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Cecil Howard's Foxtrot (French)

1983 AFAA Award for Best Picture and Director After an initial limited release, FOXTROT is now available exclusively here on VOD New Year's Eve casts an urgency unlike any other day of the year as people all over America revel in the infinite possibilities of the coming year. Cecil Howard's Foxtrot follows the lives of several oversexed New Yorker's on the last day of the year as they plan and prepare for what they hope will be a night of unforgettable passion. The countdown is on and the stage is set as the Luther's prepare to host a New Year's Eve gala where the lives of all the characters will intertwine. New bonds will be forged and old promises broken creating a permanent divide between the all too familiar past and the all too blind future. With an in telligent script by Ann Randall and superb camera work from Felix Daniel, Cecil Howard coaxes genuine, realistic performances and arousing sexuality from an all-star cast. Jack Teague plays the perverted millionare who will have sex with anyone... but his wife. R. Bolla is the conservative but curious neighbor to Marlene Willoughby's Zelda, an erotic writer. Sandra Hillman plays the baby-sitter who decides that New Year's Eve is the time to lose her virginity and Ron Jeremy plays the sailor who discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him... with another woman! Vanessa Del Rio and Tiffany Clark are both objects of desire for the aforementioned Teague. Linda Vale plays the mother to Marilyn Gee's Alice, a young but notorious starlet who is willing to do anything to get a starring role. Samantha Fox and Veronica Hart round out this all star cast of characters who each in their own way have have pitted themselves in a race against time. Released in 1982 (prior to AVN awards)Foxtrot was nominated for 13 AFAA awards winning Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Music and Editing. Gerard Damiano (Deep Throat) said it was "far and away, the best film of the year" Original Liner Notes: Cecil Howard's film about a sex-filled New Year's Eve is bound to pop your cork! Enough action to overload anyone's circuits.There's enough sex to go around for nearly everybody in the Manhattan directory. A wild party at the home of a crusty millionaire brings the characters together. The old boy's first catch of the dayass a hot, Latin touch to the French maid category! The action switches to Artie peering through binoculars at the long legged exhibitionist Zelda when his wife, Gracie, catches him! He must be out of his mind to ignore such a foxy wife and she storms out looking for a 1-hour stand. Artie scurries over to check out his loose neighbor, resulting in an excellent scene for Marlene Willoughby fans. A contender for best scene has a babysitter losing it in a way so realistic it even be embarassing. Her surprise and pleasure is priceless. Simultaneously, a sailor visits his girlfriend only to find her making it with another woman. Other erotic scenes lead to the big bash, where Vanessa gets it on in the laundry. Foxtrot ends with the yearly countdown, but you'll be celebrating for a long time after! For true adult fans, one high class party! -Hustler:100% Full

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