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Vickie P

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Jul 11, 2012

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Vickie P.

We've been on a hot, new, model streak lately and we're pleased to include twenty-six year old Vickie P. in our store. Vickie is a 5' 6" tall, pretty, brunette with 32 G sized breasts! Wow! Wow will be a recurring word for this hot, all finger masturbation to orgasm movie. Vickie even goes multi-orgasmic in two of the scenes and she LOVES to have her legs rubbed while she wanks - you'll see what we mean! When we first meet the buxom Vickie P. she is lounging on the bed in an animal print tank top and tight black jeans, pressing firmly on her pussy through her jeans, obviously aroused and in need of an orgasm. She peels off the tight jeans, revealing a bright pink thong and an ample, round, backside. With the jeans discarded, she finger rubs through the panties very briefly, then peels those off as well. Vickie licks her fingers and starts rubbing her clit and playing with her pussy. Vickie pulls her top down to reveal and release those huge, round, breasts while she wanks. With her legs spread wide, Vickie continues to finger massage her clit, bucking her hips and panting as she goes. Vickie's pussy is shaved (or waxed) completely bald, with very small labia minora. After spreading her lips, Vickie reaches for the curved egg ended animal print vibe. She keeps one hand under her thigh, pulling on her bottom and her cooch lips. Vickie gets quite enthusiastic with the vibe, licking it and jiggling it all over her clitoris. She gets very close to cumming ... but not quite enough. She turns off the toy, then licks her fingers once more to get into her preferred finger rub. Vickie's persistence pays off, after a few moments of finger rubbing she says, "Oh, I'm going to cum" and then she does! It's a nice orgasm - contractions are visible and her reactions are classic. She takes a moment to fondle her huge breasts and play with her pussy while she catches her breath. Vickie P. is back in the bedroom looking coy and interesting while wearing a pair of hot pink fish net stockings over a pair of emerald green satin panties. She has on a light grey tank top and a bright green bra Vickie is working the animal print curved tip vibe on her pussy through the stockings and panties before peeling them off. Now with her cooch and large breasts exposed, she finger rubs, getting nicely warmed up. Then, she reaches for the light purple bullet style vibe. The camera angle maintained in this scene is a full body view, but alternates between a thigh-up view and a side angle view. After a bit, Vickie goes back to the bent-tipped animal print vibe for a few moments, but then turns off that toy, too, opting instead for her fingers. Vickie uses a very firm, three-finger pressing method on her clit, with her "other" hand wrapped around her bottom as she wanks and wanks and wanks. Vickie really works hard to "find" this orgasm - going through lots of hard rubbing, mouth gaping motions. But, to her credit, she never tries to "fake" one. She simply re-adjusts her position and goes back to it, pressing firmly, her legs tensing and straightening. Suddenly, Vickie pants and lets out a deep gasp saying, "Oh. I'm cumming!" And, boy, does she! That was a strong one, long, and worth all of that effort! Her clit is so sensitive after that, too! When she recovers, she moves off the bed noting, "Oh. Left a wet patch. Whoopsies!" We really don't mind wet patches, at all. Wearing tiny, short, faded denim shorts (sans panties!) and a bright pink tube top that barely covers her enormous breasts, Vickie P. is propped on red pillows and white sheets. She quickly removes what little there is of the shorts and gets straight to her preferred wanking method - fingers! She rolls over to try the animal print, bulb, vibe. She takes her time, really working the toy up and down and all around on that pussy. After a bit, she asks the cameraman if he would touch her - just gently stroke her legs while she finger masturbates her pussy. Who is going to say no to that request? So, while Vickie rubs her clitoris, he gently works his hands up and down her leg, never going any higher than her inner thigh - and this is clearly a huge turn-on for Vickie as she pants and moans. I love the way Vickie presses so firmly into her clit with three fingers that the tops of her finger nails are nearly consumed by her pussy folds. All along he's gently stroking and caressing her leg. Vickie pants, then says, "Oh yeah, I'm cumming!" as she rubs out another nice one! As she basks in the afterglow, she says, "Oh, that was fucking amazing." She continues rubbing on her clit as he continues to stroke her leg - until Vickie is cumming again! And she even says, "Oh. I'm cumming again!" This one lifts her head right up off the pillow as she curls upward. He asks her if she could do one more to which she replies, "Possibly." She goes back to rubbing, and he goes back to stroking her leg. Vickie's fingertips are buried as she gasps and gasps, pressing firmly and rubbing. Just as she is ready to cm for the third time, we change camera angles to a closer cooch cam view so we can get a cooch cam view of her pussy contractions. He congratulates her, noting how much he enjoyed his "job"! In the fourth scene, Vickie is wearing a bright green bra and panty set and she is receiving the hands on treatment from the cameraman. He is stroking her pussy through the lime green panties with the baton vibe, while lounging on black sheets and red pillows. He uses the toy on her pussy through her panties for a bit before asking her to take her panties off. Then, her puts the powerful little vibe directly on her pussy. Vickie keeps a guarded hand close by as the toy sensation appears to be, at times, too much for her. They cut back on the power of the toy and he pulls upward on her mound working the toy directly on her clit. Vickie's hips rise and fall, but the toy isn't going ot work for her. He turns it off, moistens his fingers, then starts manually massaging Vickie's pussy and clitoris. She straightens her legs and places her hand and fingers on herself, sort of demonstrating for the cameraman how she likes it. He resumes rubbing her clitoris and pussy, as Vickie reaches a hand under her bottom. When that's not quite going to work, he reaches for the magic wand and starts to work that toy on her clitoris. It's very strong, so Vickie has to grab the toy and start controlling it herself. When she gets it to the "right" spot, she says, "Oh yeah, that's good" very quietly. He wiggles the toy as she finger rubs her mound. Vickie lets out a couple of deep moans. She gets very close to cumming with the toy, but not quite. So, Vickie resumes finger massaging her clit practically begging the cameraman to "touch me. Touch me up and down". Of course, he is more than happy to rub his hands up and down her legs while she lies back finger rubbing her clitoris! Pressing very firmly, she pauses to release her breast, so now he has one hand playing with her nipple and one hand rubbing her leg. Once more, Vickie is desperate to cum, but can't quite get there. Rather than fake it, she pauses, readjusts and tries again. Gasping and softly moaning and tensing her legs. She presses so firmly into her folds, rapidly moving her fingers as he continues to stroke her leg and massage her nipple. Vickie's legs are straight out as she moans, then says, "I'm cumming!" and her legs and feet are lifted and up off the bed as her pussy contracts hard in orgasm and some yummy juices drip out of her pussy. He notes, "You are a beautiful woman." But, one is not enough for Vickie. She continues the rub, saying, "Oh. I'm cumming again!" And she does. After, we switch camera angles to a closeup of her clear and juicy pussy. All he can says is, "Wow." "Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow!"

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