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Tiffany Walker

Tiffany Walker



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May 27, 2009

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Tiffany Walker

We are pleased to welcome a sexy red-headed new-cummer, Tiffany Walker. This is a new format DVD including bonus hi resolution imagery and short, preview, orgasm trailers. Tiffany walks into the bedroom wearing a little grey dress and knee-high argyle socks. She pulls her breasts out from beneath the dress - which are nice and firm and perky. She has pretty little pink nipples, too. Tiffany takes off the dress completely and puts her hand in her panties before slipping them off completely. Her cooch is nearly shaved bald - but not quite. She has a 'tidy' cooch (as Laura J. would say) with small labia minora. Tiffany really enjoys the rabbit vibrator and it is her toy of choice this time. Tiffany lays back on the pillows and starts working the little purple toy all over her pussy and clit. Tiffany is expressive as she wanks, often breathing heavily, panting and opening her mouth wide. Tiffany's favourite position for wanking, however, is on her tummy - and you will see that it's not very long before she rolls over to play with the toy. Tiffany has a nice bottom, and she leaves her legs skewed, so we can see her pussy perfectly. It's not long before tiffany is grunting and having a nice orgasm - we can really see all of her bottom puckering contractions! Tiffany doesn't stop after the first orgasm and the first set of contractions. She continues working that toy and spreading her cheeks until she cums again! Then she massages her clit with her fingers, spreading her lips before rolling onto her back. Tiffany has a teeny, tiny clit that is now very red in colour! She pulls her little tank-top up and blows a kiss goodbye. Tiffany enjoys a little hands-on play in the next scene. She is wearing a pink and white polka-dotted top and purple panties. The cameraman is massaging her clit through the panties. He asks her about her favourite toy - which is the rabbit - and then he starts using the toy on her pussy. After a bit of play, Tiffany's panties are removed and the little bunny ears get busy on her clit. The cameraman uses a finger or two to keep the pressure upwards on her clit. As Tiffany's pleasure sounds begin to increase, the cameraman whispers to Tiffany that he doesn't want her to cum too quickly - a little teasing and denial is going on here. With one hand pulling upward on Tiffany's mound and the little rabbit ears working her clit, she is gasping and reaching for the headboard of the bed - just ready to explode! Her cooch is getting nice and wet, too as she squirms around and moans. Tiffany moans and pants through a great big long orgasm, writhing and cumming - the initial part of the orgasm is very visible, but as it goes on, she moves her legs a bit, which obscure the view of the last few seconds. The cameraman gently encourages her to spread her legs and show off her wetness - Tiffany obliges. He dips a finger into her natural juices to begin massaging her clitoris with his finger next. Tiffany begins to pant, moan and quiver some more as her hands reach up and clasp the headboard again. The cameraman inserts a finger into her vagina and fingers to another apparent orgasm - I say apparent because I couldn't see the contractions as Tiffany was bucking and squirming so. The camerman asks her to roll over onto her tummy and knees - which she does as he fingers her pussy from behind. He asks her if that was nice and she says, Mmmm hmmm! And then gives him a little thank you. Tiffany is back in the bedroom wearing sexy jeans and a striped top. Tiffany slowly undresses, making herself comfortable on the bed. Tiffany is using a pink vibe this time - both on her clit and in her vagina. When the toy is inserted into her pussy, she simultaneously massages her clit with her fingers. She really gets into her toys and masturbating - opening her mouth in a wide "o" shape, gently bucking her hips and panting and moaning. Her nipples stay very erect, too. We know Tiffany is a tummy wanker and it's not too long before she decides to roll over onto her tummy. She gets pretty close, but rolls back over onto her back and puts the toy directly on her clit - shaking the tip of the little toy back and forth very quickly. Her cooch is nice and wet again, too! Tiffany is gasping and moaning now - she straightens her legs, slightly arching her back when I spot one big contraction and a series of eyetest ones. Then she pulls the toy away and we see all the after effects of that orgasm. Tiffany is now kneeling backwards in the orgasm chair toying her pussy and clit with a little bullet style vibrator. She has a nice backside and she is wearing pink high heels, too. It's not long before Tiffany is panting and moaning again - really enjoying the toy and trying to spread her knees wider and wider apart as she gets closer to cumming. Tiffany kind of pushes her backside out otwards the camera and we get to witness lots and lots of nice contractions for this one. Tiffany seems to have long orgasms with lots of post orgasmic contractions, too. Tiffany is back in the chair again - this time seated and enjoying a little light bondage and the magic wand. Tiffany's legs are tied to the chair as she uses the magic wand on her pussy - which is already glistening wet. After just a few minutes, Tiffany lets out a big moan and says, "I'm cumming!"She thoroughly enjoys the magic wand. This toy always seems to illicit really strong, long and powerful orgasms and Tiffany's first magic wand experience is no exception. Tiffany rides the orgasm for a very long time, then she turns of the toy and touches her pussy. She gives a little smile before allowing the cameraman to take a turn with the magic wand on her cooch. He works the wand around and around on Tiffany's clit and Tiffany almost instantly beings moaning and panting, as she does every time. Tiffany has one orgasm and almost breaks her restraining ropes! She does like to wiggle and move her legs a lot! Then the cameraman tries to turn the wand onto the high setting, but Tiffany can't handle that much sensation after her second orgasm - she just giggles and pulls her legs together. He takes the toy away and goes back to the low setting which Tiffany immediately seems to enjoy. She pulls her knees up and holds onto her legs firmly as the toy goes all over her pussy and clit for another orgasm. Tiffany giggles and says that she calls her pussy, "My cat". Of course the cameraman says, "There's only one thing a guy can say about that ... I want to stroke it!"

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