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Colene In Boston

Colene In Boston

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Jun 27, 2005


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50:35 minute(s)




Colene isn't the hairiest woman by a long shot. But, her pretty, round face; deeply dimpled cheeks; long brown hair and attractive figure are pleasing to see. Her hairiest attribute is her armpits, which are generously endowed with long silky tendrils of hair. Her lovely, smallish breasts are tipped with puffy, pointy nipples with a couple of fine hairs sprouting around their perimeters. There's also a fine carpet of hair adorning her forearms. A peach-fuzzy, treasure trail extends from her crotch to her navel and keeps heading north. Her legs are only moderately hairy; the hair extends to the backs of her ankles and calves, flecks her knees, and dusts her inner thighs. As for her pussy, it's covered with a gratifyingly thick bush. Although her upper pubic hair only spills about an inch beyond the natural creases of her crotch, it forms a marvelous thicket of hair between her legs that enticingly extends to her ass cheeks and asshole. Not only do we get close-ups galore of Colene's hairy endowments, but the good camera work and excellent lighting offers us the clarity of detail that only the best, hairy-woman videos afford. "Colene in Boston" is divided into three extended scenes: Colene at an outdoor pool, Colene at a beach by the ocean, and Colene in a shower. In the first scene, Colene is stretched out naked on an air mattress with her hands clasped behind her head, exposing her hairy armpits for us to inspect. The camera slowly roams over her body letting us savor all her hairy parts one at a time. Colene twirls the hair in her pits, licks it, fondles her nipples and strokes her pubic hair deliciously. Then, she flips over and gives us a long and memorable view of her hairy asshole. Finally, she plunges into the pool. She does a couple of handstands that momentarily expose her hairy crotch exquisitely. In this scene she also talks to us provocatively. She tells us how hard it is to find men who are really turned on by a hairy woman. She loves it when a guy tugs and sucks her pubic hair and jerks off in her hairy armpits. In the beach scene, Colene basks on a blanket. Clad only in a white bra and panties which she pulls aside to touch herself, which is wonderfully erotic. She talks sexily to us in this scene, too. Alas, the sound of gusting wind obliterates much of what she says. A virtue of the final shower scene is that the cascading water darkens all of Colene's hair making it more visible. When she soaps up her crotch, she assumes an extended squat that's really rare in hairy-woman videos and really hot. Colene may not be a member of the hirsute elite, but we rate this video connoisseur-quality.

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