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Sasha Cane

Sasha Cane



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Mar 25, 2010

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54:45 minute(s)



Sasha Cane

We are pleased to present the lovely, beautiful, buxom, tanned, brunette Sasha Cane! Sasha is twenty one years old and truly stunning. She usually has multiple orgasms in each scene with lots of bottom puckering contractions. Lying on the bed in a short pink mini-skirt and white top, Sasha is stroking her inner thighs and cotton panties. She has long pigtails in her hair. Sasha rolls onto her knees and lifts her bum in the sir. Her skirt is now hiked up as she rubs her pussy through the panties. She rolls over onto her back and unbuttons her little blouse. Sasha has huge DD sized breasts. Next she unbuttons her little skirt and slips that off. Sasha massages her huge tits before slipping off her shirt. She pulls the pigtails out of her hair and let's her dark hair fall all around the pillows. She pulls off the pink striped panties, too, and then rolls back over onto all fours to finger and play with her pussy now that she is totally naked. Sasha inserts two fingers deep into her vagina and massages her perineum with the other hand before reaching for the little rubber-coated egg-style vibrator. Sasha winks doggy-style for a few minutes, but eventually decides to roll-over onto her back. Sasha's pussy is completely shaved except for a narrow strip from clit to pubic bone - Brazilian-style. Sasha alternates between playing with the toy and playing with her fingers, but when she gets back to toying for the third time, rather frantically, she has an apparent orgasm with bottom puckering. Sasha takes a moment to recover, running the vibe all over her breasts, and then she goes back to putting the toy on her clit. It's not long before Sasha throws her head back onto the pillows, lets out a deep moan, and cums again! This is a nice orgasm. Sasha is back in the bedroom and undressing once more. She removes a grey cardigan sweater. Then she removes a pair of black leggings - she's not wearing any panties! Sasha sits up on the bed, tweaking her nipples and playing with her breasts through the t-shirt. Sasha removes the t-shirt and props herself up on the bed, fondling her pussy and spreading her lips. After a few moments, Sasha starts using the little silver lipstick vibe on her clit. Sasha pulls her knees up towards her chest, lots of nice toe curling visible from this angle, and she really presses the little toy on her clit for a nice orgasm! She lies back completely on the bed for a moment to catch her breath before moistening the little toy one more time and then frantically buzzing her clit once more. Pressing little toy with her index finger right into her clit, Sasha cums again! It's a nice one! Then she lies back and blows a little kiss to the camera before gathering her clothing. Looking incredibly sexy lying on black sheets with red pillows and wearing a black and white animal stripped bra and panty set is Sasha! She takes her time, caressing every inch of her body before setting up to remove her bra. Sasha lies back on the bed and pulls her panties down to her knees. She slowly fingers and presses her pussy before pulling the panties off completely and tossing them aside. Sasha has a really nice camera presence, shall we say, she knows how to coyly look and flirt with the camera. Sasha reaches for the purple vibe and inserts that deep into her pussy, sometimes using toy hands to ride it with her hips bucking up and down. Sasha decides two toys might be really nice so with the purple dildo stuffed in her pussy, and the little silver buzzer going on her clit, Sasha gets down to serious masturbation with her favorite play things. She removes the dildo after a bit, preferring to slow things down and work the little silver vibe on her clit. Sasha lifts her legs up, supporting her leg behind the knee; it's not long at all before Sasha has a nice orgasm! Sasha drops her legs back down onto the bed, moistens her purple dildo and goes back to working that toy in and out and all around her pussy. Sasha also puts the little vibe on her clit. It's not long at all until Sasha abruptly pulls the dildo out to show off another series of nice orgasmic contractions. But, Sasha's still not ready to finish this session, yet. She puts the purple dildo back into her pussy, places the silver vibe firmly on her clit and strokes her pussy to one more nice orgasm! She licks the juices off her purple dildo, and then conveniently rests the toy between her huge, enhanced, breasts. Sasha is back in the bedroom wearing a pair of pink boy shorts and a bright blue tank top. She reaches her hand into her panties, lustily playing with herself. She rolls over onto her knees and sticks her hand into her panties once more. Sasha takes a few more moments to fondle her enormous breasts and play with her nipples. The tank top comes off. Sasha plays with the panties and her pussy before removing the panties, too. She spreads and rubs all various holes for the camera before reaching for the pocket rocket. Sasha works the little pocket rocket round and round on her clit, pulling her legs up into the air, too. It doesn't take long for the little pocket rocket to get Sasha off to another really nice, bottom-puckering, orgasm! She puts her legs back down just long enough to catch her breath before the camera moves in for a closer perspective as Sasha re-initiates the pocket rocket and her clit! Sasha keeps the pocket rocket firmly placed on her clit as she moves the toy around in tight little circles. With a few soft, but audible, moans, Sasha is cumming once more! She rolls onto her side as the camera zooms in for a close-up view of her pussy. Sasha looks incredibly sexy in a little black and white stripped sweater and pair of short shorts. She is testing the strength of the magic wand on the tip of her nose. She is giggly and having fun as the toy makes her sneeze! Sasha quickly removes her clothing to show a sexy bra and panty set. She plays with the magic wand through her panties before sitting up on the bed to remove her bra. She reaches her hand down into her panties to finger and play with her pussy. After a bit of playing, Sasha takes off the panties, inserting two fingers deep into her pussy. After a bit, Sasha turns on the magic wand - slowly massaging various parts of her body and smiling as she enjoys the pleasure. Eventually, the toy makes its way to her magic spot between her legs. It's not long before Sasha adjusts the speed to high. With her knees bent up by her chest and her feet lifted up off the bed, Sasha has her first orgasm with the magic wand. She smiles at the toy. Throws her feet back down onto the bed and turns off the magic wand to finger her pussy. After calming down a bit, Sasha, turns on the toy once more and begins with it on her breast. Eventually, her knees are lifted and bent as she puts the toy on low speed on her clit and pussy. Sasha moves the toy up and down on her cooch, moaning and groaning as she does so. Rocking and quivering, Sasha cums once more! She gives the magic wand a big smooch then teasingly puts the toy between her breasts. She turns it back on and tries it on the tip of her nose once more, giggling.

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