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Sporty Girls

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Sporty Girls

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Viv Thomas

Release year





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Aug 10, 2017

Running time

1:32 hour(s)


Scene 1: Sandra's Sporty Girls Episode 1 - The Rivalry Superstar model turned director Sandra Shine makes a cameo appearance as a fitness instructor putting newcomer Chelsy Sun and regular client Nancy A through their paces, as episode one of "Sandra's Sporty Girls" begins. The three fabulously fit babes take to the streets of Budapest in their tight jogging pants and tops. Beautiful blonde Nancy is an arousing sight, her sportswear clinging to her pussy and ass like a second skin. Cute brunette Chelsy impresses her instructor in her first training session, but riles up her running mate. Nancy confronts her in the locker room, jealous of their trainer's attention. But sexy Chelsy recognizes the signs – she knows Nancy wants to fuck her. Pushing her classmate up against the lockers, she thrusts her tongue inside Nancy's mouth and has her suck on her sweet titties. Nancy slips a hand inside Chelsy's white cotton panties. The blonde bombshell is soon on her knees, her tongue delving between Chelsy's pussy lips, tasting her juices, watching her new lover as she writhes above her. Nancy's ass is irresistible as she bends forward to suck on Chelsy's nipples, her tight shorts slipping between her peachy ass cheeks. Chelsy peels Nancy's shorts off, and eagerly eats her smooth shaven slit, tongue dipping in and out of her wet hole. She eases two fingers inside Nancy's juicy pussy and laps at her clit while she thrusts in and out. The hard bodied blonde rolls onto her side and Chelsy spreads her beaver, eating her until she orgasms. Not to be outdone, Nancy has Chelsy up against the lockers, licking her voraciously and fingering her hard from behind. She dominates the newcomer, who cums hard on the sizzling blonde's fingers. When Sandra catches them, she doesn't seem too upset to find her students in such a compromising position… Scene 2: Sandra's Sporty Girls Episode 1 - The Rivalry Slender cutie Ginger Fox visits fitness trainer Nataly Gold to ask for help getting in shape, as episode two of "Sandra's Sporty Girls" begins. Nataly can see Ginger is already very fit, but she is more than happy to get her hands on the pretty girl's firm physique as she plans a training regime for her. After watching Ginger work out, Nataly can't resist kissing her, tentatively at first but with rapidly growing passion. She pulls Ginger's top up to bare her small, pert breasts, sucking her nipples, then peels down her skintight yoga pants. Nataly lies back on the weights bench and Ginger straddles her face to get her shaved pussy licked, rocking her hips as Nataly's tongue pushes between her pink folds. Ginger tugs down Nataly's tiny shorts and eats her skilfully; Nataly's nipples rock hard as Ginger's tongue drives her wild. Ginger sits on Nataly's face again, this time in a sixty-nine so she can spread Nataly's juicy snatch open and thrust two fingers deep inside. Nataly has to break off from eating Ginger as an intense orgasm hits her; when she's caught her breath she has Ginger lie back so she can lick her slowly and deliberately, making her gasp and shudder to a climax of her own. Scene 3: Sandra's Sporty Girls Episode 3 - The Skater Episode three of "Sandra's Sporty Girls" see cute blonde Brandy Smile teaching sexy brunette Zafira how to rollerblade. Zafira might not be able to blade, but she looks damn good trying in her tight Lycra shorts! Sadly, it all ends too soon when Zafira falls and sprains her ankle. Back home, Brandy applies an ice pack to Zafira's ankle with much tenderness. But when she offers Zafira a massage those tender touches blossom. Zafira knows what Brandy really means and leans forward to kiss her on the lips. With open mouths, the babes explore each other's tongues, their hands roaming over each other's body. Brandy helps Zafira out of her top and bra, her heavy breasts springing free, and then Zafira returns the favor, locking her lips around Brandy's perky tits. Brandy pulls off Zafira's shorts and panties, and then buries her face between tanned thighs to lick Zafira's clit, dipping her tongue into her snatch, wetting Zafira's slim pussy lips. Zafira lies back on the dining table, the sweetest of desserts. Brandy is soon naked, climbing onto Zafira's face in a sixty-nine as she wantonly sucks on her clit. Zafira's fingers stroke Brandy's slit, before she busies herself eating her wet hole. Brandy enters Zafira's fleshy folds with two fingers, pushing her over the edge into a noisy orgasm. When she's caught her breath, Zafira finger-fucks Brandy to climax as the cute blonde gropes and squeezes her big breasts. It's a training session neither girl is likely to forget! Scene 4: Sandra's Sporty Girls Episode 4 - The Boxer Episode four of "Sandra's Sporty Girls" sees ebony beauty Luna Corazon hitting the punch bag, going through a kickboxing routine. Cute coach Erika Korti puts her through her paces, making her get a sweat on. A surprise hit knocks Erika to the ground, Luna straddling her to see if she's okay. But coach was just playing, and with her hot pupil on top of her, she kisses her on the mouth, sliding her tongue in when Luna responds. Sexy brunette Erika squeezes Luna's small tits in her white t-shirt, nipples jutting through as the two embrace passionately. Erika runs her hands over Luna's fit body, lifting her top to expose her sweet tits and toy with her hard nipples. She pulls Luna's shorts off and the dusky babe raises her hips, wanting Erika's touch on her pussy. Erika teases her, licking her through her white cotton panties until Luna can take no more, pulling her briefs aside to give coach total access to her succulent snatch. Erika tenderly tastes her pussy, her wet tongue oiling Luna's clit and labia as the gorgeous student groans with pleasure. Luna peels off her panties and Erika is drawn back to her pulsing clit, sucking it into her mouth, spreading Luna's dark lips apart to reveal the hot pink inside, wet with pussy juice. Coach strips out of her shorts and straddles Luna's face, their moans of lust heard through mouths full of pussy in a filthy sixty-nine. Luna is so good at sucking on Erika's pretty pussy that coach has to rise up and grind herself on her star pupil's face. It might not burn that many calories, but it's a seriously hot workout that will make you sweat!

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