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Submission To Mistress Cristian

Submission To Mistress Cristian

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May 11, 2006


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51:00 minute(s)



Mistress Cristian

A smoking, hot blonde domme, literally. She looks like the lady next door who always draws her curtains when the gardener visits. Perfect, white teeth. And look at this unkempt, scraggly, vulgar looking piece of shit she has here. Just the site of him repulses the viewer and hopefully, Miss Cristian will whale the crap right out of him. Nice, big rack of tits. Look at those stupid tidy whities. On all fours before his majesty. Squatting right at his clay chute, this lug is worthless and does not deserve anything but a big cock torn up inside him. But, we digress. Strong slave??? Damn table is made out of Leggos. And into his dirty mouth go the cigarette ashes. Excellent. Slave drive the bitch right through the fucking wall. Get on those spiked, black boots and lick, you fuck. Suck the heel, like you suck cock and maybe she will put that spike up your worthless shit hole. She's got tits. Got milk?? Another puny, pink link and she is disappointed at its size. Maybe some ball kicking and cropping will raise the curtains some. And counting. 30 plus. His pain is her pleasure and she lectures home that message. What a pathetic cock "Jeffey" has, even after she crops it, spits at it and has him wanker for her amusement. Tongue and suck the crop, just like the cocksucker you are. After all that meat pounding, it still looks like a cheese puff. Giddy-up pony boy. A medical exam??? Oh, goody. From Nurse Cristian. Caned with the handle of the bamboo, very nice touch. She's trying to hook his micro-cock like yanking off a failed act on the "Gong Show." She could hoist a piano with that purple rope. Throw him out the window, see how strong the rope is. Jeffey boy is starting to resemble a quilt. That little gumdrop of his is just plain funny to look at. Plenty of rope left for it too, not that she would need much. Here's Jeffey---her human cargo net. A lecture with visual aid on how not to think with your little head. Here comes the spur and needle wheel. She's rolling the spikes right over his piss slit, mushroom head and balls. Does she ever have huge, silver-dollar size, dark nipples. This is the woman to suckle and be breast fed by. Those may be pasties on her but those are clothespins on him. What is that green, poker thing??? Maybe those are peel and stick nipples. Time for the straight jacket, black and wide at the shoulders. There is no doubting the size of her tits. Mammaries from heaven. Yolked into the gyno stirrups, cock-roped, and look at the turgid sacs. Gloves ahoy and she makes him cough, checking for a hernia, very medically correct. She's going for a dozen clothes pins to fan his cock skin like a peacock in bloom. Pretty colors. Flicking and clicking. This guy is about as convincing as the Speaker of the House. On with the goo and into the dung hole. She is pleased as its easily accessible and she rubs and works those fingers in there. What the fuck is that thing???? You could use that to pinch--hit in the all-star game. Now, there is a major league dong. Does leave room for a sequel as its only a show and go. This lady is also well worth the price of pain and tease, just to ogle at those magnificent titties. F/m perfection and what large white teeth she has too. Bit of an overbite, perhaps, but hot nonetheless.

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