Master Debaters





Studio: Web Young
Director: ,
Approximate Running Time: 01:51:09
Date Added: 2022-08-02
Released: 2022

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Violet Starr excitedly lets her friend, Freya Parker, into the house to hang out. As they settle down together, it's revealed that Freya's brought a new tile-based game for them to play. Although Violet's never heard of it before, she's down! But as they start playing, Freya starts to become suspicious about Violet's intentions. While Freya puts down more innocent words, like 'CANDY,' Violet puts down more suggestive words like 'PUSSY.' When Freya calls Violet out on it, Violet is mischievous as she insists that she doesn't mean for them to be taken sexually....After a few more naughty words, it becomes too obvious to ignore and Freya rolls her eyes. Violet then grins as she sidles close to Freya, boldly coming onto her... Although Freya's surprised at first, she soon can't resist having a little 'FUN!'

debate team (Ava Sinclaire, Lily Lou, Eliza Eves, and Aften Opal) are meeting in a classroom to prepare for their next debate. The girls are surprised, however, when Ava reveals the topic: 'Masturbation - Healthy or Harmful?'. As much as they are perplexed by the choice of topic, the girls decide to handle it like they always do: with hard work and preparation. They agree to run through a mock debate to practice, with Ava and Lily arguing for 'Healthy' while Eliza and Aften argue for 'Harmful'. The girls take their chosen sides and argue their cases, but soon discover than NONE of them have actually masturbated before. Ava sees this as an issue- if they've never masturbated before how can they properly debate it? She suggests that they give it a try since it will help them in the upcoming debate. The other girls agree, and they all sit on their desks and begin exploring their lower regions.

Lily Lou opens her front door and greets her new friend Alexia Anders, who will be staying over for the night. This is Alexia's first slumber party, and Lily promises to make the experience lots of fun. Sure enough, they have a great time watching a bunch of movies starring their favorite actress, and after that Lily says it's time for bed. Alexia asks if they can leave the hallway light on, but Lily apologetically says that light is broken. When Alexia finds out that they won't be leaving a light on, she looks nervous and suggests they do additional fun activities instead... After all, it's her first slumber party, so she wants the full experience!

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