Twisted Passions 31





Studio: Girlfriends Films
Approximate Running Time: 03:28:53
Date Added: 2022-04-23
Released: 2022

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These women can fully focus on what gives them the pleasure and desire to fulfill their horny needs. Come and watch these gorgeous ladies take pleasure to a whole new level. Over three hours of drama, passion and smoldering sex!
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Clip 1 - 61 mins 9 secs

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Clip 2 - 43 mins 52 secs

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Clip 3 - 49 mins 57 secs

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Clip 4 - 53 mins 25 secs

Twisted Passions 31 Clip 4 02:39:40
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Comments on Twisted Passions 31

ossienelson4 says:
With her long luscious mane which seemed to go down her back forever, Erin Everheart would seem be the perfect candidate for a hair fetish video instead of a foot fetish one though she very capable at that . Sometimes porn needs to explore new territories and Erin Everheart with her beautiful Rapunzel locks would be way to go
Ajax44 says:
Phenomenal work here, Lacy really showing that she's got talent both in front of, and behind the camera. Love that she got Serene in the mix, and of course her two scenes were the biggest standouts of the movie. The ErinMarilyn scene was possibly the one weak spot I wouldn't call it "bad" per se, but there was a little too much of the over-the-top moaning that kind of takes you out of it, but all-around an awesome installment. Can't wait to see more of Lacy as a director.
tanman says:
I can never get enough of Serene Siren!!!!!!!!!!
69lezpervfrk69 says:
serene is overused !! more new young cute girls needed !!!
feelhose says:
Well done GFF on getting a female director. Lacy is fantastic performer and the more believable build-up and slightly reduced fake moaning all steps in right direction. Maybe GFF will regain its number one position. There are some very good lesbian performers out there right now like Alex Coal, Olive Glass, Laney Grey. Lily Laramar, Freya Parker, Kyler Quinn, Aiden Ashley, Penny Barber, Bella Roland, Kenna James and if Lacy gets a chance to direct these....could be very hot. Anyway amazing work Lacy-can see what a lot of effort is going in.
Waterman20 says:
Fabian- because lacy really likes women and really goes after it in trying to make them orgasm as many times as she can, and thats a rarity these days!!
fabfan says:
What is this Lacy Lemon obsession at GFF ---I don't get it.
Cramjaw1 says:
This was pretty good. Somethings I liked and some I didn't, but on the whole a pretty good release. Scene one was the best of the 4. Lacy has been an incredible addition. If GFF is going to put someone in every single film with more than one scene in the movie than she is the one that can pull it off. I loved her reaction when Keira was fingering her from behind. She didn't have to say she was cumming for us to figure it out. You just had to watch. What a wonderful performer. I like Keira too, a just wish she didn't talk so much through the sex. She was just fingering and talking fingering and talking. Not my favorite, but still a great scene. Scene two was probably my least favorite of the four. It was OK, but a little too performative. I really didn't like the foot stuff, but I'm not going to complain about that. Some people like kissing some people like dry humping. Lots of different fetishes out there and we have to sit through them just like other have to sit through the ones we like. I wasn't a fan of the way scene three started, but it had a good finish. A lot of play in this one. The play time sex just isn't what I like to watch, but the last 20 percent of the scene was better, so I'd say on the whole I enjoyed it. Scene four was OK. Lacy is a great worker. She gets down there and does her thing and it looks great. I just wish Jenna didn't have to say "it feels so good" so much. I'm not talking ones or twice. It was a lot. There has to be a way to indicate pleasure without using the same four words multiple time. Still she has an incredible body, so it was fun to watch Lacy working on her. Overall this was a solid B. Last four or five release have been really good after several months of movies that were not great. Feels like we made it through to the other side of the tunnel.
Lezzyist says:
Bought the Erin and Marilyn scene. Wish I hadn't. Super-annoying fake moaning most of the runtime once the vagina-related sex started. Cannot stand the manufactured noise, especially the moments when it's like a pitchy whine. That's not real, not sexy, not convincing, and not necessary. It takes away from the scene and doesn't add anything. Wish the industry would cut that mess out when it comes to GG. I may just be an oddball with sensitive hearing so mileage may vary with others, but annoying noise is an easy way to convince me to keep money that could go toward porn in my pocket. It's offputting. To me, anyway. I don't get why it's necessary.

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