Lesbian Girl Play 2





Studio: Girlfriends Films
Approximate Running Time: 03:18:07
Date Added: 2022-08-18
Released: 2022

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With a soft touch, these beautiful ladies can ignite the passion in their lovers at any moment. Join 8 lesbian girls as they indulge in raw, passionate sex that can only be experienced with a woman's touch. Once they reach their moment of pure ecstasy, they'll never want it to end.
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Clip 1 - 50 mins 1 sec

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Clip 2 - 50 mins 31 secs

Lesbian Girl Play 2 Clip 2 01:01:20
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Clip 3 - 43 mins 34 secs

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Lesbian Girl Play 2 Clip 3 02:18:40

Stars: Bambi Lix | Corra Cox
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Clip 4 - 53 mins 31 secs

Lesbian Girl Play 2 Clip 4 02:44:00
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Comments on Lesbian Girl Play 2

1happyviewer says:
This was a great release. Scene one, Dharma Jones knows how to seduce a woman. I almost came just watching her french kiss. Wow, I hope to see her with more women, she will wear them out!
LezWins says:
That first scene is one of the best I've seen! too bad there isnt a super-favorite!!!
Waterman20 says:
Absolutely love seeing new fresh talent!! I think this one was very good considering the girls were new and probably nervous as all hell. It does seem that GF has and does take notice to these comments, which is a good thing because we are the ones who pay their bills after all. I do think some are being a little too critical though. These new girls are putting themselves out there totally naked having sex, sometimes with another woman for the first time, probably thinking all their friends and some family will eventually see this, so give them some slack until they get more comfortable after a few movies. My only suggestion here would be, and I read it from a few others on here also, with a brand new girl, maybe pair her with a seasoned veteran such as lacy, seren, or Aiden, someone who could make them relax and actually bring them to a mind blowing orgasm!! GF has improved a lot over the last year, so Im hoping they keep going in this direction.
Lezzyist says:
Why would one look at a comments section and be taken aback that there are indeed comments? As for the energy tax caused by scrolling the mouse wheel one more time, sorry, I guess? lol....Anyway, in case I didn't write clearly, I am mostly positive on this one, especially Scene 4.
JimS says:
Agreed. That's what the comments section is for - comments. Speak your mind positively.
Cramjaw1 says:
This comment section saved GFF for me. I couldn't listen to all the narration during sex. I commented and other agreed and GFF took notice and now they talk way less during the sex. And my comments here have gone from almost all negative to almost all positive. If you don't ask for something you probably aren't going to get it.
JimS says:
Lezzyist, I like your essays. Nothing wrong with essays, comments or intelligent opinions. Most of my family is Scottish and we needed opinions historically for various reasons. I quite liked this release particularly scenes 1 and 3. If previous release Lesbian Office Seductions, had the same believability as this release, we'd be cooking. Comments are a positive concept!
Lezzyist says:
So yeah Scene 2 ended not the smoothest but I think those ladies have GG potential, especially Willow. She's going to be one of my favorites. Scene 4 was hot. Watching Samantha's reactions as JC ate her out was fun, and it looks like JC can probably lead a scene pretty well after another couple of appearances. Scene 3 was...rough. But all in all, I likes this one and if we mix up these newbies with some of those who have already been around a couple years who'll take the reins, there will probably be some really hot pairing and some chemistry to discover. Alot of the cast in this one just needs a couple more scenes under their belt to get seasoned and they'll be pretty good.
ElleKeener says:
Same moaners EVERY SINGLE release who bitch and whine but keep purchasing the scenes? Speak with your wallet or shut the hell up and stop writing essays.
Lezzyist says:
So far I have watched Scene 1 and I am going to bed right when it looks like Willow Ryder is turning it on as far as eating out Josie. Will definitely check out the rest of Scene 2 and the others tomorrow. Dharma is already on my list of preferred performers and she was more than serviceable here but maybe a couple more scenes with girls who are really dynamite, like a Freya or Alex or Vivian, so she can become dynamite herself. She pretty much led this scene already, but I think with a couple more appearances under her belt, she'll be able to lead a scene to a higher level, make it flow a little better than maybe this one did and have it be a bit sexier. All in due time for that one. I wouldn't mind seeing Bianca again. She looked new but decently willing. Scene 2....I haven't finished it yet but there is definitely an element of not knowing what to do here, and as Cram said, these two could have benefited from being paired with performers who know the ropes a bit more....BUT they are beautiful women and I think they are both more than willing performers. Where I ended just now, it looks like Willow is really warming up and taking serious laps at Josie. At one moment Willow laughs at Josie's reaction as Willow licks her...really good sign. If she gets entertainment value out of giving cunnilingus, she's gonna be a good GG performer. I think Josie gave some good licks too, from what I have seen so far, for someone in her first or so GG scene. They incorporated some nice breast play and Josie thought about griding on Williow while she was in great camera position for it, but they were just unsure because they are new. I've gotta finish the rest of the scene but I think people will really like Josie and Willow once they kinda know how they want a scene to go and have that confidence. Lots of potential in those two and they are pretty young women on top of their girl-game potential. Last thing for now, some older-but-not-old performers I think should get more time here and help out the new girls in addition to Lacey and Freya, if they are nice and willing to help new performers - I know there are plenty of mean girls - but if these girls are nice, they'd be good to keep in rotation on the regular instead of sparingly Lilly Bell, Brooklyn Gray, Maddie May, Sera Ryder, Spencer Bradley, Aiden Ashley, Khloe Khapri, Liz Jordan, April Olsen, Cadence Lux, Jordan Maxx, Jessie Saint, Karla Kush....all performers who can probably take another girl by the hand and control the flow of the scene who could stand to appear on GFF more often or never have before but would likely do well here.
teejdee says:
A poor follow-up to LGP1 and questionable decision by Girlfriends Films to produce and promote without describing it as athe "first-time" or "amature" collection of scenes. Do our inexperienced performers have agency reps evaluating and helping with studio decisions? Or is GFF saving money and going direct to these newcomers? I don't pretend to know the industry. Something just seems off to me with a studio like GFF loading up with young talent and tossing them into awkward scenes.
Cramjaw1 says:
Look. The truth of the matter is I had one huge complaint with GFF and since they have corrected it about three months ago, I really don't want to complain about anything too much. That being said, I'm not going to say that these ladies aren't naturals with other women on camera. Before I give someone the Opal Award for no chemistry with women, I need to see at least 5 or 6 or their scenes. After two scenes I thought Penelope Kay was terrible, and now she is one of my favorite performers, so it's good to give newcomers a minute before you pan their whole career. But, I think this movie would have benefited from having a couple of veteran performers sprinkled in. The best way to create a good performer is for them to see good performances and seeing it from your partner I would assume is the best way to learn.
feelhose says:
I think Dharma is pretty sexy...but its like the director lets her get on with it...and she happens to be quite talented and good at lesbian sex. Quite genuine really. Otherwise scene 4 is OK. Generally a lot of the girls look like they really would rather be doin something else. It's a weird change in direction for GFF over last 3-4 years, and they don't have the same quality of some of competitors. On the other hand, the market will have the final say...if they sell movies...they look after the actresses...and they win awards...then I'm sure they will carry on with this type of production. There is the very occasional standout scene, esp if they use a more established lesbian actress...I won't list them, but they are still all shooting for other sites. For some reason they don't want to use them. It will help when Lacy comes back.
NRS says:
Is the rise in OnlyFans and sites like ManyVids killing studios like Girlfriends Films? The drop in overall quality has been sharp since just before Covid. I suppose Covid and the pause on productions was the catalyst.
lezluvah says:
I didnt quite feel the same way as the esteemed commenter below me. I dont think the girls were allergic to vagina, rather just inexperienced. Scene four was quite hot!
Stratova2012 says:
I really wanted to like this one.... Is it really that hard to find young girls that love eating pussy? The cunnilingus is sooo cautious and detached, girls look like they cant wait for the shoot to be over.

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