Thirsty For Fluids





Studio: Fake Hostel
Approximate Running Time: 00:19:41
Date Added: 2022-05-13
Released: 2018

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Anissa Kate is a busty French backpacker who wakes up parched but can't for the life of her find a drop to drink. Looks like everything has gone according to the lusty landlady's plans! As Anissa returns to bed, she finds the landlady waiting with all the water she could ask for--just as long as she's ready to lick it off of her body! Anissa is more than happy to oblige, licking every drop off of the landlady's sexy body until her pussy is just as wet as the landlady's dripping big natural tits. Once she's eaten her out, the buxom backpacker strips off her little pink panties so they can scissor until they've both had huge orgasms!
Clip 1 - 19 mins 41 secs

Thirsty For Fluids Clip 1 00:06:20
Thirsty For Fluids Clip 1 00:11:40
Thirsty For Fluids Clip 1 00:14:40
Thirsty For Fluids Clip 1 00:17:00
Thirsty For Fluids Clip 1 00:18:20
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Cast & Stars: Thirsty For Fluids

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