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Jan 7, 2010

A collection of 18 (plus 2 bonus!) different, beautiful women having their strongest orgasms possible - Jean even has two in a row! These are truly the best of the best in terms of seeing and experience real female orgasms. Paige Fox is a petite blonde new-cummer and a real snapper! We were so pleased to capture so many great orgasms with Paige! Paige has a nice, slim figure with small perky breasts and a flat tummy. Paige's nice, lippy cooch is mostly shaved, with an airstrip remaining at the top. She pulls back on her mound often as she works the toy on her clitoris. Paige also keeps her eyes open almost the entire time she wanks. She moistens her clit with her fingers from time-to-time as she enjoys the toy. This scene is a nice full-body view that is just close enough to catch all the pussy contractions, as well as her face and nipple reactions. Paige's breathing increases a bit, her nipples are nice and erect, and her hips begin to rock up and down as she frantically works the toy on her pussy - she is ready to cum! Paige begins to hiss a bit more audibly, as the contractions take hold. Paige lifts her hips, then presses her bottom firmly into the bed, but her contractions are so strong - truly a brilliant snapper orgasm and Paige thanks us for watching her after letting us know how good that felt. Another new blonde addition to our female orgasm videos is Krystal Niles. Krystal has made herself quite comfortable in the living room on the leather sofa and wearing nothing but a pair of high heels. She spreads her legs, getting warmed up by rubbing her clit with her fingers. This is a fixed cam, full-body view scene - again close enough to easily see each and every contraction, but the angle is wide enough to see her face and upper body reactions, too. Krystal presses firmly on her clit and cups and plays with her ample breast before reaching for her favourite vibe. She looks at the camera with a naughty little grin as she turns on the toy. It's not long before Krystal's hips are rocking slightly, she's biting her lip a little bit while softly moaning. Krystal gets turned on very quickly, and she opens her mouth gasping for air and looks directly at the camera as her orgasm takes hold! It's a nice, big, long orgasm - she is all smiles after and waves good bye to the camera. The next scene is a closeup cooch cam view of the lovely and quite lippy Anaman. She really does have thick and large labia. Anaman is spread in the orgasm chair enjoying the magic wand. She puts the toy on her clit on low power and sits back to enjoy the ride. The wand is very strong and Anaman has to pull the toy off quickly on a couple of occasions to get completely comfortable in the chair and with the toy. There are lots and lots of pussy pulling pre-orgasmic contractions visible, with her legs spread apart as they are. Anaman lets out a couple of heavy breathes just after developing "goose bumps" across her inner thighs and bottom. Then, with the end of the wand barely touching her clit, Anaman has a nice, quick, contracting orgasm. She is very sensitive afterwards and it happens very quickly - so don't blink or you might miss it. Her nice huge lips and clit are dangling afterwards. Holly is sprawled across the countertop as Emma licks her clit before working the toy in small circles all over Holly's clitoris. Holly is instantly moaning. Emma reaches down with her other hand to spread Holly's pussy lips apart, occasionally bending down further to lick Holly's cooch before going back to the toy. Emma adjusts the speed on the vibe, licks Holly's pussy some more, and continues to work the toy on Holly. Holly is really beginning to moan and groan now. Holly's moans increase in intensity and frequency as Emma continues to stimulate her clitoris with the penis vibe. Going back and forth and back and forth with the vibe, Holly has a nice, big, visible orgasm with lots of nice tugging contractions - and her wetness is pooled at the base of her vagina! Emma notes she is "dripping all the way down." Then inserts her fingers to play with all of the juicy goodness - there are serious strings of pussy wetness here! Jordan is a very tall, curvy, American blonde. She takes off her sweater, bra - revealing pierced nipples. Then she removes her skirt and panties, but decides to leave on her little snow bunny boots. Jordan makes herself comfortable on the bed, deciding to use the little pink vibe toy. Jordan pulls back on her mound and works the toy round and round. This scene shows cooch cam close-ups and facial views from a roving camera. Jordan let's us know that she is getting closer as she begins to moan and rock her hips. She quietly says, "I'm gonna cum". But she doesn't right away - maybe after another minute she pants and breathes heavily and then has what she deems "a little one" asking us to "stay with her because she can probably do it again". Of course, we're willing to keep watching. And then with just a little more stimulation and time with the toy, Jordan has a very nice, very big, snapping orgasm. Her cooch is nice and wet, too. She notes, "That was the big one!" She continues to play with the toy on her clit after her big orgasm to enjoy all the little sensations after, too. Petite Russian Olichka is wearing a black bra and panty set in the bedroom. She teasingly removes her undergarments while she chews a piece of bubble gum. Olichka props herself up on a pillow as her hand wanders down to her cooch. She is a finger wanker, so she moves some juices up to her clit beginning to rub. The camera is extremely close on her swelling pussy as the wetness builds and the orgasm takes hold! It's a nice, strong, wet one! Buxom blonde Laura J gets right down to business, sitting outside in the sun on a patio table. Her toy of choice is a silver bullet vibrator which she expertly applies to her clit. She has her pants off, but is wearing her top and sunglasses ... Parting her lips with one hand to expose her hardening clit, she buzzes away with the other and very soon starts getting quite wet! She seems to hold off her orgasm once (letting out a little gasp as she does). Then she shifts into a more comfortable position, really showing off her soaked pussy. It doesn't take long before she cums hard, her body arching as she does and her contractions clear and rhythmic. Nice! This is a really long orgasm with contractions that go on and on. Her clit really protrudes when it is aroused too!. Gina is lounging on the bed in a satin nightie with her panties on when she starts rubbing and playing with herself. She removes her panties to reveal her completely shaved pussy. Her hand reaches down to touch her cooch and rub small circles around on her clit. She reaches for a large, bright pink vibrator and starts enjoying the toy, ever so slowly dipping it into and out of her pussy - slowly working herself up and building her natural wetness. I like the way she pulls her night gown up and slowly exposes and rubs her breasts. Gina is quiet - so quiet! She starts to move her hips up and down and really get into it, buzzing the vibe between her lips and directly on her clitoris, then she lets out a couple of tiny little gasps, as she pulls one lips aside and we see her nice rhythmic contractions! She relaxes on the bed to recover for a moment. Jess is out in the garden for the next scene. She's kneeling doggy-style as the wind blows. Her hair is wet and her skirt is hiked. She's not wearing any panties, but she does have on knee-high black socks. She reaches down to her cooch with her hand and plays with herself while completely bottoms-up. Jess uses the little egg-style vibe on her clit and pussy - this time she is completely bottoms up. The camera is focused on as much as her face and cooh and bottom as can be fit into the frame. It's not long at all before Jess has a nice and very visible orgasm - you will easily see tons and tons of nice rhythmic contractions! Jean is filming her friend Louise B. The camera work in this scene is truly amateur, but the orgasm is not! Louise pulls her panties to the side and beings to rub her clit firmly with her fingers. The camera moves in for a close-up view and it's not long before Louise says, "Oh, I'm gonna cum!" Her pussy is engorged as the contractions take ahold! The girls focus on Louise's nipples for a moment. There's lots of nice banter in this scene between Jean and Louise, too. Horny housewife and sexy MILF Liz Tyler is back needing a stress reliever. Liz removes her shirt - showing off newly enhanced breasts and sexy red & black lingerie. Liz pulls her red and black crotch-less panties aside to show-off her pussy. Liz lies back on the bed as she rubs and rubs her pussy. Liz finger wanks quite furiously and we are able to see those pussy juices building as she starts to moan. She is enjoying her new enhancements, too - licking her nipples and tugging on them as she frantically rubs herself - urging herself harder and harder to cum. She lets out a big moan as the contractions take a hold of her pussy. It's a long and good orgasm. Liz lets us know how good that one felt as she licks her pussy juices off her fingers. Twenty four year old brunette Honey has a special distinction with us - she probably has the largest pussy lips we've ever filmed! And she has great orgasms, too! Honey is seated in the orgasm chair beginning by rubbing her pussy through her panties. She removes her panties and rubs her clit and pussy with her fingers - her lips are quite large and dangly as she tugs on her nipple and plays with herself. Honey has turned on the magic wand and is stimulating her nipples with it for a moment before spreading her pussy lips wide apart and placing the toy on her clit. It's not long before Honey has a huge bit and satisfying orgasm - her contractions are strong, visible and long lasting. The action is captured in full-body angle. Honey says, "That was amazing!" Yes, it was! Super sexy brunette Claudia Rossi is wearing a sexy pink lingerie set and playing with her pussy while lounging on the bed. She takes off her panties showing off her pretty pussy as she wets her fingers and begins to rub. Claudia turns on the little red vibe and really enjoys it. Once Claudia gets going with the vibe, it really doesn't take her very long at all. She works the toy in small tight circles on her clitoris, begins to pant and breathe a bit heavily, rocks her hips up, then pulls the toy away - prolonging the niceties! The toy goes back on her clitoris, she starts to quiver and shake once more, then she lets out a big deep breath and her pussy contractions take ahold. There are so many quick snapping contractions, too! Nice! Claudia savors the orgasm for a few moments, then pulls her top back up. Suzy Hott is featured in the next close-up cooch cam scene. Suzy's husband does all the filming and he provides some interesting aerial angles of her large breasts as she is seated on an office chair with her dress hiked and high-heels on. Suzy's pussy lips are dangling as she inserts the white, smooth vibe into her vagina and strokes her clit. Suzy is a pro at getting herself off to incredibly strong orgasms! Her juices are building and becoming more audible as she rocks her hips against the toy. Her pussy is swelling and becoming more and more engorged and when she cums her contractions are so intense and strong! Every piece of her pussy - from her clit down to her anus moves with these contractions! Elle MacQueen is undressing on the sofa - she looks really pretty and sexy as she removes her undergarments - her long hair is loose and flowing and she has a really nice body. Elle opts for the little red vibe to quickly get her clit piercing buzzing. With the tip of the little vibe going back and forth and side-to-side on her clitoris, Elle closes her eyes and partially opens her mouth. She looks quite relaxed as she keeps her outer lips spread wide apart with her 'free' hand and the toy directly on her clit. The camera moves in for a close-up view of Elle's cooch as she continues to work the little toy on her clitoris with her lips spread wide apart. As Elle gets ready to cum, her inner thighs quiver and tremble. With a quick tummy tensing pull-up, Elle pants once, then twice and then cums hard - some of the contractions are very obvious and others are a bit obscured because of her body motion, but it's a great, visible orgasm, nonetheless. Katie K is back - lounging in the bedroom in a pink bra and panty set. She is comparing the merits of two different vibes and trying to decide which one to use. Katie takes the toys for a test over her panties on her clit. She is quite pleased with the power of the red one. Now completely undressed, Katie is still playing with the red vibe - enjoying pressing it on her clit. With her eyes closed and the toy going up and down and all around on her clit, she reaches her fingers around to insert them them into her pussy, too. Her breathing just becomes a little bit heavier - a light panting - until she says, "Ahh" and her pussy contracts rhythmically in a nice, long orgasm. This orgasm is seen in a full-body camera view, too - but every contraction is perfectly visible and crystal clear. She licks her juices off her fingers. Petite blonde Faye is seated in the orgasm chair, at first playing with her small breasts and nipples. She rubs her pussy through her red cotton panties for a few moments, before removing them and sitting in the chair with nothing on, but her red socks. Faye rubs her clit and pussy with her just her fingers. Using just her fingers to massage her clit, Faye closes her eyes, lays back, plays with her right nipple and rubs herself to another really nice, really visible orgasm! A bit of moisture and wetness - just a bit - builds in this scene, too. Nice. Even though Faye doesn't have large inner lips, her outer lips tend to puff a bit, which is nice to watch as she rubs. Jean is featured next in a closeup cooch cam view. She is wearing a pretty pair of white eye-let panties and using her favourite pink vibe to rub her pussy. Jean pulls the panties to the side and continues to use her vibe - pressing firmly and directly down on her clit. She is softly moaning in the background most of the time, too. Now frantic and urgent, Jean's feet are lifting into the air as she goes so quickly back and forth over her clit with the vibe. She is gasping and so ready to cum! She does so nicely with tons and tons and tons of bottom puckering and pussy pulling contractions! But - Jean's extra horny today and she doesn't stop with just one orgasm. She continues to go with the vibe on her clit until she has another nice orgasm! A bonus, even by Jean's standards! We see a few of the after shocks and spasms before she pulls her panties back on properly.

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