Cold Dust Woman





Studio: Mack Kensington Studios
Approximate Running Time: 00:23:58
Date Added: 2022-08-05
Released: 2016

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Gold Dust Woman Stevie Lix is twirling and dancing in her bedroom! Is she dreaming about all the handjobs she gave on the 'Edge of Seventeen'? Is she thinking about giving her man some 'Handslide' action? The secret is hers to keep, but it's time to 'Stop Draggin' Our Our Hearts Around' and get to jerking! 'Stand Back' 'cause this handjob and panty job is the stuff of 'Dreams'!
Clip 1 - 23 mins 58 secs

Cold Dust Woman Clip 1 00:01:20
Cold Dust Woman Clip 1 00:07:00
Cold Dust Woman Clip 1 00:14:20
Cold Dust Woman Clip 1 00:16:20
Cold Dust Woman Clip 1 00:22:00

Stars: Stevie Lix
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Cast & Stars: Cold Dust Woman

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