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Sex Message Volume Two

Sex Message Volume Two


Viv Thomas

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Feb 23, 2016

Running time

1:42 hour(s)


Have you ever fantasized –or even masturbated- while you were texting, instant messaging, or chatting with someone on line? Director Andrej Lupin's "Sex Message II" explores exactly that situation: two beautiful girls are engaged in a flirtatious chat, imaginations begin to run wild, and a fantasy comes to vivid, vibrant, and extremely explicit life. SexMessage II is all about flirty babes exchanging saucy messages to get each other in the mood for fun. Who better to kick it off than charming Timea Bella, the adorable 21-year-old Czech cutie who has had us all entranced since she made her debut last October? At the start of the movie, Timea is smiling to herself as she types a raunchy message to her gorgeous girlfriend, brunette hottie Chelsy Sun. Next thing, we see Timea's smiling face appear between Chelsy's parted thighs, as the girls' shared fantasy becomes reality. Timea's peachy bottom is perfectly highlighted by her sexy tan lines as she lies between Chelsy's legs, eagerly licking her pussy – and the way she looks up and smiles is simply heart-stopping. No wonder Chelsy can't resist flipping her onto her back and straddling her, so she can kiss her passionately, her fingers rubbing Timea's pussy. She goes down for a taste, licking slowly and teasingly at first, then quicker as Timea rocks her hips up to meet each stroke. Both girls are flushed with arousal as Timea chases her orgasm, arching her hips right up as the waves of ecstasy hit her. Now Chelsy goes face down ass up, and Timea begins to circle her wriggling tongue around her girlfriend's puckered asshole. Chelsy fingers herself frantically as the pleasurable sensations overwhelm her. Timea switches her attention to Chelsy's pussy, finger-banging her hard and fast, making her moan and shake. She flips Chelsy over so she can hump against her and suck her nipples, before fingering her more ferociously than ever. As the girls kiss lovingly, we fade out to Chelsy masturbating as she reads Timea's message, their tryst no more than a truly vivid fantasy... At the start of scene two of SexMessage II, we find adorable Rosaline Rosa touching herself as she exchanges flirtatious texts with Eveline Neill. Mutual lust works its magic, as moments later Eveline is there in the room – in Rosaline's fantasy at least – clad only in a lace top that barely covers her perfect bottom. The girls kiss tenderly, their feelings for each other plain to see. Rosaline smiles as she undresses Eveline, then licks her fingers and slides them between her girlfriend's thighs. Sucking Eveline's perky nipples, she circles her fingers rapidly, eliciting gasps of pleasure. Before long, Eveline slides off Rosaline's panties and spreads her legs wide so she can sample her honey. Rosaline's nipples are diamond-cutter hard as Eveline sucks and licks expertly, wagging her head from side to side to intensify the sensations. Rosaline rubs her own clit as Eveline slides a couple of fingers inside her, licks her tight asshole, then moves into a spoons position so she can frig her all the way to orgasm. Now Rosaline moves Eveline onto her hands and knees, so she can lick and suck her slippery slit vigorously, and tongue her asshole. Eveline's slender body bucks with pleasure as she rides Rosaline's fingers. She flips over and spreads her legs high and wide, Rosaline's stellar tonguing and furious finger-work making her delirious with pleasure. It may only be Rosaline's fantasy... but what a fantasy! Do you fantasize about Blue Angel? You certainly wouldn't be alone. The Hungarian honey is one of the most popular babes ever to make movies for VT, and with good reason – her beautiful blue eyes, soft curves and voracious appetite for sex are once seen, never forgotten. In scene three of SexMessage II, gorgeous brunette Hanna Sweet is sexting Bluey, who looks utterly delicious as she sits in the sun in her swimsuit, smiling at Hanna's flirtatious messages. As Hanna masturbates to her steamy desires, we get to see them become reality – Blue Angel appears in the room, and she can't wait to get her hands on her lover! The girls look so sexy in their pretty lingerie as they kiss, Bluey tugging the lace covering away from Hanna's fantastic breasts so she can squeeze and suck the stiff nipples. Soon she has Hanna naked and is down between her thighs, her ass high in the air as she tongues Hanna's wet spot. Bluey always gives great eye contact, and the way she gazes up at Hanna as she eats her is extremely arousing! She turns Hanna onto her side so she can lick her asshole too, and then fingers her all the way to an orgasm that racks her whole body. Hanna sucks Bluey's hard nipples, and then eases off her panties so she can devour her from behind. She licks her ass and fingers her pussy vigorously, getting her really wet, then flips her over onto her back so she can eat her some more. The girls move into a sexy 69, Hanna on top with her sticky pink slit spread wide open as they eat each other to mutual bliss. We should all enjoy such powerful fantasies! Aiko Bell looks adorable as she sits by the pool, in a white string bikini. She flashes a boob as she takes a selfie to send to her lover. No wonder sultry brunette Nataly Von starts masturbating when she receives it – wouldn't you? The final scene of SexMessage II finds these two beauties turning each other on with their sexy texts, until the power of their lust transports them into a joint shared fantasy. The girls kiss passionately, Aiko already naked and highly responsive to Nataly's seductive touch. Nataly teases her awhile before finally sliding her manicured fingers down to caress that pretty pussy. Aiko smiles with pleasure as Nataly circles her fingertips rapidly, and then moves down for a taste of pussy. Her oral technique drives Aiko crazy, as she sucks her clit firmly and wriggles a couple of fingers inside her. Aiko gets on her hands and knees so Nataly can spread her cheeks and lick her pussy and ass from behind. She looks exquisite as she shudders through an immense orgasm. Then the girls move into a 69, Nataly on top with Aiko going wild on her sweet pink slit. They move through spoons, and then Aiko eats and rubs Nataly to a climax that ends the movie with a bang.

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