lip to the side and works up and down on her clit for a bit. While Samara gets pretty worked up with all of the finger rubbing, she later decides to go for it with a spongy purple vibe. The gyrations of the rub get her lips moving and it's not long at all before she has a nice, strong, perfectly visible orgasm. She pants quite heavily as she reaches her hand back to the head board for a firm grasp as she cums and cums. The camera moves in for a closeup of her face and her cooch. The next scene is a hands on scene with Samara and the videographer. He is using a literal lipstick vibe on Samara through a pair of black and red opaque panties. He asks her to take off her panties, then spreads her lips wide noting, "Oh my, you're wet." Gently pulling one lip to the side, he stimulates her clitoris. Samara is obviously aroused with lots of little pre-orgasmic twitches. She cums once with obvious contractions and he continues to keep the vibe on her clit until she has a totally wet, trickling orgasm. The juices flow right out of her and right down to her bottom and the bed. But, he doesn't stop there. Samara doesn't cum again, but her dips his finger into her juices and rubs them on her "swollen clitoris". Noting, "I thought you said you didn't gush." Wearing a blue and white stripped nightie and matching panties, Samara is back in the bedroom - solo once more. In what is her clearly her preferred method of wanking, Samara starts by playing with her button clit and fingering her pussy with just her fingers for a few minutes. She gets her pussy "primed" shall we say and revs up her breasts and nipples a bit. Samara reaches for her softee purple vibe and gets that toy jiggling over her pussy lips. She inserts the toy into her vagina and bends her head and upper body off the pillows. The vibe must feel really good for her, because she softly "ohs and ahs" and begins to pant and smile naughtily as she inserts the toy once more time. She pulls one lip to the side as the toy goes over her pussy. She smiles a bit at the cameraman again. Samara keeps the vibe going on her clit, then reaches her hand behind her to grasp the headboard. And I know she's getting close to cumming again. Samara then cranks the toy up a little further - and smiles. It's not long before Samara has another rocking orgasm - long, and full of nice, visible contractions. She pants and smiles. Reaches her fingers down to touch herself, then licks all her juices off her fingers. Samara is getting undressed in the bedroom again. She removes her top and black bra. Then her skirt, stockings and panties. She is naked and lying on the bed. She plays with both nipples before reaching down to finger rub her clit. This time her finger rubbing is brief. Samara reaches for her trusty purple vibe and gets busy. She smiles at the cameraman from time-to-time, too. He moves the camera in for a closer view of her pussy and settles the camera there for a bit. Samara whispers, "Ah. Oh, yeah." The camera slowly pans back out for a fuller body view, framing her face, breasts and cooch. It's not long before Samara cums again - albeit this one is not nearly as visible as the last one. The contractions are present, but they are an eye test. She dips her finger into her vagina, tasting herself. The camera pans in for an extreme close-up of her very wet pussy.

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