It Was An Accident





Studio: AllHerLuv
Approximate Running Time: 01:16:09
Date Added: 2022-05-13
Released: 2021

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Samantha (Charlotte Stokely) is in a furious rage because she has just discovered her wife, Andra (Ariel X) is having an affair. Andra apologizes but an enraged Samantha storms out of their home and gets into her car. She peels out of their driveway and loses control of her car in oncoming traffic. Distraught, guilty, and grieving, Andra finds herself at the mercy of a new friend, Emma (Evelyn Claire), who begs her to stay at her place. Andra finds herself haunted by her beloved Samantha in Emma's home. Samantha came to her in the middle of the night to console her, to make love with her. Andra swears Samantha is alive and well, she must be! But the more she talks to Emma, the more she realizes it was just a dream, or maybe a phantom? Her heart is broken, her body aches, she desperately wants the love of her life to come back.

Emma (Evelyn Claire) consoles her new friend, Andra (Ariel X). Andra has been staying in Emma's home after the untimely passing of her girlfriend, Samantha (Charlotte Stokely). Andra asks, "Do you believe in ghosts?" Emma, " I suppose when we are in vulnerable states of mind.. we open ourselves up to new worlds." Andra is unsatisfied with that answer, she has to know if she's ever experienced anything unusual in the home. Emma takes a deep breath before confessing, "My family has owned this land for over a century. They arrived from Greece and this was their way of bringing the homeland to America. I sometimes think some of the spirits from the old world found their way here." The air escapes out of Andra's lungs. It all makes so much sense why Samantha would show herself here in this place between two worlds. Andra wonders, "it doesn't ever scare you?" Emma smiles sweetly as she shakes her head no, "I stopped coming here for years. You don't know who or what you'll sober up to. Back then, I was afraid of what I might see, but not now. I've come to realize that the spirits here, or whatever they are, don't want to harm me. They only want love. I wanted 'you' to feel that."

Andra is overcome with emotion, "Sam... she's really gone. Isn't she?" Emma nods empathetically but just then Andra leans forward and kisses Emma. Emma kisses her back, "are you sure this is what you want?" Andra wants to feel pleasure, she wants happiness, she wants to release. All Andra needs is Emma. Andra looks at her beautiful new friend, with teary eyes, she whispers, "yes." The women make love passionately. Watch the story unfold..

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Cast & Stars: It Was An Accident

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