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Teacher's Pet

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Teacher's Pet



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Sep 17, 2013

Running time

57:40 minute(s)


Expanding One's Education: There has to be more to life then teasing men, a lot more. In fact, men need to get exactly what they deserve. It's a lesson that David has been trying to teach Nyssa for a very long time. Unfortunately his efforts have proved fruitless. Insisting that she can do better, that she can learn and quench her desires, Davids sets forth on what he hopes will teach Nyssa the lesson she so desperately needs. Headmistress's Discipline: When Sicilia is sent to the Headmistress's office, she knows she really pushed it too far. The Headmistress had a reputation of being strict to the point of cruelty. The girls whispered among themselves how much she seemed to love dishing out punishments for even the slightest infraction. The sounds of the cane hitting bare flesh and the cries would echo through the dark hallways. Yet why was there also an equal amount of moaning, why did the girls always leave with their cheeks flushed and a slight smile playing upon their lips. Lesson in Obedience: Jade finds herself once again at the mercy of Master Blackthorne. Her crime? Flinching, among other things. Master Blackthorne, wonders quietly if she is being disobedient on purpose as she loves the attention, she loves the sensations he creates on her body but most off all our innocent and lovely Jade, loves to cum. In fact by the end of her session, she is begging to cum over and over again. Higher Learning: Class is now in session. A new school year finds "Head" Mistress Jada welcoming her new students. Mistress Jada runs a tight ship and everyone must be dressed appropriately and respectfully. They must display respect to not only each other, but specifically their Headmistress. Today's lesson is the fine art of fellatio. First however, Jada demonstrate the consequences if the job in not done to her satisfaction. Very Bad Teacher: Cameron can take some lessons from our "Bad Teacher", Headmistress Irony. Irony dishes out punishments for no reason at all. On occasion she will even give an extra credit for a punishment "well taken". Today however, Sophie is being punished for presenting a sub-standard project to her teacher, who promptly sent her to the office for a lesson in respect and taking pride in a job well done. Wasteland won Best BDSM/Fetish award at the AVN Awards and Xbiz Excellence at the Alternative Erotica Awards.

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