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Trinity Thomas

Trinity Thomas



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Nov 23, 2010

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Trinity Thomas

Trinity is a nicely built twenty nine year-old woman with dark hair and light blue eyes. Her body reminds me of a gymnast. She looks strong and fit, with small, natural breasts. Her cooch is completely shaved and while her labia aren't large, they are not small, either. She seems to really enjoy solo masturbation for us and she has very strong and very visible orgasms - every time - she gets off for us! Upon reviewing this DVD have a few other observations: 1. Trinity has nice orgasms - every time (but wait, I already said that :-) ); 2. She has a real stocking fetish (wearing them in every scene) and; 3. She possibly has a glove fetish, too. For the first scene, we see Trinity hop on the bed wearing red gloves, black thigh-high stockings, a purple animal print skin-tight dress and purple panties. Very quickly, Trinity gets down to the business at hand. The dress is hiked and the panties are pulled off. Trinity reaches for the silver-bullet vibe toy and starts to use it on her clit. After a brief moment with the toy in place, Trinity decides to remove her long red velvet gloves. Trinity turns on the toy again, lies back on the pillow and gets busy with her clit and pussy. This is a full-body view scene, but she leaves her upper body covered by her dress. In short order, Trinity starts panting and occasionally gasping. After a few minutes of toying, her clit is becoming more sensitive. She reacts to the power of the toy, but still keeps it firmly pressed on her clitoris - because it feels good :-). With ever mounting sensitivity, her perineum and anus are beginning to twitch in pre-orgasmic ecstasy. Occasionally Trinity quietly says, "Oh. Ah." She increases the intensity of the silver bullet vibe and raises her hips up slightly to meet it. There really is very little warning that Trinity is going to cum - just one "Oh" that is slightly more intense than the previous. Trinity is a pretty intense wanker; quivering and shaking - and then, wham-o! She lets out a slightly more intense, "Oh" and we see her strong, popping contractions. In the first scene, she definitely rode the orgasm all the way to the end, saying, "Blimey!". She has lots and lots of nice strong contractions that seem to hit her in two different waves. She sits up a bit on the bed to recover. Scene two is a close-up cooch cam view of Trinity getting off with the baton vibe. She is lying on the bed, once more, with black thigh-high stockings on and the toy firmly planted between her legs. Trinity rests a hand on her lower abdomen and just lets the toy work its magic. She pants and moans softly, but really doesn't make a lot of noise to begin with. With her familiar and classic sounds from the last scene, Trinity is back at again. This time panting, hissing and moaning regularly, but in a nice way. She keeps the same level of intensity - which is quite something - again throughout the scene. She presses the baton vibe on her clit, jiggling it up and down from time-to-time. Occasionally she curls her hips - just getting more and more desperate to achieve this orgasm. I just dig it when her thighs begin to really quiver. Because then she's about to cum again. But, this time, Trinity actually lets out a really high pitched, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" I didn't know she could actually get her voice that high :-) And the orgasmic pussy contractions are THAT strong to match the vocals, too. She asks, "Did you like that one?" as she comes down from her orgasm high. Then she says, "Blimey!" again. And adds, "They are getting better and better! My legs are shaking from that one!" Ah, yes, we noticed. We definitely noticed. For the third scene, Trinity is back in the bedroom. And, you guessed it! She's wearing black thigh-high stocking again!! Difference this time: her naked breasts are exposed to begin with. Trinity is propped up on a pillow getting comfy with the black baton vibe once more. He zooms the camera in for a close-up cooch cam view again. As Trinity gets comfortable with the vibe, the camera pans back out for a full-body view of her once more. Trinity keeps her legs bent at the knees and her hand planted around her calf as she intently works the baton vibe on her pussy. She enjoys the sensations from this toy. She pants and hisses - sometimes holding her breath and sometimes "jiggling" the toy on her clit. She licks her lips and pants too. With a loud and long, "Ohhh" Trinity cums again! Her head goes back on the pillows and the contractions are very strong and very obvious. She reaches her hand down to her cooch for a minute, noting, "I'm all sweaty now!" Trinity lifts herself up and off the bed, looks at the camera and says, "Phew. God, I'm knackered." The fourth scene is another full-body view scene. And, yep! You guessed it! Trinity is wearing thigh-high stockings again - but this time, they're pink! (Fooled you!) So, Trinity is propped up on pink pillows, sans clothing, except for the pink stockings, using her favorite baton vibe on her clit and pussy once more. Trinity enjoys the toy and it really doesn't take her very long (in comparison) to cum again this time. And, once more, Trinity does NOT disappoint in the orgasm department! She lets out a long, "Ohhhhh" and cums hard. With lots and lots of nice visible contractions. She pulls the toy off and puts her head back on the pillows once more - to catch her breath. She fans herself and smiles, "Oh, blimey!' She then props herself upright on the bed, still recovering after than nice orgasm. The last scene is a hands-on orgasm scene. And trinity is wearing red thigh-high stockings and nothing else. The camera man is next to her and working her favorite toy - the baton vibe - on her pussy. He keeps his hand on her abdomen for a few moments before reaching down to put his hand on her butt cheek and his index finger practically, but not quite, on her anus. The camera angle gently shifts due to a tape change, but the action resumes right where it left off, very quickly. He places his hand on her inner, inner thigh as he works the baton vibe on her clitoris. He makes the toy move around and around and up and down. Trinity moans, clearly enjoying the sensations and the toy. He reaches his hand nearer her labia, gently prying her lips for a moment before placing his hand on her abdomen again. Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle goes the toy. His hand makes its way up to her breast. Trinity lets out another, "Ohhhh" and has a really visible, really strong orgasm - again!

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