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Teen Ladyboys #6

Teen Ladyboys #6

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Sep 13, 2017



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2:04 hour(s)


Mimis skirt is so short her dangling sack is very obvious. The material is so thin that you can see her naturally hormone enhanced nipple tips perking as well. Her chubby dong breaks through her panty seam and rapidly stiffens. Her skin is whiter than the average Thai girl and her foreskin is not nearly as thick as other Ladyboys in the country. She is skinny and stylish with pretty eyes that stare into the camera as she maws on Allens dick. She spreads her very long legs, giving Allen access to her Thai Twig, which he quickly sniffs and inhales with his mouth. He plays with her foreskin, stretching, twisting and poking his tongue deep inside it. He gobbles her cock up with his dick skin and kisses penis tips too, before swapping pre-cum from each others cocks. Allen eats her skinny ass out before breaking ground on her sphincter. He slams her tiny butt cheeks before pulling out, feeding her a taste and exploding all over her face. He leaves her a large sperm cake around her mouth and slaps her with his cock, making it all bubble up before smearing it all around with his hands. She heads to the shower with a lot of cleaning to do. Pop is tall and very ladylike. Her legs are never ending and her hair is all the way down her back. Her tits are only medium in size, yet her penis is definitely a larger size model. It takes very little to make this girl horny and she has already excited as she shows Alan what she bought today. She tries on several outfits as her hard cock tests the elasticity of each new g-string. Her penis sprouts its way through her long pubic grasses, proudly displaying almost as much girth and length as Alan. They kiss cock tips, before she kisses his cock with her thick lips and man eating mouth. Alan does a bit of the same to her, before spreading her long legs, clearing some anal foliage, splitting her cheeks and pile driving her shitter. Her hairy ass crack retains the scent of a fresh anal fucking and Alan loves sticking his tongue and nose in and out of it. He eats her hairy fuck box and licks it all out after pumping the shit out of it with his shemale fuck stick. He pounds her for a while, gets her off and then blows the biggest wad of his life in her face, eyes and hair too. She pretends to smile, as cum covers her and they jump in the shower, but she is not too happy about her long hair getting cum coated.

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