Mystery Crush





Studio: Web Young
Director: ,
Approximate Running Time: 01:42:52
Date Added: 2022-05-03
Released: 2022

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Four friends - Lacy Lennon, Lily Larimar, Indica Monroe, and Apryl Rein - are ready to go to a beach party but are stopped in their tracks by a sudden downpour. The girls are frustrated about how fast the weather changed and whine about how they can't go to the beach party now. Their day is ruined! But someone quickly proposes that they have their own indoor beach party, saying that they can do pretty much everything-- except the swimming part. Everyone is excited by the idea. Indica points out that her parents are gone for the day, so they have free rein of the house. The girls eagerly strip down to their bikinis, ready to get the party started, giggling and complimenting each other. Now it's time for the fun to begin!

Aften Opal and her friend Indica Monroe are hanging out and studying. As they study, they idly chat about an upcoming dance. They're both looking forward to it, but Aften admits that she's not really interested in going to the dance with any of the guys in their grade. 'Maybe I'm not even interested in guys at ALL right now? Maybe it's time to try something NEW...' Aften says. Indica seems surprised as she hears this. Indica then grows thoughtful, as if she's coming up with a secret plan. Indica doesn't say anything as they go back to studying.

Hot roommates Kyler Quinn and Kylie Rocket having a casual discussion until one of them jumped from scare after noticing the presence of a mouse. The broom came in handy, but to get rid of the tiny beast she has to ask her hot brunette friend to do it. After a little back and forth, she suggested that she will eat her pussy if takes the mouse out, you can just imagine how the rest of the story went...

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