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Jan 8, 2009


This truly is a heart pumping collection of 18 different girls getting off with pussy snapping orgasms! As most of the scenes on this DVD are also on the model DVDs themselves, it's also a great way for the new Femorg customers to pick out thier favourite models. If pulsating orgasmic pussies is your thing, this really is a one-of-a-kind and most definitely a must-have! In the first scene we meet the sexy brunette Myla. Myla is seated in the chair wearing a grey sweater and a pair of pink floral panties. Myla turns on the magic wand and starts to massage her pussy through the panties for a few minutes. Then, she leans back (nice camel toe) and takes off the panties showing us her completely shaved pussy. Myla can cum quickly, so she is taking her time and being careful not to enjoy the stimulation from the magic wand for too long. Myla just can't resist rocking her hips up and down and then wham-o! There it is a nice quick pulsating orgasm. Felicia Fallon is wearing a pair of lime green boy shorts bathing suit and stimulating her clitoris with a little g-spot vibe. After a few seconds, she moves the panties aside. This is an entirely closeup cooch scene, btw. After a little go with the g-spot vibe, Felicia switches to the little blue dolphin toy. She rubs her fingers around the opening to her vagina and pulls her lip to the side and the hood back, getting the dolphin directly on her clit. She starts to moan and breathe a bit heavier. Then, with a lip pulled aside and and an "Oh yeah", Felicia's pussy is spasming and contracting rhythmically in orgasm. Next we see MILF Isabella. Isabella's face is a bit visible in this one, but it's mostly a closeup cooch cam. Isabella is using a little purple egg-style vibrator. Within just a few minutes Isabella says, "Oh. It's getting ready." She keeps one hand firmly placed on her bum and her hips scooped upward as she enjoys the toy. She lets out a gasp with a contraction, then says, "Oh. It's gonna cum." And she does! Lots of nice pulsating pussy and anal contractions in this one. She says it felt good as she pulls her legs up for another closeup of her cooch. Ayla is wearing a purple satin panties and bra set while lying on the bed enjoying a little pocket rocket. She enjoys the toy through her panties for a bit, then pulls them off showing us her very lippy cooch! She inserts her fingers into the base of her vagina and pulls her large labia apart. They are really dangly and meaty. Ayla gets glistening wet toy. She works that pocket rocket around and around on her clitoris - the wetness just building all the more. Ayla pants heavily as her pussy convulses in orgasmic ecstasy. Her contractions literally squeeze those clear juices right out of her. Then, she dips her fingers in for a rub. Nice cooch. Big-breasted, slightly gothic Amber is enjoying a smoothie vibe while lounging on black satin sheets. Amber is fair-skinned, which makes a nice contrast against the sheets. After warming up with the smoothie, Amber moistens her fingers and starts rubbing her clitoris and clit ring while inserting the vibe just a little bit into her vagina. Her cooch is completely shaved and this is a full-body, pussy-centric scene. After a few minutes of toying and rubbing, Amber's feet lift up off the sheets and she crunches upward and cums hard. A nice, snapping orgasm that makes her legs shake after all the pussy contractions. Blonde MILF Suzy Hott is hiking up her little skirt and pulling down her t-shirt to show-off her breasts in the back of the car. She pushes her panties aside and stimulates her clitoris with a little blue vibe. She is moaning and enjoying every minute of it. This is a mostly closeup cooch scene, but we do get to see Suzy's breasts as she tweaks her nipples from time to time. With the toy laying aside her clitoris, Suzy cums very quickly saying, "Oh yes!" Another fantastic orgasm with lots of nice contractions. Yazmin is using the black thingie massager in the bathroom. She has to talk to her pussy cat for a minute, asking her to "go away." This is a full-body orgasm scene and Yazmin is completely naked as she rests on a towel and leans back against the bath tub. Yazmin has a nice, lippy cooch, too and her nipples are hard as erasers. The cat meows every now and then, but is never visible. She asks the cat to "Go away. You're putting Mommy off!" But, Yazmin keeps the massager right on her clit and lippy cooch. Yazmin adjusts the toy just ever so slightly as I note the little mini contractions across her perineum begin. Yazmin pulls her legs up a bit, closes her eyes and puts her head back as the contractions begin. She lets out a barely audible "Ah" followed by a little giggle and a smile. Nice one. Charlie is lying on the sofa with her black robe opened. One leg is bent and the other is being supported on the back of the sofa as she enjoys the magic wand. This is scene shows Charlie's whole body, but moves in for a cooch cam close-up when she orgasms. Charlie's pussy gets creamy-white wet as she enjoys the wand, then the camera moves in for an extreme close-up as Charlie orgasms - every one of her contractions can be counted as her bottom puckers each and every time. She just softly moans. The camera moves in for a close-up of her wetness and reddened clitoris and pussy lips. Emma Butts is lying on the floor in fishnet stockings and black body suit enjoying the magic wand. Emma Butts has a nice, lippy cooch, and she has lots of white, oozing juices flowing from her, too. Emma pulls back rather firmly on her mound and works the magic wand in tight little circles around her clitoris. Then, she lets out a heavy breathe, followed by a long hiss as the contractions begin and she moans. After her orgasm, she reaches her hands down to touch the oozing wetness. Myla and Susie B. are getting hot and bothered on the stairs. Susie B. is lying on the steps enjoying a large purple smoothie vibe as Myla kisses her pussy and wets her fingers and rubs on Susie's perineum. Myla kisses Susie's thigh as she strokes her perineum up and down and side-to-side. Occasionally, Myla dips a finger into the base of Susie's vagina and rubs, rubs, rubs very fast. This is hot and steamy scene as boths girls seem to really enjoy the action. Suddenly Susie pants and her pussy pushes out and starts the orgasmic contractions. Myla continues to gently rub and massage to allow us the best view of the action. Then Myla softly kisses Susie's cooch. To indulge a few of her wilder fantasies, Paige is wearing a lace-up red leather 'dress' and black high heels while sitting in the chair and massaging her clit and pussy. She didn't even bother with the panties at all! After getting warmed up for a moment with her fingers and hand, Paige reaches for her favourite little silver vibe toy. She is breathing heavily and moaning within just a few seconds of using the toy. Within a few more minutes, her legs begin to quiver and shake and when Paige moves the tip of the little vibe right up to her clit, she just can't help but cum! A nice, strong, contracting orgasm! This time, Paige doesn't stop with just one, she keeps playing with the little toy on her clit and her legs start to really quiver and shake, just before Paige cums again - right after the first one! Paige's hands are just trembling as she gives the camera a nice, big smile and tries to catch her breath. Then, the camera zooms in for a close close-up of her swollen, quivering cooch and shaking legs! Layla is wearing a pink opaque, lingerie set while wanking on the stairs. Layla pushes her panties to the side and reaches for her little silver buzzy vibe. Layla sits back and goes for it with the vibe on her clitoris until she cums! This is as very close-up cooch cam view of Layla's long lasting orgasm. Layla seems to really enjoy this one as she moans and pants just a bit more than 'usual' when she cums this time. It's long, intense and very visible orgasm - both her inner and outer folds and her perineum are contracting with this one! She reaches her hand down to massage her pussy. Tall, blonde, Jordan is lying on the bed and thoroughly enjoying a pocket rocket. She likes to get "very close and then pull the toy away". She says, "Oh, I'm ready now" and then her head goes back on the pillow, then she lifts up one more time before putting her head back again as her shaved pussy starts to contract in orgasm. This is a full-body camera view with lots of nice visible contractions. Jordan says she really likes the pocket rocket. Katie K. is sitting in the orgasm chair rubbing her pussy through her panties. This is a close-up camera view of Katie's shaved pussy - except for the Brazilian airstrip. She lets us know that she is really, really wet because she has been watching porn videos and she really, really likes the videos. She reaches for a pocket rocket and starts to use the toy on her nipples to tease herself a bit. Once she places the pocket rocket on her clit and pussy, she says she is not going to last long! She spreads her lips apart with one hand and uses the toy with the other. It really doesn't take long for Katie K. to reach a nice, powerful, perfectly visible contracting - and even squirting - orgasm! She says she has never squirted before! The next scene is in an arm chair with the very hairy Beth. Beth starts out by playing with her nipples, stripping out or her underwear (leaving her skirt on), and playing with her clit and lips. She pushes fingers in and out or her pussy, rubs her clit, and eventually settles down with the "thingie" vibrator. There's lots of clit play - her hard clit looks quite large and very aroused, and her pussy is already very wet. With her knees pulled up to clearly expose her pussy and butt, Beth gets serious with the vibe until her glistening pussy spasms as she enjoys a really nice orgasm! She shows off her engorged and sopping wet post orgasmic pussy. Julieta strips out of a sexy outfit, exposing her perky little breasts, nice nipples and tummy tattoo. She settles down on the couch, picks up her monster vibe and starts working it on her clit - she really has a nice cooch! She doesn't waste much time revving up her monster vibe and locating her clit with it ... she pulls back on her labia majora, spreading her pussy while buzzing her clit. Julieta has a nice powerful pulsating orgasm! The lovely Lithuanian Ola is seated in the orgasm chair. She lifts her t-shirt to expose her lovely, large, natural breasts as she gets down to the business with the thingie massager. She giggles as she enjoys the strength of the toy. Working the toy around and around on her clitoris, Ola has a hard, full body, moaning, and pulsating orgasm. She giggles and smiles afterward. The very sexy brunette Claudia Rossi is seated in the chair next. She reaches her hand between her legs and rubs her pussy and clit. Her lips are completely shaved, but she's left a nice dark patch of hair at the top of her pussy. She inserts a finger into her pussy and really enjoys pulling it in and out. Then she moistens her fingers and reaches for the magic wand. With her legs dangling off the sides of the chair and little kitten-heels on her feet, Claudia cums hard - her pussy and perineum spasming in a contracting orgasm! She reaches down to gently massage her pussy and insert a finger into her wetness. Her nipples are nice and erect.

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