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Feb 1, 2006

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2:59 hour(s)


Raising horses is a man's work. And a man's work makes a man wanna play -- hard. So the seven unshaven, hairy, muscular men working at the Stud Farm don't go in for any pussyfooting when they horse around. They just saddle up and ride. Filmed in the Sierra Foothills on a ranch that raises champion Arabian horses, Stud Farm is the latest video feature from co-directors Brian Mills and Harold Creg, who last year brought us R.E.M., Exhibition, and Carny, the recipient of a record-breaking six GayVN Award nominations in 2004. In Stud Farm, Mills and Creg have assembled a cast of classic Titan men - brawny, masculine, hairy and hard-fucking, mature men mixing it up with young studs. While each hard youth in Stud Farm may appear to be on the mere cusp of manhood, each one fucks like an old pro. Hans Ebson's been off the small screen for a while, but he's back now, with a bigger, burlier body, taking on a more versatile role. Owen Hawk donned a Mohawk when first we laid eyes on him in ManPlay 008, then he shaved it off to play the nasty, flip-flop-fucking junior exec with the big, hard, suckable cock in Service Trade. Titan Exclusive Ben Jakks hardly needs any introduction after having starred in hits like Gorge and Woodsmen. Here he is, back in the saddle, handsome as ever, skillfully dominating young, slender, fair-skinned ranch hand, Brock Powell, who is making his Titan debut. Out in the stable, massively hung, husky daddy bear, Ray Stone -- who appeared in an unforgettable scene with Titan Wildman, Dred Scott, in Exhibition -- pairs up with superbly masculine, mustached, and mature Michael Ray, who first displayed his massive endowment to us in the sizzling Florida heat of Manplay 9. Steven Richards looks just like the kind of guy you might expect to find on a horse ranch: tall, solid, a little rough around the edges, scruffy facial hair - and a cock so full, thick, and hard it's a little scary. Steven knocked 'em out in ManPlay Xtreme2. Here, he breaks in horny, young colt, Titan newbie Clay Foxe with a ferocious butt fuck resulting in one of the biggest cumloads ever captured on video. Scene 1 - The Stable: Michael Ray tops Owen Hawk and Hans Ebson. Young ranch hands Hans Ebson and Owen Hawk take time out from shoveling manure to chew each other's sweaty foreskins. After foreman Michael Ray finds them, they're soon bucking under his nasty butt plunging. He's got some unusual farming tools ? a leather thong and a big fat dildo. Owen's a rookie at the ranch and needs to be shown the ropes. With some eager turn-about, the two wild bucks jam their sticky joints up each other's holes, and a sweaty triple fuck results in a massive man-juice spew, Ray's great white load flying over Owen's head at the speed of lightening. As we all know, once is never enough. In no time at all, there's heavy breathing and jizz flying in all directions. Scene 2 - The Horse Trailer: Steven Richards tops Clay Foxe. That's not livestock tethered in the horse trailer, but rosy cheeked Clay Foxe, a wild boy straining at the bit to be tamed by rough 'n raunchy Steven Richards. "Easy, boy, easy," Richards whispers, quieting the youth with passionate kisses, feeding him a double length of extra-solid tube steak, and then sucking the kid's quivering cock 'til they're both so overheated they explode, Steven's spunk gushing forth in long, ropey strands. In round 2, after a deep probing of Foxe's fresh white buns with tongue and cock, Steven sends his massive tidal wave of man juice over the kid's head and splatting against his face. You'll be glad to know this is repeated in slow-mo because it's one of the most memorable scenes in the movie! What a combo! Scene 3 - The Barn Loft: Ben Jakks tops Brock Powell. Ranch owner Ben Jakks welcomes new boy Brock Powell with the kind of solid face-fuck a boss oughta give to an underling. Powell gobbles Ben's shiny, tan cock hungrily 'til his tight, spit-wet mouth brings forth the working man's full load on Brock's chest. Natch, there's a saddle in the room, and after giving Powell's white, sweet 'n furry ass a moist tonguing, Jakks throws the kid across it and reams his butthole deep, hard and long. Moaning and writhing, the pair erupts in a giant cum-gush. Scene 4 - The Stable, Part 2: Michael Ray and Ray Stone flip flop fuck. Your fingers wouldn't nearly meet if ya tried to wrap 'em around the cum-dripping horse cocks of stallions Michael Ray and Ray Stone. When Michael tells Ray, "Choke on it!" he's not exaggerating. One's mind boggles at the punishing dynamics of their wild fucking. These seriously hot and hairy brawlers are an incredible match, cumming once, then taking turns riding each other's burly, double-wide cocks 'til they both explode all over again. This is the year's most sensational man-fuck. What a mauling! So it ain't just the horses you're smellin', pardner. It's the steamy stink of man sweat, freshly spewed cum, and damp hairy asses singed by the heavy, hot, rump-ridin', cock-slidin' men on the Stud Farm!

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