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Toy Less: No Batteries Required

Toy Less: No Batteries Required



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Jul 7, 2009


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1:03 hour(s)


No batteries required. This DVD is for the finger masturbation purists of the world. These are the finest finger masturbation to real orgasm scenes you will ever find - compiled on one DVD! Faye is one of our all-time favourite finger wankers! She is cute, young, sexy blonde. Faye takes a moment to show off her belt, jeans and boots as she undresses ... she's not wearing "any underwear today"! So, when her jeans come off, we get to see it all. Faye moistens her fingers in her mouth, then begins to gently finger her pussy and rub her clitoris. She closes her eyes and enjoys the time to herself. Her pussy is shaved completely hairless. Faye keeps two fingers inserted in her vagina as her other hand massages her clit. She switches her hands, every now and then, usually licking her juices as she goes. Faye takes her time, letting her excitement build and build as her breathing becomes more labored - almost panting. Faye lets out a nice deep, "oh" and then has a really stellar orgasm - with tons of popping, snapping contractions as she pulls her fingers out of her pussy! First time new-cummer Satine Spark is lounging on the bed, finger rubbing her pussy. I've received a lot of mixed feedback regarding Satine. I'd just like to point out that this is her first-ever adult industry shoot and she seemed a bit nervous and camera conscience, but quite genuine and her orgasm quite real, nonetheless. I really find the inexperience and amateur-ness of this scene rather endearing. We first meet Satine, she has the librarian look down pat wearing her little glasses as she wanks. Satine has nice, firm, natural pink nippled breasts, too and her pink cooch just has a little patch of hair on top of her pussy. She plays with her cooch, rubbing on her clit and inserting a finger into her vagina. Satine begins to moan and almost giggle as she smiles and looks at the camera while she plays with her pussy. She likes the attention - she is almost giddy with excitement at what is about to cum. Satine is fair-skinne, so as she is getting herself more and more excited, her face and chest are really beginning to flush red, too. She continues her frantic rubbing on her clitoris, lifting her hips up and down and moaning and panting, "Oh, ah, oh, ah" over and over again. She is really beginning to twitch and flush, eyes opening and closing, mouth opening and closing as she continues her frantic multiple finger rubbing on her pink pussy. Satine has a very nice orgasm - she is really breathing heavily and moaning and just giddy all over with lots of nice contractions! She gives a big smile afterwards, too. Elle MacQueen is the next happy finger-wanker we meet ... she has braids in her long blonde hair as she removes her tiny little jean skirt, showing off a pair of black thong panties and a black bra. Elle pulls the panties down, then plays with herself, before taking them off completely. Elle leaves her little black bra on this time and moistens her fingers, spreads her lips and rubs her clit with her fingers. Around and around she goes, occasionally lifting her hips, but her middle finger just goes in small circles around her pierced clitoris. After taking her time, Elle's hips rock upward, her tummy tightens and she cums - a nice, bottom-tugging, visible orgasm that she seems to really enjoy. She laughs and smiles after that one! Michelle Moist is undressing in the bedroom - removing her big black belt and white jumper to reveal a nice black bra. Michelle removes her black leggings, being sure to turn around to show-off her near perfect bottom! Her matching black g-string panties come off, too. Michelle's intent on having more fun and is soon playing with her breasts. This is another very erotic scene in which Michelle just diddles with her pussy and she cums quickly from it with perfect and strong pussy contractions. After Michelle's orgasm The camera shows her beautiful face in close-up and then pans down to her moist pussy, and her vaginal opening, even now a minute or so after her orgasm is still showing little aftershock contractions. Kaicee Marie is in the bedroom lying on her back with her panties on - and very erect nipples. It's not long before Kaicee puts her legs in the air to remove her panties and show her nearly hairless cooch - except for a tuft on her mound. Kaicee starts to get herself off with just her fingers, frantically rubbing her clit and panting and breathing heavily as she goes, occasionally hissing and saying, "Oh yeah." Kaicee's neck and chest produce a sex flush as she rubs. She turns her head and looks over at the camera for a second, then throws her head goes way back into the pillow, panting, and rubbing, just wanting to cum. She pulls up on her pussy mound and slaps her cooch for a quick second, then goes back to rubbing, pressing down firmly on her clitoris. Again, I can't help but notice the sex flush on her chest and neck. Kaicee pulls back on her mound and rubs her clit, clamping her teeth together and rubbing frantically, panting and moaning until she finally gets there and has a big orgasm, and as she pauses in her rub, we can see her contractions and her nipples are very, very erect. Her clitoris is very swollen and enlarged, too. Kaicee says, "That was nice!" noting that it took her a while to get there. Natural wetness is pooling at the base of her vagina, too. Becky Stevens is lying on the duvet and slowly takes off her clothes until she's only left wearing her socks. Immediately she starts frigging her clit side-to-side with her index finger which makes her large pussy lips wobble. This is real 'frigging' and is clearly the technique she's used since her teens. Her other hand is busy too, fondling and caressing her ample breasts or stroking the inside of her thighs. As she gets more aroused the frigging gets stronger and stronger, and we can only imagine the sensations her clit must be experiencing as each of her rapid side-to-side passes with her fingers pushing firmly through her hood causes her clit shaft to jerk from side to side. Her boobs are soon wobbling as her breaths get shallower and more rapid and we hear a couple of little moans as she cums. Although it takes her breath away and she can hardly keep her legs apart, we can just spot a contraction or two. Afterwards as she recovers and pulls herself up a bit we can enjoy her beautiful smile. Halle has large pussy lips and she gets nice and wet! Halle is a "cheeky, mixed race girl" from an island near Antigua though she now lives in England which she finds much colder! She is very genuine and well-educated and has been masturbating regularly since she was about 12 (as she tells you)! Halle is wearing a lilac nightie which she pulls up around her wait and down around her shoulders so that she can frantically rub her clit while simultaneously tweak her nipples! Halle rubs her fingers round and round on her clit, as the juices slowly form at the base of her vagina. The camera moves in for lots of close-ups of that juiciness, even as she claps her cooch! After serious finger masturbation and light panting, Halle lets out a little bit deeper breath, as the nice, strong, visible tugging contractions are visible! Nice O! She keeps rubbing - savouring every last little bit. The gorgeous Russian blonde Misha is next - looking particularly sexy in a black and pink fly-away teddy. She's a beautiful girl, no doubt. Misha is lounging seductively on the day bed. She plays with the satin string, untying the top. Misha's legs go up in the air and she plays peek-a-boo behind them before putting her hands into her panties and removing them, too. Misha rolls onto her knees for a doggie style masturbation session for a bit. It's not long before she decides to roll over onto her back, enjoying her extremely fast and pressing masturbation rub. The camera is zoomed in closely for this one, as her hand is moves so quickly and frantically. Her face flushes red, her tummy muscles go tense, her breathing is so labored, her free-hand clenches her thigh as she rubs and rubs that pussy until her hips buck and her rubbing slows, thenhe takes a moment to catch her breath before rolling over onto her side. Jean is in bed wearing a set of sexy white lingerie while she fingers her pussy through her panties - I think she likes that. It's not long before the panties are removed, then used to rub her clitoris before Jean moistens her fingers and starts to rub her clitoris earnestly. With taunt tummy and head rising off the pillow, it's not long before Jean is enjoying a nice, contracting orgasm - this orgasm was captured in a nice full body view, but the contractions are so strong and obvious. I like the way she presses into her clit after her orgasm, enjoying every moment of it. Another absolutely adorable Russian finger wanker is Olichka! She's playful and fun, slowly, teasingly undressing and rolling around on the bed ... Olichka removes her semi-transparent little top and tiny white thong panties, her lovely little breasts and erect nipples are enough to turn on any man and probably many women, as well! She soon gets herself comfy leaning back against some pillows as she rubs her clit. The camera moves in for a nice closeup of her fingers flicking and going round and round on her clit. As the camera moves back to a full-body view, we see that this little cutie as a devilish grin on her face, too. Olichka is now pressing firmly on her clit with her middle finger, just barely audible little whimpers. Faster and faster her hand moves until she has a nice, visible and strong orgasm - complete with clear juices pooling in her slit! She covers her cooch with her hands and smiles, then plays with the tuft of pussy hair on her mound.

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