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Signature Series: Kurt

Signature Series: Kurt

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Dec 15, 2008



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1:49 hour(s)



Kurt is a 23 year old strawberry blonde with a lean physique and all American face. He claimed to be straight on his first shoot, but after a few beers he was relaxed enough to admit his bi-sexuality, which I told him was a good thing, not something to hide! Kurt is here for his first shoot and we waste no time in getting him undressed. He is lean and fair with some all American freckles. At first, his nervousness shows but it doesn't take him long to get in the mood for his first XXX photo shoot. He is blonde on the top but red down under, which reminds me of an older guy I knew in DC who just loved those copper wires! But they are really bushy, so we give them just a little trim. He takes a shower to get rid of the loose hairs and looks pretty good all soaped up! Now that he's all cleaned up and relaxed, he settles in for a little question and answer session about his statistics and sex life. He says he's straight but may be considering broadening his horizons. He tells you his jacking off procedure and talks about a kinky 3-way he had. Kurt gets in the big round chair with his legs up and does a good butt show so we can appreciate his ass-etts. His ass is surprisingly furry for a blonde and his little pink hole is tight. He doesn't seem to be butt shy because it hasn't dawned on him what I am planning. I put on a film of a male and female couple I shot awhile back for him to watch. It excites him to be in the same place where a porno was filmed. Of course, he wants to do one with a girl and I agree that would be great. But somehow, I don't think that's going to happen! He starts working on his cock while focusing on the porno. It doesn't take long to get hard and we gets some good cock shots and close ups. He stops for a minute so we can get some shots of him standing up with his cock pointing north; the he goes back to some serious jacking. When he cums, his load is very thick and white and goes on his belly and all over his hand. He shows it all to you and even models some nipple clamps for you and gives you another long close up of his hot ass. Kurt comes back the very next day to play with some toys. He is naked and stretched out rearing to go. I put on another porno for him to get hard and he works it up. He is very relaxed today and chatters away. In fact, he told me that he has actually had sexy with a guy before and has been fucked! He is jacking his dick and has his lubed finger heading for his ass! After getting used to his digital penetration, I throw a butt plug to him and he slides it in without any trouble and goes back to working on his cock. The plug pops out, much to his surprise and he replaces it before going on to a vibrator. He is disappointed because the vibrator doesn't have any batteries but works it deep enough in his ass to stay hands free. Next is a glass dildo with which he fucks his butt with long deep strokes taking its whole 7-inches. Next is our big white vibrator, which again disappoints because of the lack of batteries. It actually sounds like Christmas morning when a kid doesn't have batteries for all his toys! But he is able to get it deep enough for another hands free shot with it hanging out of his upturned ass. After he shoots it out, I hand him the glass butt plug to try. It is a little large, but he manages to get in it all the way and relaxes. After a pee break, he puts the plug back in and gets his dick hard-very hard. He shows you the plug in his ass on his stomach and on his knees. He pulls the plug out in a tight close up and then spreads his just fucked hole with 2 fingers for your inspection. Next he goes for the red butt plug and again has no trouble and after showing it to you, he fucks himself with the beer bottle. The next one I give him is too big, but he tries really hard to get it in his ass. He sucks on the big manrammer dildo and then tries to get fucked with it, and he does! After his success with the manrammer, he attempts the zucchini and finds he can hold it in hands free! Kurt flips over on his stomach for you to see his green dildo and then after spreading his zucchini-filled butt, stands up with it still in place! He is getting on beer and is tired from a wild night, so he says he won't be able to cum.

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