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The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries

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Mar 8, 2018


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55:09 minute(s)


Princess Kira and I are naked, except for our white knee high socks. We decide to milk the slave boy. I jack his big, hard cock, while Princess Kira twists his balls! The pig made a big cumshot that we didn't appreciate! He soaked Princess Kira! She had boy goo all over her big princess tits, so we made him eat his mess from her tits! Today, after blowing bubbles, and story time, I got the very best surprise...a big cock came to visit me in my playhouse! I just LOVE big cocks! I played with this cock and it got really, really big and hard! I kept jerking it and then all of a sudden when I wasn't expecting it, it sprayed me right in the face! I laughed and kept jerking...and boy oh boy, it kept on cumming! There was a big mess in my playhouse. Boy goo everywhere. Dear Diary, I let this useless slave brush my hair for me so I could admire myself in the mirror, but he got my princess hair tangled…so I had to put him over my knee for a spanking! I gave him a good hard LOUD spanking...and then I flipped him over and masturbated him to a messy milking while I brushed my own hair. Talk to you later, Dear Diary! Dear Diary, I was playing in my princess house, wearing my favourite white knee high socks, reading my fairytale book when a nice big, juicy cock popped into my princess gloryhole! I love to play with nice hard cocks! I wound up my music globe, to play pretty music while I milked all the sperm out of the cock!! I don't know who my Prince was today...but he sure came! -- Princess Stacy I had to give my slave a good hard spanking today before his milking! I admired myself in the mirror as I made him shoot his mess! I looked so pretty as I jerked :) I like the sounds they make when I make them to shoot milk! Talk to you later Dear Diary! -- Princess Montana Princess Nikki and I are bored so we decide to play The Spanking Game. Here are the rules. Each princess rolls the pink princess dice and gets to spank the slave as many times as the dice say. We each pick an ass cheek to hit. At the end of the game, whoever has inflicted the most damage on the slave's ass, gets to milk him while the other princess makes him smell and lick her feet. Princess Nikki won the game so she got to pull the boy goo out of him, while I made him worship my feet. He was very loud and made a big mess, so Princess Nikki shoved it all down his throat and made him eat it!

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