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Young Felon Breeding

Young Felon Breeding

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Sep 25, 2016




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1:27 hour(s)


We typically get your run-of-the-mill dumb asses on probation: 18, 19, and 20 year old guys who aren't old enough to go out yet so they do something stupid and get into some minor trouble. Every once in a while, however, we get a guy on parole or with a hardened criminal past. This ass-wipe is one of those. He pulled some really bad shit back in the day, and now he jumps around halfway houses in between girlfriends. Needless to say, I was surprised about his lack of respect for the house rules, given his extensive history of institutionalization. I knew he didn't have any money or anywhere to go, so with that in mind I made sure he learned how we do things around here - and fast. The 4th time he comes in late from his placement job, I barely let him get through the front door before I have him down on my dick. The dude looks like he wants to strangle me, and it's fucking beautiful, because I know he won't. Just because he has such a bad attitude I throat fuck him hard, and I have him gagging and coughing quite a bit. This felon is not a happy camper at this point. I have him pull down his pants to see his ass - what a nice butt! I bet they loved him in prison. It's as white as the driven snow, and it's about to be driven hard. With his jeans around his ankles, I have him get on his knees and shove his face into the doormat. His hole is prettier than I expected for a guy like this. Somehow in my mind I thought it might be all blown out. Sure enough, I was wrong. His hole is pink and perky. When I lube up and slide my cock inside, it feels like one of the best holes I have ever been inside - this punk has a goldmine in between his ass cheeks!

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