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Feb 16, 2010

Here you have it - by popular demand and thousands of requests! Our first ever compilation of 14 scenes of the best real squirting orgasms - 16 in all! Not only do these 12 gorgeous women have beautiful, visible, contracting orgasms when they cum, but they also give us some of those one-of-a-kind juices! This is not the fake, gushing, peeing, spraying or whatever-else you may want to call it stuff that is so pervasive and so fake. This DVD is about real visible orgasms accompanied with real squirting juices - right at the big moment. Sometimes it is actually quite a lot of those juices and sometimes it is just a little trickle! But, either way, we love it! At first we see a standing Katie K with a camera view looking directly up her short little plaid mini-skirt. Katie is having fun singing a song and playing with her pussy. She takes off her panties and grabs the wand, noting "Oh, I love this thing." Eventually all of Katie's clothing is removed as she continues to stand working the magic wand all over her cooch. Katie pops her hips forward, noting, "It's hard work standing up." She props a leg up on the armrest of the chair and continues wanking with the magic wand. Katie goes back to just standing with her legs very wide apart and it becomes very obvious she is getting very turned on - panting and moaning. Katie says, "Oh, that feels good." "Oh yeah, I'm going to cum." And she does! With lots of nice, strong, pulling orgasmic contractions and squirts popping out, too. Katie says it was hard work standing - and then she just has to lie down. Next the camera gives us a close-up cooch cam perspective of the fair Rose seated and wanking with the magic wand. Rose's cooch is completely shaved. It's not long at all before the wand has Rose moaning in ecstasy, too. Her cooch is popping right at the base of her vagina with lots of pre-orgasmic contractions and there is a little bead of juiciness forming. Rose gasps loudly, then screams in orgasmic ecstasy as the contractions go and the juices flow. Rose is absolutely in shock, saying, "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god I've never done that before!" Petite blonde Jools Brooke is seated in the orgasm chair wearing nothing but her high heels. Jools wets her fingers and starts to lube her pussy. Jools takes her time rubbing and wetting her pussy - it looks like some of the juice drips right down her bottom. Then, she finally reaches for the magic wand saying, "Let's see how magic this wand really is!" I think she is in for the ride of her life, so to speak. Immediately her hips begin to buck and she is moaning. Jools quickly pulls the toy off of her pussy and says, "It's definitely magic!" She puts the toy back on her clitoris and within just a few seconds, really, she cums really hard, with a series of little squirts followed by a pretty good flow of juices! She lets out another "Fuck! Yeah, that's definitely magic!" and says she wants a wand - seriously. Of course, we are so happy to oblige her! Short haired blonde, Katja is lying the bedroom, resting her head up against the wall and pillows, wearing a pair of red satin panties and sundress that is hiked up to her waist. Katja reaches for a silver bullet vibe and uses it for a minute before she sits up to take off her dress and bra. She uses the vibe through the panties momentarily before reaching down and placing the toy directly on her clit. The panties are removed. Katja lies back on the bed completely and thoroughly enjoys the little buzzer on her clit. She tweaks the toy back and forth directly on her clit, then starts to pant and moan rhythmically, as the contractions overcome her pussy. As she cums, the juices flow right out of her and down onto the red sheets. She looks down at the wet spot and giggles! Brunette haired and just a little bit naughty - its Miss Penelope featured next! Penelope is upstairs in the bedroom lounging on the bed. Penelope gives us a little chat about her friend, Katie K (whom we've already met on this DVD) and the videographer and his "knickers" drawer! Penelope says she is wearing the same pair of knickers Katie K. wore in her now "famous" cheerleader scene which gets Penelope excited about cumming in the same pair of knickers. Penelope wants the panties to have both Katie K's cum and her own cum all over them. Penelope is using the large bullet / egg vibrator, which she is just using for the first time. As Penelope uses the toy, she can barely keep from moving her hips up and down. She lets us know she is getting close to cumming, pulling the panties up tight into her slit. Then, she cums and squirts quite the direct shot! She's soaked everywhere - including the panties and the sheets! The ultimate squirting orgasm machine, Lori Rivers is doing it for us in the next scene. She is lying on the bed, playing with her large pink dildo. Her husband films all of her scenes, so there is a lot of commentary from him, too. It definitely works for Lori as her pussy is wet and juicy. The creamy white stuff is all over the big, pink, dildo. Lori inserts the dildo into her pussy and reaches for her large black vibe. She holds the dildo in place as she holds the vibe on her clit. Lori is panting, moaning and saying, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh" over and over again. I think she cums once, but you can't really see the contractions, then she pulls the dildo out to finger her pussy with two fingers as she keeps the vibe on her clit. Again, Lori is saying, "Oh yeah, oh yeah" as the visible contractions are obvious and apparent for this second orgasm. She moves her hand over her clitoris for a big gushing orgasm along with the contractions. Lori puts the vibe back on her clit, shaking, moaning and talking as she goes. She inserts one finger into the base of her vagina with the toy on her clit. She wiggles the finger from side-to-side as she cums again. Lori goes back to frantically rubbing her hand all over her clit. Then she says, "Oh god what a flood. It feels like I haven't done that in forever." Lexi Ward is kneeling bottoms up in a close-up cooch cam view of her session with the magic wand! It is just a few minutes before Lexi is cumming hard, with plenty of visible perineum pulling contractions and a squirting orgasm. She giggles and says, "Oops. That was a wet one!" Lexi rolls over and examines the wet spot on the sheets noting how powerful the magic wand is. Lounging completely naked in the orgasm chair is buxom blonde Cindy Behr. Her large lips are just dangling right there! Cindy says this is her fourth wank of the day and she is excited to do it again as she likes all the attention. She fingers her pussy and plays with herself for a bit as she gets ready to play with the magic wand. Cindy enjoys the vibrations from the toy all over her chest and body before pressing the toy firmly on her pussy. Cindy's eyes are closed and she is oohing and ahhing in just a few minutes. I think Cindy has one nice, bottom puckering orgasm, but doesn't remove the toy until she has a second squirting orgasm. She is giggly and smiling remarking that "I cum from everywhere" and she wants to steal the wand. I wish I had a dollar for every woman who says that! The camera moves in for a more close-up view of Cindy's enlarged and swollen labia in tons of detail. The next view is of Liz Tyler rubbing her clitoris through a pair of black crotch-less panties while standing over the camera. Liz takes off her panties and garter belt while standing over the camera. It is an interesting angle to be sure, as her face and breasts are featured, too. She is looking directly down onto the camera. She turns on the magic wand as she kneels over the camera. Liz is really riding the wand, but it doesn't take her long at all to have a little squirting orgasm. She is not ready to stop, yet, though and she keeps the toy on her sopping wet pussy for some more until she cums again (not quite so strong, but she definitely enjoyed it and it is visible). Liz's clit and pussy are sensitive as she puts the toy back in place and says, "Let's see if we can make it again!" She quickly says, "Oh god, I'm getting close. I'm getting close!" Then she says, "Oh my god, here it cums. Here it cums!" And she has another nice, visible, strong orgasm with the wand. She lets us know she is now really feeling much better! And so are we! Emerald is doing a few lat pulls while wearing a black bra and panty set on the home gym equipment. It doesn't take long for her to remove the bra and panties. Emerald likes to rub and slap her pussy. Emerald squeezes her breasts and simultaneously rubs her pussy. The foot fans will enjoy her feet and toes perched on the leg curl bar! Emerald gets down to serious frantic masturbation, and quickly has a nice, strong visible orgasm! She gives her cooch a couple of little slaps as her natural breasts are bouncing, then she goes back to rubbing her pussy once more for her second orgasm, which is nice squirting one. Emerald decides to conclude that work-out. Anna from Italy is seated in the orgasm chair for a close-up cooch cam view of a handsome and squirting orgasm. We begin by watching the cameraman gently massaging Anna's clitoris with his fingers. After a bit, he reaches for the little blue dolphin toy, working it in round circular motions on her pussy, until Anna is moaning and panting and squirting and cumming -with lots of real visible, popping, contractions! The cameraman makes sure she keeps her legs open so we can see the squirting and the contractions. Anna notes, "Well, that was quick!" And she giggles. Buxom, maturish yet oh-so-sexy brunette Jewell Marceau is seated in the orgasm chair wearing a white blouse, tiny grey skirt and thigh-high stockings. Jewell unbuttons her white shirt exposing her large bosom. Her skirt is up, showing off her thigh-high stocking and garters. Jewell removes her skirt and bra and begins by using the magic wand through her panties on her pussy. After a few minutes, Jewell removes her panties and places the wand directly between her legs. Within just a few moments, Jewell is quivering and moaning and squeezing her large breasts. As Jewell works the wand, her pussy becomes engorged and starts to really protrude. Straining and riding the wand, Jewell's legs are quivering, and shaking like mad, but she's still not quite there. Jewell is humping - going up and down on the toy. Jewell re-adjusts her positioning by spreading legs wide apart, placing one leg up on the foot stool. She's not settled so finally decides to put her legs up in the air, giving us an excellent view of her bits. With her legs up, Jewell is squirting and cumming hard in just a few minutes, saying, "Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh." in perfect rhythm to her contractions as she cums. It's a nice long wet orgasm. I like the way she keeps the toy firmly planted on her pussy and goes right back to riding it some more until she is just too sensitive to handle it. Jewells rubs and plays with her sensitive pussy before giving us a big smile and spreading her lips apart. The oh-so-much-fun Katie K is back and seated in the orgasm chair for a fixed cam, full body view. Katie examines the crotch of her panties and notes just how wet they are - actually, "they are damp" she says. Katie then reaches her fingers inside for a feel of her wet pussy, too. Katie K. is ready and excited about using the magic wand as she runs it all over her body - pausing for the moment of truth - placing it on her pussy. She's quite impressed and gives it a "Wow!" rating. She experiments with the speed settings, giggling and chatting all the way through. When she uses her hand to spread her lips, one can see her glistening wetness. Katie K. kind of bounces the toy up and down on her clit, taking the toy on and off, on and off and chatting about how horny the toy is making her! It doesn't take Katie long to cum again - with a nice, snapping orgasm she lets out a, "Oh. Fuck yeah." And it's another nice, big squirting orgasm! Katie lets us know that she is sorry for the mess (we're not!!) she's made again and that Donald will have to spank her bottom for her naughtiness. She's funny! Rose is lying on her back on a black massage table. He knee is bent such that her foot is resting right in her crotch as she gently holds the wand on her clit and pussy. It doesn't take very long at all for Rose to cum and when she does she suddenly gives a little squirt with this orgasm. Rose is shocked - she "confesses" that the only other time she has squirted was in her last shoot with us and she's "tried and tried" to do it since, but she's not been able. There are lots of juices on that table!

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