Kama Sutra Seduction





Studio: Girlsway
Director: ,
Approximate Running Time: 02:16:10
Date Added: 2022-04-15
Released: 2021

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Kylie Le Beau is cleaning in her kitchen when she happens to look outside and notices two neighbors, Karlee Grey and Jillian Janson, kissing passionately in their backyard. They don't see her, and Kylie can't help but watch for a moment. But does Kylie forget all about the gorgeous lesbians and go back to cleaning? Nope.

As Kylie watches them kissing and touching, she becomes increasingly turned on, masturbating as she spies. The neighbors start taking their robes off and fondling each other, and Kylie sneaks outside so she can get a better look at these two beauties. By the time Kylie gets close enough to hide behind a nearby tree, Karlee and Jillian are completely naked and giving each other delightful pleasure. Eventually, the women catch Kylie watching and beckon her to come over.

Kylie approaches the two women, who turn out to be a married couple that just moved in recently. Kylie is embarrassed and apologetic for spying, but her new neighbors aren't looking for an apology. They want her to join them for a threesome! At first Kylie is unsure, because she hasn't been with anyone since her divorce. But her new neighbors offer to help her forget all about that divorce, and they deliver on that promise wonderfully, giving her body lots and lots of attention. The best neighbors are the ones who are good at sharing!

April O'Neil, a reporter, shows up to interview Sinn Sage, a kama sutra expert, at her home. She's a bit shy about the topic matter but determined to see the interview through... until Sinn opens up the door naked!

Much to April's dismay, Sinn insists on doing the interview naked since she's much more comfortable that way. April is embarrassed as she tries in various ways to avoid staring right at Sinn during the interview, which makes Sinn curious. In fact, April is so flustered that Sinn questions if she's really the right woman for the job! Sinn wants the piece to be done justice, after all.

April is a bit wounded but determined to be professional as she pushes forward. Throughout the interview, as Sinn explains various aspects about the kama sutra, April's world view gradually starts to shift. Though Sinn is encouraging her to be more open-minded and accepting, April still struggles. That's when Sinn suggests using sex to empower April and help her break free of her constraints.

Gabbie Carter is relaxing at home when her very sexy HelpBot 5000, Emma Hix, returns after running some errands. But as Emma relays what tasks she's done for the day, something is amiss. After all, how often do androids stub their toes or get the boiling temperature of water wrong?? After Emma slips up once or twice, it becomes obvious this is all just a fun little roleplay between two loving girlfriends!

Gabbie is a huge nerd and loves all things scifi, though can be a bit strict about it, as Emma's finding out. Still, Gabbie just wants them both to have fun with this, so tries to relinquish control and let Emma explore her pleasure bot role to the fullest.

Trying not to break character and wanting to do well by her girlfriend, Emma dives back into her android persona. After announcing that she'll take care of EVERYTHING that Gabbie needs, she points out that she thinks Gabbie's experiencing a 'vaginal malfunction.' This will require a full diagnostic and Emma is ready to dive in!

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